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I'm back for real! - BAM BAM SCRAPE SCRAPE ORG 13 IS HERE TO RAPE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Crack that Never Was

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I'm back for real! [Sep. 13th, 2006|10:07 pm]
The Crack that Never Was


Riku woke up confused, to say the least. The last he remembered was being somewhere between Destiny Islands and Twilight Town, which was complicated enough. Now here he was, in an unfamiliar city full of vagrants and drunks. And were those.. pirates? Ah, he did know of this place, although he couldn't remember if it had been from Sora's stories or by his own experiences.

He rose from his position inside some crates (which also was mysterious), and somewhat awkwardly rubbed his forehead as he came to realize he had a headache that was a little more than slightly debilitating. He knew he had a bit of a cold, but to pass out and wake up in a city who knows how many miles away.. Somewhat disoriented, he set off to find a person or a building full of people who could help him figure out how he got to Tortuga and/or how he could get back. Either would do.

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[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2006-09-14 05:37 am (UTC)
"Easy for you to say," Namine whispered as the drunken men swaggered towards them, a threatening glint in their eyes. Larxene may have been out of the picture, but that didn't mean she couldn't get grabbed now and kicked around by these rowdy bar patrons. Axel, Demyx and Roxas were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. And though Namine was endowed with the power of darkness and memory manipulation, neither could really save her from a sound beating.

She stood not two steps behind Roxas and raised one hand to unconsciously clutch at his sleeve. A moment later, when she realized what she was doing, she let go and bit her bottom lip. If a fight broke out, neither Axel, Demyx or Roxas really needed her clinging to them for dear life.

She had the remote hope that things wouldn't take a turn for the worse, but the mere thought seemed to trigger a turn for the worse. Somewhere in the crowd, a clumsy man tripped, pulling two others down with him in the fall. That in turn, caused others to stumble and others to crash into chairs and tables. Before long, loud grunts, colorful insults, and flying bottles filled the air as the entire bar erupted into chaos. Namine herself was caught in the riot as well, as several of the men still had their eyes on the three black-coats and the little white one in their company. She let out a squeak as she dashed out of reach of a grasphing man, and flung an empty mug at his head with a loud clunk.

In the next instant, she was being pursued around a table by a lankly man armed with a discarded chair leg. "If you don't get away from me this instant, I'll mangle your memories so much you'll bark for the rest of your life!"
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[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-09-15 07:03 am (UTC)
Beyond the ominous glaring and snarling of the inebriated scallywags was complete with a follow up of rushing bodies, bottles, hats, and anything else they possessed propelling right toward them. Needless to say, this wasn't going to be a walk through Marly's field of daisies that never were (not that it would be an inviting field, really). Tensing as they began to close in, Roxas paused, feeling a tug on his sleeve. Having not noticed it before, he suspected it may be one of the livid drunks, but blinked when it was just Namine. That was a relief, at least.... and then the chain of drunk stumbling, crude yalps and whatnot ensued, and his eyes followed as the platinum blonde took off with some boozehound on her tail.

The normal reaction when something fueled by alcohol happened in the castle that never was tended to be to just sit back and laugh, but, unfortunately, they weren't at their home, and this could actually end up being... far from humorous. Thus, Roxas hurtled himself through the raging tangle of drunkards in an attempt to get at the guy who was after Namine, but mostly just ended up being held back as he tried to shove, elbow, weave and any other tactic that was called for to get through the crowd. As he was driven deeper and deeper into battle mode, he had to keep in mind that these were not heartless or dusks, and he could just bust out the keyblades and hack and slash his way through..... But, oh, how difficult it was to resist going into full-fledged maim all that was in his scope mode...

On the girl's shrill delivery of what he believed may have been a threat-it sounded really panicked, but there was no doubt in his mind that Namine wouldn't go through with her promise to warp memories-he finally came to the conclusion that though he probably should use his keyblades, that didn't mean he should use what other skills he had. Making judgments that were probably too quickly made and not well thought over, he made his move, leaping from the place he was standing and onto the back of some pirate ahead of him, then began to run-with as much grace as the now stumbling man would allow him-up to his shoulders, which he then lept from an onto anothers. The process was repeated a few times, virtually stumbling across the top of the crowd, which somehow turned out to be easier than trying to push his way through it. Sure, it was about like trying to walk across water and trying not to sink, but he was managing.... inelegantly...

Eventually, however-being about four or five "step" later-he was in range, very much near the one chasing the other nobody. Taking to the air, ready to hopefully plant his nice shiny boots right into the back of the guy's skull, he probably could have done it, too, if it weren't for a stray hand from the jumble reaching up and snagging the bottom of his coat. With a yelp as he felt the fabric strain, tighten around his neck, he flailed as the actual fall began. There was one upside to this, however, as though it was dilivered as planned, he still landed on the pursuer and ended up bringing him to the ground with him. Wincing, but wasting no time in attempting to get to his feet again, he started to look around for Namine, and then back around his shoulder for Axel and Demyx. Through all the constant shifts in the scene, he'd occasionally see a flare of red or a flash of a mullet, but he'd have to brave the whirlpool of limbs and alcohol again if he wanted to get back to Numbers VIII and IX. Naminé, however, was pretty close, and he started to move-not too apologetic about trampling over the one he had already used as a landing pad-over to her while calling out a "Are you all right?" over the crowd, as if it would actually be heard over all the tumult. With all this going on, he didn't even begin to take note of anyone new entering the bar, either.... He should probably have kept an eye out for that guy with the sword, though... He could chishkabob anyone within a ten foot+ radius, he figured...
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[User Picture]From: aceinthepocket
2006-09-14 06:42 am (UTC)
"I'll have you know I contribute just as much to that stash as you do and I'm entitled to a large quantity of it," Luxord crossed his arms after Xaldin gave him a bit of a dirty look. But both Xigbar and Xaldin's idea of seeking out some rum to get themselves tank'd beyond belief was certaily an appealing one. "But I'll take you up on the rum-search to fend off this foul mood."

Then a thought ocurred to him: Luxord was taking the "Kill the Traitor" agenda that Larxene and Saix had taken up far less seriously than was proper. The crazy duo was chasing after Axel even now, and if he was a good little nobody, he'd be hot on their trails too. Then again, he didn't particular hold any grudges against Axel (except that he'd blown up the barrels of perfectly good rum, the monster) and there just wasn't enough proper motivation to waste his time flittering after the escaping enemies.

"Where to?" he said to Xigbar. "To the nearest tavern we can find of course!" and at that, he began quick strides towards the town.
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[User Picture]From: snackbarsniper
2006-09-15 05:45 am (UTC)
Xigbar cackled. Things were finally looking up! With the promise of rum in the air, he pointed ahead and began marching in the general direction of the loudest noises he could hear. Noisey men meant lots of rum, right? Well, duh. It was simple Xigbar logic.

With the hairy stabbity wonder awake [[Uh..since he like... randomly went "WOO I LIVE" lets pretend I never threw Xal over my shoulder to help smooth things out.]] and his favorite gambler following, he walked towards the center of town. He threw grins at any pretty girls he saw and scoped out the area.

"Ah! That place looks good!" He declared. People were swarming in and out and there was quite a ruckas inside, so Xigbar charged right into the middle of it.

"Whoa, dude. Other Organization members are here," Xigbar noted with a bit of surprise. "Hey guys!" He waved, still completely ecstatic over the concept of getting smashed.
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From: silent_janitor
2006-09-15 12:51 am (UTC)
Communications with the Chilly Academic were going where they'd only gone once before, when the six scholarly apprentices of Ansem the Wise had awakened one morning to find that they were no longer human... trauma.
Lexaeus only recognized the signs too late, as Vexen's eyes rolled from one direction to another without the slightest signs of the scientist's obsessive logic and his breathing became panting, with little puffs of white frost accompanying every wheeze of breath.
When Vexen was traumatized beyond what he could process and comprehend, he did what every good little recepticle of information and data did when faced with an overload.
Freeze, shut down, and wait until things got better to restart.
Lexaeus briefly wondered how stupid he could be, to be in the same position now that he'd been as Elaeus that first morning of being a Nobody, to end up with "the Professor" freezing up on him. He hadn't been able to move for a week, and it had taken ages of training to recover the muscles that had atrophied in that time.
This time, however, he knew what was coming and moved to best accomadate the Freezing Scholar, lifting the elder to carry him pickaback while he was still flexible, and the brief contact involved in doing so brought with it the knowledge that Vexen's skin was as cold as ice already.
Oh, yes, pneumonia definitely featured big in the near future.
The nearness of the still-burning docks and alcohol did very little to stop the sudden accumulation of frost on the body of Number Four, water from the atmosphere freezing as it came into contact with the hyper-chilled Vexen, forming a thick layer of ice. Lexaeus knew this process very well. Once completely encased, Vexen could remain in a state of hibernation, not even needing to breathe, for as long as a month according to theory and logic, before awakening and going forth in search of nourishment.
And until then, the Silent Hero was stuck. Not that he minded having to carry the weight of his old educator ("the Professor" was not just a nickname) around. The issue was that such a situation hindered Lexaeus's freedom of movement and thus made fighting, should the need arise, that much more difficult.
Nonetheless, the matter at hand was finding a place to stay, preferably somewhat resembling sanitary, that wouldn't turn away a huge man in a strange black cloak with another black-cloaked man frozen to his back in a huge chunk of ice. Lexaeus gave a wry smirk, knowing that if the inkeeper were as drunk as the rest of the city, that would not be too difficult, even given his lack of social graces.

(OOC: Hit writer's block concerning Vexen's thoughts and emotions, hence the freezing up. He'll come to as soon as I can figure out what to do with him next. Which would most likely depend on the next situation Lex gets into. Which I don't know yet. >.<" So that's it for now...)
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From: pimpinpence
2006-09-15 03:36 am (UTC)
Pence was confused. Not only was Pence confused, but he was wet as well. Very wet.

How did he get wet? Well, you see there he was waddling about the pirate ship in search of some great pirate treasure when all of a sudden, he was swept right off the bow of the boat and into the water by a large wave. He did not know where it came from, but he did know that he was not the best swimmer in the world. So like a overstuffed hamster Pence attempted to swim to the nearest thing he could find. The beach.

Coughing up some water, and large clump of seaweed, Pence pulled himself unsteadily to his feet. After a quick glance around Pence decided that going back to the boat would just be stupid. Firstly, there were a bunch of really angry people on there, secondly there was no pirate treasure...and thirdly...uh..there was NO pirate treasure. Ruffling some of the damp sand from his spikes, Pence made his way up the sand bar, off towards the bright lights of Tortuga.

Now this is what feels like to be a pirate! Just look at this place! Pence, to put it lightly was very awed by the town, and the hustle and bustle only seemed to spur him on. Reeeeal pirates...I must become one! A captain even! Then Hayner and Olette would finally give me some respect! HA HA! But first I need a hat...and a...a...first mate, so I can make my pirate crew!

Pence was jostled out of his pirate daydream when he heard a large amount of yelling coming from within a near by tavern. Interested Pence peeked his head into the bar, only to duck out a second later when a large rum bottle was hurled at his head.

Ooh a real pirate bar fight, I bet I could find a good first mate in there! So with a deep breath Pence rushed in the door at top speed.
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[User Picture]From: femnazi
2006-09-15 05:07 am (UTC)
Larxene fumed silently as she wrung the water out of her coat, her antennae drooping as water dripped from their tips. She was wet, and she was not happy. She didn't care that she'd just inadvertantly shocked both Saix and Roxas, or that her kunai had been deflected by Namine. Her eyes scanned the area for Axel's escape path, and quickly found it, conveniently marked by the burning flames of the rum.

She growled and dashed past Saix, paying him no mind as she sped off into the port after Axel, leaping clear over the fires from the explosion and landing on the other side, looking around for a moment. He was nowhere in sight.

"Dammit." She was about to ponder her options until she heard a rather loud commotion from a nearby pub, and spotted the pudgy kid from Twilight Town heading over to check it out. Maybe Axel had gone in there. It wouldn't hurt to check...
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From: not_mansex
2006-09-15 07:43 am (UTC)
*portals in with jack waking up from a dazed stuper* "...where am i?? o__O" *looks at the man with white hair, then looks around at the others, who are seemingly angry for some reason* "wha~~ black coats?" *gets hit in the face by a flying bottle* ((its the king!! he beckons once more!! >__<)) O__O!!! *drops to one knee knocking him out of his stuper* *stares angrily at the various people* "so...you have a problem with black coats, do you? mwhahaha. well... then i suppose you wont have any problem with this *grins* *xemnas emits a burst of light as he goes into his final form, blinding all around* so.... who was the one that threw that bottle at me?! *gets into a battle stance and lunges into the sea of people*
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2006-09-15 08:45 am (UTC)
The immediate buzz had worn off by now, but Sai'X was still somewhat out of sorts from the effects of the shock. He noticed Larxene zoom past, her furious scowl indication enough that she was still pissy as usual. Personally he intended to have a stiff drink before continuing to hunt Axel, that is, if the Superior really wanted him to still? Xaldin, Xigbar and Luxord had also moved on ahead, going on about liqour like usual. As for Xemnas and the rest well, maybe he would focus on them later.

The Lunar let his mind wander somewhat as he entered the town, stepping slowly through the filth of the streets while curiously arching a brow at the tawdry women and stinking pirates he passed. There was one tavern not too far down that apparently was the source of some serious commotion; which just didn't seem that appealing really. Given his current state he was much more inclined to enter the little bar next door, where only a few rather elderly looking men sat around a table, and appeared quite passed out.

And how nice that they had left a full bottle of rum in the center of the table! It was practically asking to be taken. Sai'X wasn't usually a theif, but..in this case...he glanced around teh table at the snoozing old timers, then stole a peek at the bar tender, who seemed more interested with the goings on outside, before smiling faintly and snatching the bottle for himself.

He opened a portal, stepping through it to find a place on the tavern roof top where he could drink his filched rum and watch the proceedings outside the bar below. A small frown crossed his lips as he glanced to the clouded night sky.

"A pity the moon is blocked out." He tilted his head, uncorking the bottle while inhaling the scent of the liqour, not that he made a habit of drinking in fact, he couldn't recall the last time he had really downed any alcohol. This might prove interesting...or horribly embarrassing? But only one way to find out...and that is..to drink.
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[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2006-09-17 06:25 pm (UTC)
Namine jumped when a black-hooded figure came crashing down on her pursuer from above. She hadn't seen him while he was 'crowd-surfing' atop the masses, but she certainly did now that he'd tumbled down in front of her. Her face lit up in surprise and then relief as she came around the chair she'd jumped behind and shuffled quickly towards him,

"Yes! Yes, I'm all right!" she said above the shouting and crashing. She gave a silent nod filled with gratitude for his intervention. She squeaked when a body crashed into a table and broke it in half just to her left, reminding her that she wasn't out of trouble just yet. She turned anxious eyes towards Roxas who had apparently separated himself from the others to save her from an unwanted beating. "What should do we do?"

All of a sudden, the doors to the bar swung open and the world seemed to come to a screeching halt as she turned to look by reflex. At first her heart just skipped a beat as Saix entered the bar and disappeared in the crowd. And if Saix was there, then that meant that a certain someone else wasn't far behind...

And then there was a flash of blonde that made her turn a shade paler than she already was. Namine could recognize those antannae anywhere, even amongst the sea of fighting men, and the mere sight of them made her zip to Roxas's side and clutch the folds of coat with a dreath grip. She gave a panicked tug and pointed in the direction she'd last spotted the woman. "It's Larxene!!!"
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[User Picture]From: aceinthepocket
2006-09-17 06:25 pm (UTC)
Luxord followed Xigbar closely in tow, footsteps quick and eager to get himself as far away as possible from the flaming barrels of rum (because damn it all to hell, the mere sight of it was just depressing) and also because he shared Xigbar and Xaldin's enthusiasm for good bar, shapely women and a night wasted entirely on drinking themselves into an incoherent funk.

When searching for a suitable location for getting bloody tanked, the sensible thing would be to go to a credible bar or to target the lower-keyed establishments that looked to have at least a smidgeon of order. Xigbar of course, managed to track down the rowdiest of them all (judging from the ridiculously large sized riot taking place in the bar filtering out into the street). With speed rivalled only by his obsession with the femnazi, he jumped right into the fray and strolled inside. Luxord followed with a smirk, thinking to himself that he'd never have a boring night with the sniper in his company.

Miraculously, he spotted several familiar faces among the crowd and he raised an eyebrow. So they dark portal all over the place intentionally seeking out traitors and one simple stroll into a bar and they accidentally stumble upon the four? Yeah. How was that for unlikely?

His eyes fell upon a young man and woman standing at the opposite side of the bar when Xigbar strolled off to give a friendly hello to the other nobodies. Xigbar may have greeted the others casually, but Luxord's intent was clearly different. He narrowed his eyes dangerously at the boy in his sights, stalking past the drunks and knocking away the occasional idiot who chose to bar his path or attempt to fight him. Others he snapped his fingers and watched them morph into four-sided die. He came to a halt, overshadowing the blonde children hands on his hips looking particularly miffed.

He snagged Roxas's hood, jerked him around none-too-gently and stuck a chastising finger obtrusively in his face. "What're you think you're doing in a place like this, young man?! You were strictly off limits from the alcohol when you were still under our command, and you think you can just do as you like now? Hardly!!"

Luxord leaned over Roxas, "I hope you have a good excuse."
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[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-09-18 01:14 am (UTC)
Small pieces of the tension surrounding the events taking hold chipped off at Namine's positive response... Very small pieces, which were, unfortunately, built back up seven fold when he found her abruptly rush him and tenaciously clutching to his side-another one of those awkward moments. There was a brief interval where he simply gave a blank stare tangled in confusion, but upon her gesture and explanation for her state of near petrification, his face, too, paled, expression falling dismal, looking equally spooked as the other blonde. Ready to turn and run-dragging Namine along, of course-and hopefully find their way back to Axel and Demyx before making a break out from the tumultuous tavern, his plans of escape were foiled as he felt a sharp pain in his neck and watched the room spin, if only for a second.

Vision regaining focus and once again being able to discern shape, instead of smearing hues, Roxas found himself looking up at the tall, and apparently perturbed, gambler. Brow-furrowing as the accusative finger threatened his personal space (which seemed too happen way too often when among any of the Organization members), the boy bared that pouty-peevish face that hardly came across as threatening, but it made sure to communicate that he was, indeed, displeased with Luxord's scolding.

"Do I look drunk to you?" he snapped back, own eyes thinning out to nettled slivers. "Besides..." his eyes cut to the side, trying look beyond the higher-ranking nobody into the crowd for a pair of ominous antennae. "We're trying to get out of this place..." And very far away from Larxene. The blonde deliberately avoided answering Luxord's question as to exactly why they were in the bar, because that would involve the mention of Axel, and if that name was even uttered in the presence of Number XII... she would detect it and come ready to maim.... Something told him she was still pretty irate with him for the whole accident back on the Pearl, too... Glancing back at Namine and then tilting his head toward the exit, he subtly hinted for her to try to get out of there if she saw an opportunity, though actually getting through the mess was unlikely... Really, he couldn't determine if it was safer to stay or make a break for it at that point.
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[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2006-09-18 07:56 am (UTC)
Axel looked about as the commotion in the small pub somehow managed to grow even larger. Over the throngs of drunken, smelly pirates he saw several people trickle into the pub. With growing horror he realized that practically every person he had been trying to escape had managed to blunder strait to him due to the ongoing brawl. Including Larxene. Xemnas teleported in, along with the pirate captain. Xigbar, Luxord were also there. Xigbar shouted a greeting to the group and proceeded to the bar completely ignoring the crowd.

Judging by the expressions on most of the other members' faces, no one had actually noticed him or his companions. Most of them just seemed to have been attracted by the noise, not of any knowlege of Axel's being there. He could try to make a break for it....but Larx and the others were in the way....and the crowd wouldn't be easy to push through. If Larxene spotted him it would be all over.

He stared at the drunks around him, most of who were unconcious and oblivious to the world. You know....that might not be a bad idea now.... Axel stared at the barrels of alcohol lined up by the bar. If he had to die a second time, and at the hands of a psycho electric bee, he decided he didn't want to know about any of it. The first time had been bad enough, and he'd done it to himself. If she was going to maul him to death in the most painful way she could think of, then he'd make sure he wasn't coherent enough to notice. If you got really drunk you stopped feeling things, right? He shoved his way through to the bar. "Gimme the strongest stuff you have..."
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[User Picture]From: femnazi
2006-09-20 05:34 am (UTC)
Larxene stomped straight through the door, antennae crackling occasionally, and looked around furiously, glaring at everyone in sight in search of her prey. She easily picked out the black coated members of the crowd, spotting first Luxord and Roxas, Namine not too far away, and then Demyx. It must have been Axel's lucky night, because a cluster of drunks obscured her view and kept her from noticing him. But this didn't bode well for her mood.

"Dammit!" She turned and kicked over a nearby table, folding her arms grumpily. He'd gotten away again! She fumed silently, following the action with her eyes and staying out of the midst of it. She was too angry to fight right now...if that made any sense. But she did not go unnoticed, as a drunkard stumbled over to her and said something rather distasteful that she'd rather not repeat. She stared at him briefly, and then kicked him firmly between the legs. He went stiff with a rather humorous sound, and she grabbed the bottle he held in his hand before he collapsed to the floor. She was rather thirsty, and he hadn't yet opened the bottle, so she popped it open and took a swig of it herself, warning a few other men nearby with another glare.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit..." She took another drink in frustration, brooding by herself. All she wanted was revenge. Was that so much to ask?
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[User Picture]From: snackbarsniper
2006-09-20 06:08 am (UTC)
Xigbar's spirits were instantly risen once he was fully in the bar. He took a deep breath of the stench of alcohol, sweat, and broken dreams and felt instantly better.

He pushed through the crowd around the bar and kicked a gross looking man off of one of the few stools. He slapped a palm down on the bar and yelled "Gimme something big and something strong!"

While he waited on the keep, he saw Axel down in a crowd of men drinking heavily. Xigbar grinned like a fool, cause he knew that if things kept up like this, everyone was gonna be smashed by the end of the night. Things were looking up.

With a full drink in hand, he spun around on his seat and called to Luxord, "Man. Leave them alone and drink with me!" With that, he downed his drink, breathed out the breath he had been holding, and slammed the jug on the bar. "Gimme another!"
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[User Picture]From: aceinthepocket
2006-09-20 06:45 am (UTC)
Roxas and Namine weren't under the influence of anything at the moment, but Luxord didn't feel any less incensed about having the two children wander into a place like that in the first place. No doubt Axel or Demyx had probably been leading the way because he couldn't imagine Roxas wandering anywhere near a rowdy place like this, let alone go inside of it. Especially when Namine was in tow. In fact, the poor thing looked rather frazzled in such an environment.

"Is that right now?" He sidestepped someone bumbling past, but remained unperturbed by the interuption. What actually caught Luxord's attention was the sniper's call from across the room, egging him to forget about the children and to join in on the festivities. While he still had a mind to give Roxas an earful, he skipped the lecture in favor of giving him a light bop on the head, followed by a critical look reserved only when Roxas sported that (defiant) pouty-face of his. He gave a quick shove in the direction of the door, "Off with you, then. And tell Axel to quit taking children into disreputable establishments. Meanwhile, I have some important business to attend to."

The latter part had mainly been said to himself as he spun on his heel and trailed right on over to Xigbar, who had already called for a second. Luxord joined Xigbar in slamming his hand on the counter, demanding the same. He gave a challenging grin, "The night's just begun, Xigbar, and it's hardly one to spend sober."
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[User Picture]From: noneed4hairgel
2006-09-20 10:51 pm (UTC)
Destiny Islands sure was a farcry from this.

Tortuga was a mess of a place, all ruckus and fracas and crazy people. Who sure liked their drink. Between the scary drunk people and the scarily friendly ladies (who sometimes weren't even ladies at all), Sora was just a wee bit overwhelmed.

Now, normally, Sora was easily adjusted (he had to be, going from legs to fins to paws back to legs again was not that easy), but here he was still working on it. Wandering through the streets of the pirate city, with Kairi, he became more and more amazed.

Pubs lined the streets, with loud noises echoing out repeatedly. He caught a swish of a black cloak going into one, and soon after, another drunken brawl got started, one that was quite busy if shadows in the windows were to be trusted. What to do now?

Sora had arrived here accidentally, seen Jack get escorted away from Xemnas, ran away from half of the Organization, set Riku down, and had wandered off, promptly getting lost. He hoped Riku would be okay, he doubted if he could find his way back.

This town was good for only one thing, it seemed. Even though Sora didn't really like alcohol, he did wonder why the Organization had popped up here, and maybe the townspeople knew something? Heading into a quieter pub, he promised himself to not get drunk. Reason One: Be able to protect his friends. Reason Two: Sora wasn't sure if they had toliets here...
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[User Picture]From: drunken_sparrow
2006-09-21 03:45 am (UTC)
Captain Jack was aware of a brief swirling of the air around him, and suddenly found himself and the Superior in a bar crowded with violent drunks. That's odd....how did we get here? he wondered. He remembered that the blonde haired man had come and gone in swirls of black smoke...had the man next to him done the same? Oh well, they were here now. At least all the uninvited guests were no longer on the Pearl. Which had been Jack's goal from the start. Goal accomplished. Time to celebrate. Jack figured this would be a safe course of action. Unlike him, he doubted the others would be able to blunder their way back to the ship after consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Jack figured he would personally ensure this by seeing to it that every single one of the black coats present was drunk beyond coherency before he left. Even if he had to buy them the drink himself.

He turned to the Superior. "Come good sir, I'll treat ye and yer mates here to a drink." Just don't follow me home. He made his way up to the bar, stepping over (or on, they didn't notice) the patrons who were passed out on the floor. He glanced at the man with the overly long sword and swaggered up to where the blonde man and his eyepatched companion were already swigging tankards of rum. The spikey haired redhead was a few seats down. Behind them somewhere Jack remembered seeing the one female member chugging someone elses drink. The kids had also come, it seemed. Not a good place for them, but hey, they weren't his problem. He pounded on the bar. "Gimme a round of yer finest for all me black-robed mates here" he said to the barkeep. The man looked slightly nervous at this request. "Won't they get violent?" he looked over all the bodies strewn about the bar. "Yes, perhaps...but not as violent as if they were to be denied the fine beverages offered by this fine establishment" Jack pointed out, glancing back at the scary lady. The bartender nodded and began preparing drinks.
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From: pimpinpence
2006-09-21 05:58 am (UTC)
After running into the bar Pence found himself amongst an all out brawl. Here and there he saw familiar faces and was surprised that the bar he decided to find his first mate in happened to be the bar that practically everyone from the ship was in..oh well it was still a pirate bar.

Quickly sidestepping a random drunk who passed out right in front of him, the brunette noticed the nice worn hat on the ground. After examining it Pence decided that is was actually a nice hat... It would be such a waist leaving such a nice hat here, with no head to sit upon... Quickly making sure no one was looking, Pence placed the hat right over his spikes. Perfect fit..hmmm well now that I have a hat I need to find the rest of my captains outfit.

With a new goal in mind Pence waisted no time in running about the tavern and gathering loose articles of clothing off of past out patrons. Saddly he didn't find and interesting treature or maps, but there still was time for that... But he did manage to find a sash, boots, eye patch and a nice looking sword that he feared touching but knew all good captains had.

So with his newly acquired attire Pence hopped, well climbed, up on a table near the center of the room and proudly bellowed to the half drunk crowd.

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[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-09-21 07:21 am (UTC)
The pout only escalated to a mild glare in Number X's direction as he bobbed the boy on the head and urged them to the exit. Given, it wasn't a place he particularly wanted to be in, but Roxas didn't like being shoved about-literally-and ordered around in a demeaning manner, even if he should have been used to it, being bottom-ranked and all. Once Luxord had meandered his way over to his drinking buddy and the crowd once again closed the gap that provided any line of vision between the two parties, the blonde looked back to Namine as though to confirm that they, unfortunately, were not leaving just yet... Larxene was still in there, as was Axel, and the youth didn't feel especially right just leaving such an unstable formula to itself, especially since he could envision countless unpleasant results if he were to.

Allowing the smallest discontent expulsion of breath to escape, he began to work his way into the crowd, trying his best to keep out of view of practically anyone in a black coat, save maybe Demyx or Axel. He kept a slow pace, and the distance he allowed between himself as the female nobody remained in check to ensure they were not separated. Through the drunken swarm and being jabbed in the face with an elbow, in the gut with a stray swing of a rum bottle and nearly tripped or having his coat get stepped on, grabbed and/or snagged countless times, the temptation to just plow through the whole shindig was more than alluring, but his sensible mind was still lingering around and knew that would only dissolve any attempts of stealth they were making. That, and he may lose track of Namine again if he did... which meant he'd just have to repeat events that happened before Luxord's intervention. Thus, he put up with it until they eventually emerged somewhere near the bar, and the sight of bright red not too far off was enough to lighten his mildly cantankerous mood. Making sure that Namine was still in tow and not frazzled or anything, Roxas advanced to the bar.

Climbing up on the stool nearest Axel, leaning in particularly close to the counter in hopes of keeping out of Luxord's view ala hide behind the tree/Axel (though it may be more like hide behind the stick, in the redhead's willowy case). Eying his friend, then looking down to the ale sitting in front of him and then back up, brow slightly raised. Getting drunk... when Larxene is around is not good... They needed to run... and fast... Either Axel hadn't seen the fatal flash of antennae that he had, or the fiery one was in a completely different mindset.... which was entirely possible with rum in the equation.

"Larxene's around, we shouldn't be in the open," he cut to the chase without in frivolity, gingerly keeping watch for any searching eyes that didn't need to spot either of them. A man at the counter, Roxas believed it was the captain of that ship they were on, with the Superior and a rather... large order of drinks provided distraction for a brief moment, though. The young number XIII didn't even want to know what they were planning with that much alcohol.... This detour from his diligent eying for Larxene or anyone with similar intentions was just enough for him not to notice a familiar face climb up on a table. His call for any willing pirates to come join his crew rang loud enough for him to detect it above the raucous racket of the crowd, though. Whirling around, the pair of of ultramarine orbs searched, but instantly spotted the other male shouting, even in his new... eclectic attire.

"Pence...?" he grimaced, mostly because he feared for the worst. Playing pirate was one thing, but drawing attention for yourself in a tide of intoxicated real ones was not the best move...
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