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Drunken Pirates! - BAM BAM SCRAPE SCRAPE ORG 13 IS HERE TO RAPE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Crack that Never Was

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Drunken Pirates! [Sep. 24th, 2006|02:19 pm]
The Crack that Never Was


[Current Mood |drunkdrunk]

Demyx was simply in awe. How the calmest of the pubs in the dank port of Tortuga managed to become the most insane and inane of them all, he wasn't sure. The bard had hidden under the ledge of the counter where the bartender was serving up drinks, hoping his friends would not think him a complete wuss and disown him, but when the bartender plopped a large mug of rum into his hands, he didn't complain. Sure, technically he was underage, but seeing as Namine, Roxas, and even his squat little friend Pence were downing various beverages from their own assorted cups and bottles, Demyx figured it was safe enough to join in the "fun".

The rum washed down his throat, warming everything from the mouth down to his stomach with a sort of hazy heat. The Melodious Nocturne grinned, gulping more of the dark liquid and letting the intoxicating effects make him loose and tension free. What had he been worrying about anyway, this stuff was good! Chugging down the last of the mug, Demyx leaned over and tapped the bulky man behind the counter, asking for another bottle of the liquid drug. Rum was good! He wondered why he never had it before.

Taking another sip, water starting to condense on his forehead and running down the random spiky bangs. It was getting hot. Stripping off the black coat, revealing the black tank top and leather pants underneath, Sitting there in a lazy bliss, Demyx was getting bored. What could he do to liven up the place?

The water mage then noticed an unoccupied table in the middle of the tavern, and a single lamp chained from the ceiling, shining down like a spotlight. The music still played, from where he did not know, or really care. The alcohol made him giddy, and all inhibitions were gone. Leaping onto the table, bottle in hand, Demyx began to dance, swaying, and mouthing random lyrics to the music.

[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2006-10-02 07:28 pm (UTC)
For some reason Pence seemed to hesitate when he saw Namine, like she couldn't be on the crew or something....why not....havin' someone who can mess wit peoples memries could be useful....an' fun! Roxas was protesting, when another voice joined in. Axel looked up to see the Hippie Assassin had somehow joined them. Marloosha? whasshe doin heeeeere??? Axel glared at the florally inclined Organization member.

"Cap'n....yur not gonna let this...pansy join teh crew are ya? (Get it...pansy? Thassa flower and he uses flowers heehee). He's not a pirate....He uses PINK....And...he's mean! He was gonna overthrow teh Orgy! I had t'stop him cause you know I'm cool like that...Had't follow teh orders of our Superior! You let him join an he'll MUTINY jusslike before....but but....ah I is here...Ill take carra him for ya if hes trouble. Did I mention he was mean to Nami? Lockded her up inna boring room. I brought her crayons tho....so it wasn't too boring...And...Marlu...Marloo..Marly uses pink flower things...pink..bad. He worked with Larlarlar...she's not nice eihter...you saw her...she threw knives. But she's back in the bar now...and we left teh bar...so we's good...Who was that wierd guy talking about Clouds? He was gonna go after Rockshus...not very nice....Ya know lotsa people aren't very nice...."his voice trailed off and he swayed slightly, but kept his footing.

After several moments of quiet contemplation, he looked at Marluxia again. *hic*"Hiiii is Marly...you gonna join our crew? Giving up flowerses? Hay, we should find him a real pirate weapon...and a hat...an...stuff." Pence said somthing about a ship...didn't he? "Yarrrr....lessgo!"
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[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2006-10-04 07:59 am (UTC)
Namine couldn't help feeling a little disappointed at Pence's declaration. Women couldn't be pirates? Well, it wasn't like she wanted to be a pirate. Considering her lacking fighting abilities, she wouldn't be much help in a battle save for little nobody tricks, memories and portals. And secondly, she only came to keep an eye on Axel and Roxas. Who knew what kinds of trouble they'd get into?

Still... even if she wasn’t aiming to be the meanest, craftiest pirate on the seven seas…. she could've been a good one, maybe.... even if Pence didn't think she would...

She scratched her cheek hesitantly, not sure what to say to it. Her head bobbed up thoughtfully after Axel and Roxas spoke on her behalf (albeit a bit slurred and unintelligible). While certainly not as articulate as she would like, they managed to convince the boy that her company was useful. She felt a glimmer of affection and gratitude (as much as a nobody can feel, anyhoo) for both. Just then, the familiar drawl of Marluxia's caught her attention and she reacted with a long established reflex of getting the hell away. She grabbed the ends of her overly large hat tugged it tighter onto her head as if it would protect her, and dashed behind Roxas and Axel.

"Don't... try anything funny." She said quietly after Axel’s spiel was finished. She spared Marluxia a wary glance or two and then followed quickly after Axel.

"Then... to the dock?" she wondered aloud, actually getting into the spirit of things. Just a tad.
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