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Sometime later, when the hangovers subsided - BAM BAM SCRAPE SCRAPE ORG 13 IS HERE TO RAPE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Crack that Never Was

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Sometime later, when the hangovers subsided [Nov. 8th, 2006|04:19 pm]
The Crack that Never Was


The sound of a badly-tuned band was the first thing Demyx heard when he awoke sometime the next day.

Blearily, he shoved himself off the cobbled street into an upright position, the dull pain in the back of his head causing the bard to wonder what the hell he had been doing to end up in this odd place.

Pumpkins were strewn about, an odd curly hill in the distance, and a small white thing was floating in front of his face, a tiny jack o lantern at the end of it's snout nearly touching Demyx's nose. He squeaked, and reflexively jerked back, further causing his skull to ache.
The ghost-like canine yipped, then jetted away toward the creepy town that apparently the lot of miscellaneous humans and nobodies had landed in front of. "Guh..."

The brunette nobody looked around, "Where the hell are we now?" wondering where in hell their drunken superior could have taken them now. Judging from the pain that was slowly leaving, he had a hangover, wondering what the hell they had been doing previously.

"Do I even want to know how we ended up on this..," glancing at the large sign by the gate, "Halloween Town?"

From: silent_janitor
2006-11-15 07:19 am (UTC)
Lexaeus sighed. How many of you got how drunk? he wondered vaguely, but he realized that if any of them besides the Superior and the "Three Stooges" had been intoxicated, he wouldn't be able to trust any answers from any of them.

And he'd nearly gotten the ghost dog to let him pet it. Ah, well, too bad.

"Presumably drunken teleport," he answered coolly instead, stretching his shoulders and feeling an unexpected crack and give in the frozen load at his back. Evidently the teleport had been enough to stir the Cranky Academic from his hibernation.
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[User Picture]From: belladonna12
2006-11-25 04:11 pm (UTC)
Not. A. Gain.

Marluxia looked up, barely acknowledging the ghostly dog as it slid past, blinking. One minute, he'd been just fine and dandy, trying to keep Axel, Roxas, Namine, and that Pence child intact as they started off for pirating, then Xemnas had bloody moved the whole lot of them AGAIN!

He was figuring out who'd linked them into some kind of bloody locator/summoning spell for Xemnas's portals and carving 'I am a brain dead nitwit' into their flesh. Slowly. With Larxene's kunais. He sat up, cracking his neck slwoly, looking around.

"I don't want to know where we've ended up, do I? And has anyone seen the drunk pyro and baby Keyblade Master? I really don't want to know what they're doing unsupervised, or at Namine's suggestion." He idly tugged on a strand of his hair, only to blink in surprise. He'd gotten accustomed to the brown/pink it had been since he'd become a Nobody, it was shocking to see it back to something resembling it's true auburn shading. If closer to a rusty, dried blood red/brown than it originally had been. Must be something on this world that drew the color his hair should be back out.
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2007-04-04 07:59 am (UTC)
Where were the pirates? Where was the bar, and the rum? Why was his head aching so horribly?!

Sai'X growled and clutched at his temples as he tried to will the aching throb inside his skull to ease off. Will power alone seemed to be rather ineffective at this, however he did become distracted from the throbbing by the sensation of pinpricks in his flesh. Lifting his head slowly he blinked at his hands, staring with a curious expression at five decidedly sharp claws that had broken through the fabric of his gloves at the tip of each digit. He turned his hands over and then cautiously lifted them to his face. First he ran his fingers along the edge of his mouth, tracing the defined edges of elongated canines on both his upper and lower jaws, then out and over his ears he could feel the development of fine hairs that gradually thickened and covered his enlarged, triangular ears.

A sudden constricting pain made itself known to his senses and he almost frantically reached back and began to claw at the seat of both his coat and pants. After a brief moment of fabric shredding a bushy appendage snapped out and twitched behind him, stretching tensed muscles as it flicked back and forth against the back of his legs. He tilted his head, wishing he could see the change better than a few flashes of silver fur on the end of his..tail. He smirked faintly, this could be amusing, if it weren't for the ache that again pounded through his skull. He shook his head, pawing at his skull while his ears dropped in distress and his tail lashed.

"Does anyone have a way to get rid of a hangover?!" He hissed, glaring at the numerous bodies around him. A steady pale glow encompassed the area they were strewn about, slowly drawing his pained gaze toward its source. The Berserker stared at the large, full moon in the sky, his pupils dilating as he felt the soft glow caress his senses. The steady drumming in his mind dulled completely, taking the faint hint of vertigo with it as the heady pulse of the luminous orb enveloped him. Unable to resist the urge, he threw his head back and howled, expressing the euphoric surge of primal freedom the strange moon was feeding his psyche.
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[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2007-04-05 07:36 am (UTC)
Namine woke amidst a towering trio of pumpkins. Their orange grins cast their light on the town's courtyard as she opened her eyes and let them adjust. What had happened? Where was everybody?

She rose from the ground when she noticed she was not clad in her usual white dress. A wide brimmed hat sat atop her head and small miniature wings extended from her lower back. She wore a white body suit that reached just to her thighs where pale blue tights continued.

She raised an eyebrow. Aha. White witch. I get it. She came up to the well and peered into the green water to see that her eyes were framed with thick eyeshadow that almost made her eyes seem narrowed and sunken. This was definitely not Port Royale.

A scuffing noise caught her attention and she raised her head to see what it was. The hairs on the back of Namine's neck stood on end when two yellow eyes peered back at her. She jumped back and swing the only thing in hand at the time: a shoddy old broom.

Both a wolf's howl pand Namine's panicked screams pierced the night as she bashed the unwitting heartless twice before she spun on her heel and focused on fleeing for dear life around the courtyard.
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[User Picture]From: femnazi
2007-04-05 08:11 am (UTC)

Larxene didn't even want to open her eyes. Her head was throbbing. She knew she wasn't in the bar anymore. There was ground beneath her, and not very comfortable ground either. What the hell had happened? Everything had been so much nicer when she was drunk. Some idiot (*coughsuperiorcough*) had probably teleported them again. That needed to stop.

She began to move, her body shifting languidly, and stretched slowly out over the ground. Hangovers sucked, and her head wasn't letting her forget it. She felt the twinges of a yawn building in her chest and she stretched her arms out in front of her, rocking back on her knees and arching her back as she opened her mouth to yawn ferally, a soft meow escaping from her lips. It was a bit drafty...

Wait...a meow??

Her eyes snapped open, briefly taking in her surroundings. Cobblestone streets, spooky decor, and lots of pumpkins. Where were they? But then, focusing on more important matters at hand, she turned her gaze downward to look herself over. Her coat and clothing were gone, leaving her practically nude. Convenient patches of black fur dotted her pale body, thankfully covering a bit of her indecency, but there wasn't much of it. It didn't even qualify as a full fur bikini. That explained the draft...Claws dotted her fingers and toes, which more closely resembled paws now and were also covered in fur. She could feel her canines in her mouth, slightly longer than they should have been, and she frantically reached up to feel them, blinking in disbelief. This couldn't be real...this was a dream. It had to be.

A sudden piercing, way-too-loud howl from behind her scared the ever-living crap out of her as it came out of nowhere, and what fur she did have stood on end as she jumped and gave a loud feline yowl, darting like a bullet over to seek shelter behind a towering tombstone, pulling herself up over the top and peeking out. Had she just done that? What the hell? She was no scaredy-cat... Oh, har-har. She was pissing herself off. Her ears were ringing slightly...Wait a minute. She reached up to feel her ears with one paw, and instead of her familiar fleshy ears she felt furry, pointed cat ears. Oh great...Was that a tail on her butt?? It was... A long black cat tail.

What the hell...?

A scream from somewhere near by echoed in her sensitive ears and caused her to glance around, looking for its owner. It didn't take her long to spot Namine running for dear life from something, dressed in a witch costume. And nearby Saix was still howling at the moon, apparently transformed into a wolf. Neither of them looked half as ridiculous as she did. Why did I get the skimpy cat girl??? She would have much rather been a witch. She watched from behind her tombstome but didn't reveal herself. It would have been far too embarassing. She hoped no one had noticed the yowling she'd done earlier...Good grief.
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[User Picture]From: aceinthepocket
2007-04-05 08:47 am (UTC)
Luxord stirred from where he lied in the graveyard. He blinked open his eyes and realized immediately that something was amiss. First of all, he seemed sort of lightheaded which wasn't typically a symptom of his hangovers. Secondly, part of his view was obscured by a high collar attached to a flowing black cape with the most luxurious red inner lining. Well what's this? New duds?

A look around revealed his new surroundings. He'd heard of this place: Halloween Town. He'd been meaning to visit sometime in the near future anyway.

He rose and gave himself the once over and nodded, impressed. An old fashioned coat whose back stretched into two fashionable coat tails. Quite polished and relatively dashing, if he did say so himself. If he was supposed to be some sort of vampire, well... that he didn't mind. It was only until his head very own head detached from his neck and tumbled into his white-gloved hands that he suddenly realized what he was.

His eye twitched, triggering a burst of flame that set his own head on fire, one which lit up part of the graveyard like a lantern.

"Pleasant." he uttered as he marched forth, curious to see if others had emerged from the portal-fiasco in one piece (Puaha. Lux made a funny). He happened to spot what seemed to be curling tail peeking out from a broken tombstone nearby. Curiosity drove him forward and he trudged through the cemetery with his detached appendage in his arms. Knowing that the animals had a tendency to talk, perhaps he might ask it if they've seen any suspicious characters skulking about the town... er.. besides himself of course.

"Begging your pardon, but - great heavenly gratuitous nudity," the words tumbled involuntarily out of his mouth upon the discovery that it wasn't really a talking cat at all, but a certain ice-queen who was several tufts of fur short of a birthday suit. He could hardly believe Larxene would really bare it all without seeking something to cover herself up. Without regard to his own ridiculous appearance, near shock (and secretly a generous amount of amusement)compelled him to ask, "What on earth happened to you?"
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2007-04-05 09:04 am (UTC)
After a few generous moon songs Sai'X finally felt his control return as he staggered to the side and broke the contact his eyes had held with the pale orb in the vast black sky. He blinked a few times, arching his eyebrows as scents assaulted his nose and distinctly keener sounds invaded his twitching, furry ears. Apparently the transformation had altered more than just appearances. He scowled at the sharp piercing shrieks and yowls that echoed across the immediate area and tilted his head to one side, trying to decide which direction to head in first.

The sudden illumination at the center of the graveyard led him to a snap decision, and with more speed than he had previously possessed, the Lunar loped, in classic lupine style, toward the source of the strange light. What he found as he drew near was a segregated Gambler, in some rather snazzy coat tails, and...Larxene...in tiny bits of fur.

Sai'X blinked, then carefully roved his eyes up and down the woman's new form, she had always had an attractive figure, but now he understood why Xigbar was always hounding her. A small, almost predatory, smirk curled his lips as he stalked closer, making his presence known. His silver tail flicked casually as he joined the pair. "It seems this world alters our bodies in unexpected ways. Larxene, you look...rather cold."

Despite the fact that he could indeed feel some stirrings in his neither regions because of the cat's attire, or lack there of? He still had a sense of honor, a code of respect, though it altered to fit his mood when he chose so. Without another word, he stripped his coat off and handed it to the nymph. With his coat off, he was able to notice that the transformation of his own body had not been limited to extremities. Fine silver hairs dotted the crook of his elbows, quickly thickening to where his gloves began, and as he removed the fabric, had grown to completely cover his large hands and long fingers in dense fur. A matching fluff of fur covered his chest, slowly tapering into a thin line down his abdomen and up toward his neck, giving him a diamond shaped tuft of bright silver. He ran his paws over the fur a moment, intrigued by the sleekness of his own coat.

"This world is..quite unique." He mumbled, more to himself than the other two.
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[User Picture]From: femnazi
2007-04-05 09:18 am (UTC)
Larxene only noticed the strange light from Luxord's head a moment before the gambler had spoken, and she gave a quiet yelp of surprise, nearly falling from the tombstone. She dropped down and did her best to cover herself up, crouching down against the tombstone and huddling up.

"This stupid world happened, that's what. Don't know whose idea it was to take us here, but I want to leave...You're quite a spectacle yourself, you know." She scowled at him, her plans to stay hidden ruined. She glanced around, seeking a quick means of escape when things got worse, and Saix appeared. She began to flush slightly and stared intently at the ground. At least it wasn't Xigbar...

"Well in case you haven't noticed, my clothes are gone," she muttered in reply to Saix's comment. "And the wind isn't helping matters eith--" She blinked as the berserker then removed his coat and handed it to her. And she blinked again. She hadn't expected that. But whatever had prompted his little act of charity she was extraordinarily grateful for it, and wasted no time slipping into the over-large coat, her tail slipping through the hole in back as she drew it around herself and covered herself like a large cloak. That was much better.

"'Unique' wouldn't exactly be my first choice in wording," she grumbled, glancing between the two of them. "So...any idea where the others are?" she asked, attempting to retain some of her dignity and move the subject away from her appearance.
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[User Picture]From: snackbarsniper
2007-04-06 12:54 am (UTC)
Xigbar woke up with the world spinning way too much for his liking. "Ugghh, What the hell happened?" He asked from his place against the cobblestone; however, it came out as a series of screeches that he understood as words, but realized wasn't the common dialect among his friends and other Organization members. His eyes were still closed tight, but as he began to open them, he found he couldn't see anything at all. Xigbar let out a would be yell of shock, but it once again came out as a screech. To his surprise, when he emitted noise, he immediately knew where everything was in a flash. Alas, as soon as the flash of images came, they were gone again. He repeated this process many times before he made an effort to stand.

After attempting to make himself mobile, he found that he would have to fly with the fleshy wings that bound his arms and torso together, for his legs were stubby and mostly useless. Flapping furiously while screeching to see what in the hell he was doing, he noticed that he could still feel the whip of his pony tail on his back. 'At least I have my dignity,' he said with a high pitched scoff of sorts.

Xigbar... or Xigbat, if you will, circled the fountain of the courtyard before hanging off the statue upside down, as always. He figured that he was probably shrunk to a medium-sized bat, or everything in this world was decently large. He took this moment to rest, and in the distance, his large ears picked up talking. Xigbar heard the familiar speech of Luxord, and with renewed determination, he took off.

However, as he was flying in the direction of the graveyard, his sonar picked up a running witch, swatting a heartless with a broom. He recognized the screams as Namine. With a sigh, he cursed his chivalry and swooped down and killed the heartless in a grey streak. The poor things never knew what hit them. He flew in front of the memory witch and chirped at her, "follow me!". However, he then remembered that she had no idea what he was saying, and therefore, he decided to fly in circles in front of her, fly in the general direction he wanted her to start walking in, and then fly back to look at her in frustration, chirping small screeches the entire time to keep his view open.
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[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2007-04-06 01:24 am (UTC)
"Guh....."Axel found that once again his world was shifting, it seemed to do that a lot lately. It was still dark, as it had been in Port Royal. This darkness, however, was illuminated by hundreds of glowing jack o' lanterns. He shook his head, the effects of the rum apparently beginning to wear off slightly after slipping Betwixt and Between again. Where were they now? Pumpkins and gravestones, a huge moon shining overhead. Looks like it's Halloween. Ah, I think I've heard of this place before. Halloweentown...a place where mischief was the law of the land. He stood up, waiting for the buzzing in his head to go away as he surveyed the surroundings.

There was a commotion nearby. He slipped behind a large gravestone and peered over the edge. What appeared to be Saix, Larxene, and Luxord were in the middle of a giant pumpkin patch. Only, they looked quite different. Is that what this world does to you? he wondered. Looking down at himself, he saw that he had changed as well. The zipper on his coat now had a trio of bat-shaped clasps running along the chestpiece. The collar and sleeves were edged with bright orange fur, and his boots had clawed tips. He also seemed to have sprouted an orange tail with a tuft of purplish-brown fur at the end. It occured to him that he could hear the other members quite clearly now, despite their distance from him. Reaching up to his ears, he found that they were now long and pointed. "Interesting. This could be fun!" He looked around at the grinning pumpkins and leering faces on the gravestones. "I think I like this place."
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From: emo_papercut
2007-04-06 02:18 am (UTC)
Zexion was not happy.

Folding his arms around him, he glanced furtively around with his visible eye as he walked through the strange dark world. There were creepy gravestones and pumpkins and dead trees and creepy things. He'd seen glowing eyes peering out at him from shadows here and there, and he really wished he weren't alone right now. "As soon as I leave, they all run off to get hammered," he muttered to himself, scowling. On the rare occassion that he wanted to drink, they never let him anyway because he was always the one who had to get their drunk asses home. They were always doing this: running off and leaving him. He hadn't taken that long to grocery shop.

Then he blinked and glanced around at his surroundings again. They were exactly the same, and had been for a while as he finally noticed that for the last few minutes he'd been "walking" but not moving an inch. He glanced down at the ground, and quickly found out why. He had no legs. "Whaa..??" he exclaimed, his eyes widening in surprise. Legs didn't just get up and walk away. Well...they did. But not without their body! Where the hell where his legs? Zexion saw that his body ended a bit below his waist, his lower half becoming a wispy "tail" that tapered down along its length, a lantern clutched at the end of it. He hovered a few feet above the ground and showed no signs of falling anytime soon. As he looked at his hands he realized that he was transparent, as well as the fact that his coat sleeves were now long and voluminous, obscuring his hands completely from view like robes. He could see through himself. A ghost, then. This was certainly new...

Glancing down again, he gave a sigh, and then attempted to move himself without legs. After a few minutes he figured out how to fly (somewhat awkwardly), and he floated over to a nearby well to glance at his reflection. His hood was drawn up over his head, though his body glowed with a faint luminescence so his face was visible within it, and his visible eye was sunken and his face above his nose was heavily shadowed. He looked...dead. Was this how the normal inhabitants of the world looked? Another sigh. Trust those nuts to end up someplace like this.

With a roll of his eyes Zexion reached down to grab the lantern from his tail and then hovered off into the air, rising above a few nearby buildings to glance down into a courtyard. He wasn't getting paid enough to put up with these things. He wasn't getting paid at all. Luckily, he spotted some other humanoid beings in the courtyard below, and he floated closer.
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From: lol_stabbity
2007-04-06 05:32 am (UTC)
Awaking from a heavy slumber, Xaldin stumbled on to his feet. Awake he was, from what seemed like eons of unconsciousness. It's as if he fell into a sweet sweet coma. Xaldin reached for the closest thing he could lean on. Dragging himself to a post he took a clean look around and noticed he wasn't where he thought he'd be. Just as he was about to bring himself to a clean stand, a sharp ringing sensation started to go off in his ears. Memories started rushing back to him, thoughts of his stabbing lust not being filled and other emotions. He certainly could not, let his emotions get in the way of the overall plan anymore. He was dead set on getting the Organization exactly what they needed.

After much of the ringing had stopped, he finally stood tall. Gathering his thoughts and mental awareness, he took a clean look around. "Where might this be..." He thought to himself. "I guess a walk should clear my head" He said to himself, aloud. He took about five steps and immediately knew where he was. "Halloween Town, I never would of thought I'd be back here."

Xaldin was always ridiculed for not having a scary or spooky enough costume. He was chased out of the town by the other Organization members frequently because of his inability to scare anyone.

He noticed Axel dusting him self off in an awkward manner. Much of his motions were very sluggish he looked a bit messy. "Axel my friend, would you mind telling me what's going on around here? I can't seem to remember anything beyond that incident with Larxene." Maybe it was a temporary amnesia, or maybe he had died and been reborn, whatever the case was he was curious to know exactly what happened to him. The quest to find out where Xaldin had been the past few whenever, began.
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[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2007-04-06 06:09 pm (UTC)
The vanquished heartless disappeared before Namine in mere seconds, but that left little comfort when it was replaced by the wiry form of an incensed bat. Still in full-panic-mode, Namine's first instinct was to batter it into the ground with one fierce swing with the broom.

She listened to it.

One swift arc of bristly retribution and she swatted the offending creature was against the cobblestone floor. She only lifted her broom from the thing when she noticed a strangely familiar patch of black and white hair atop its head. She cautiously approached the mound of fur in case it might get up and assault her and crouched in front of it when it hadn't. She picked up the bat gently in her hands, eyes widening, "X-Xigbar? Is that you?"

A tell tale eyepatch on its right eye confirmed her suspicions and she adopted an apologetic frown, "Oh! Why didn't you say something?"

She was in mid-apology when a soft glow emanated from the sky, casting its light on both her and Xigbar in an eerie white glow. She sprinted to the other side of the fountain, putting the structure between her and the approaching figure with a distressed cry. She clung to Xigbar in a panicked grip and swore that if any more things came after her, she'd start memory wiping like there was no tomorrow.

A crooked old broom stuck itself out from behind the fountain and shook threateningly at Zexion's ghost form. "S-stay back! I've got a th-thingy and I know how to use it!"
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[User Picture]From: snackbarsniper
2007-04-07 05:29 am (UTC)
The world was spinning once again for poor Xigbar. As soon as he had been knocked out of the air and bounced on the stone, he was snatched up and carried away. He attempted to screech in protest, but it was muffled as he was smothered in the front of Namine's costume. He struggled and screeched, but she just clung harder and swung her broom at whatever threat was causing her distress, completely oblivious to Xigbar's plight.

He fought and wiggled until he finally broke free and flew around indignantly, screeching angrily. He decided not to desert the white witch and landed on the tip of her hat. The end of it tipped down and bent so he could hang upside down comfortably and the hat stayed on her head.

It wasn't until his view was pointed upwards that he noticed the ghost flying above. He jumped a little in surprise, causing the hat to sway slighly.
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2007-04-06 09:04 pm (UTC)
One nice thing about this transformation he was discovering was that his senses were heightened far beyond anything he could have ever imagined. His hearing was incredibly acute, his eyes could see clearly through the dark with barely any light and he was certain his sense of smell could almost rival Zexion's like this. The Berserker felt his ears twitch as various sounds floated across the wind from different areas outside the graveyard. He glanced at Larxene and nodded, tilting his head to one side and then the other to better determine which sounds were closer in range to their current location.

"I'm fairly certain I heard Namine shriek not long ago...and I can smell Axel nearby." He felt his upper lip curl slightly, a faint flicker of irritation passing through his system quickly at the thought of the pesky little pyro. He frowned, shaking his head as the feeling passed as easily as it had come. This world seemed to have a strange, soothing sensation over his mind. He cast a curious look to the full moon in the sky and felt the fur on his tail bristle, shaking off the almost hypnotic pull on his senses, he rubbed a paw over his forehead and looked between Larxene and Luxord.

"We should find the others. As important as revenge is, this world is unlike the others we've been to. It would be wise for us to re-group before we start killing each other off." He narrowed his eyes at Larxene, knowing the cat would have personal objects to putting her hunger for Axel's blood aside, for any reason. "I would rather have the pleasure of dealing out death saved for my own hands, rather than losing the chance to some unexpected resident here."

That said, he turned and headed for the rusted iron gate that led out of the graveyard.
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[User Picture]From: femnazi
2007-04-07 12:49 am (UTC)
Larxene glanced at Saix, watching him grow used to his new senses. As he mentioned Axel, she immediately began to notice a smell that her mind somehow tagged as Axel's. Don't ask her how she knew that. Her feline senses were much sharper than her own, and she could smell and hear both Axel and what sounded like Xaldin, while Namine's panicked voice came from somewhere in the area. But the only one she cared about was the pyro.

"Oh sure, we can regroup," she muttered quietly, though she knew Saix could hear her. "But Axel doesn't have to be part of the group." She stalked off after Saix, prowling with a smooth grace both feminine and feral alike, the tread of her paws light and silent. She could feel a relaxed energy coursing through her, more bodily power than she'd had in her human body, and as she glanced around she saw that the darkness didn't impede her now-slitted cat eyes and pierced through the night easily. Giving something of a brief skip she caught up to Saix and then with a great bound leapt completely over him, vaulting to his side and over a tombstone, landing crouched on top of it and staring down with bright feral eyes at Axel as he hid behind it, her tail swaying lazily back and forth as it dangled down behind her. She gave a lazy satisfied smile, one of her ears twitching as she tilted her head to the side and electricity danced between her antennae.

"Hello, Axel."
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From: emo_papercut
2007-04-07 07:33 am (UTC)
As Zexion neared the figures below he noticed that it was Namine dressed in a witch's costume, along with a fluttering bat with a...ponytail, who smelled like Xigbar's cologne. Namine noticed him but apparently didn't recognized him, as she immediately screamed and bolted away from him. He sighed. He supposed he didn't exactly look like Casper the friendly ghost.

He lowered his lantern to be held in his tail again as he hovered closer to where she hid behind the fountain, pointing at his face. "Namine, it's just me. Zexion. See? And no, I haven't died." He eyed Xigbar on the witch's hat and almost wished he'd scared the gunslinger a bit more, but he would have no doubt frightened Namine in the process. He didn't know if that broom would be able to hurt him in his ghost form or not, but he sure didn't want to find out.
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[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2007-04-07 05:30 pm (UTC)
Axel started as he realized that Xaldin had awakened nearby. Just how many of us got portaled here? he wondered. That was the least of his worries however. A figure suddenly glided over the tombstone, and he found himself staring into a pair of slitted eyes. Larxene. If he had a heart, it would have been in his throat right about now. He managed to replace the momentary look of fear with his usual casual impudence. "Larxene....It's been a while. You look...cold." He looked around, trying to act nonchalant while searching for a means of escape. There was a path that appeared to lead out of the graveyard and toward the town. He began edging slowly past Xaldin and towards it. "Hey, Xaldin, uh, I need to , uh, go find Roxas. Larxene's here now, doesn't she look amazing? Why don't you two catch up, bet it's been a while since you've talked. Have fun. Bye-bye." Without a backward glance, he tore off down the path to the town square.
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From: lol_stabbity
2007-04-07 06:49 pm (UTC)
He wanted to shout, "Uh Axel w-wait!" but his words were not heard. Or Axel didn't want to hear them. Xaldin glared at Axel for leaving him with the only woman to give him 3 consecutive concussions in a row. How cruel. In anycase, Larxene was his best chance at finding out what went wrong here.

He walked silently over to Larxene to avoid any type of hostility with her.

"H-hello, Larxene"
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From: pimpinpence
2007-04-08 12:22 am (UTC)
"AAHHHHHH!!" Came a voice from beyond some grave stones.

Pence was having a good time, he was a pirate, he had a crew, they were gunna get a boat and sail the seas happily. But then all his dreams came to a sudden stop when he found himself, no longer on the docks of the pirate town, but instead sitting in between to gigantic grave stones.

Pence was terribly afraid of grave yards, which was odd because the tubby young boy usually loved going on adventures and solving mysteries, but graveyards were crossing the line.

Frantically wriggling himself away from the two, the boy tumbled felt his back brush up against something. Flipping around he saw the two glowing eyes of carved pumpkin staring up at him.

"W-where the hell am I-I.." Pence mumbled scampering to his feet and glancing about, "Where i-is everyone else? ....Why did I even hang out with them in the f-first place.."

Calming himself down mentally, the boy attempted to figure out his situation.

"Okay...o-okay, you where in a pirate town..somewhere...you got dark blobby-thinged there..and...and..maybe that j-just happened again...and we're somewhere new. And soon I should see everyone...I hope.."

With a deep breath Pence began to walk off down the grave yard path, keeping a good distance from any of them.

Things were going pretty well until he noticed some movement to his left, before something hairy sprinted towards him. With a yelp Pence flinched shielding himself and waited for impact. But none came, instead he felt a very odd sensation and opened his eyes to see the path just as it was.

odd.. He thought to himself before continuing, a bit faster.

Beyond the exit of the grave yard, he saw what looked like Namine. Excited to see a familar face, Pence sprinted towards them, "NAMINE! NAMI-AHHHHH!" Eyes wide, he stared at the person he asumed was Namine only to find it was well a very creepy Namine look a like and a two big scary floating thing! "OH MAN! S-sorry wrong p-p-p-people."

Backing away slowly Pence suddenly felt that same feeling as before when he realized he just walked though a grave stone.

Confused and scared, the boy lifted his shaking hands only to see straight though them. His eyes widened in alarm before screeching.

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[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2007-04-08 02:52 am (UTC)
Namine cautiously poked her head around the fountain, raising herself from her crouched position. Just her eyes peeked above the brick structure, taking in Zexion's form for a moment before finally stepping out into the light. She clattered up to Zexion in her white heels, tilting her head slightly to the side so that the hat's tail (with Xigbar on it) swayed out of her line of sight. "It's you," she said to Zexion and paused thoughtfully. "I thought you were at the mall that never was..."

If he was shopping still, Halloween was certainly a poor place to pick up groceries. He was likely to pick up poison before he picked up the necessary fruits and veggies.

"I found Xigbar." she said just as he bobbed back into her view.

Another distinct cry rang out in the night and she bent her knees in preparation of what was coming next, clutching her broom in her hands as if to use it for a weapon. The motion sent Xigbar bobbing like a pendulum on her hat. Instead of a heartless or an offending Organization member, Pence stepped into the courtyard and Namine's eyes widened. She reached out a hand when he nearly ran away.

"No! Pence it is me. See? Th-this place changes things!" She said. She took Xigbar from his perch and gently held him out for Pence to see. "See? This used to be one of those black coated people. And he..."

Namine looked up to Zexion. "He used to be one too. Now we're..." her words trailed off as she looked down at herself.
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2007-04-08 07:20 am (UTC)
Sai'X blinked when he felt the rush of air pass over his head that accompanied Larxene's impressive leap. He snorted softly as the cat bounded off to perch on a tombstone near the source of Axel's scent. As strange as it was, he didn't feel the slightest inclination to join her in taunting the pyro, not even when he watched Axel stand, at least, it looked like Axel, somewhat, and then bolt away in clear panic.

More screams sounded from nearby and he was picking up on other scents, Namine, Xigbar, the boy from Twilight Town, and.....Zexion? He arched a brow slightly, his ears lowering in thought. "Wasn't he shopping?" He glanced briefly in Larxene's direction before sprinting toward the location of the new scents. His powerful legs carried him over the distance easily, the loping stride of the wolf once again proving his transformation to be ever so useful.

In a few moments he was turning the corner onto a rather amusing scene. Apparently there was some confusion among this little group. He smirked, baring his elongated fangs as he approached them, his tail swaying in wide arcs behind him.

"A witch, a bat, and two ghosts. Add a cat, a headless Gambler..whatever Axel is...and a wolf." He nodded to them, his own form of greeting despite his barging in on them, so to speak. "This world transforms us into ... monsters I believe is the proper term. Most likely the residents of this world are all what some would refer to as..monsters. Wouldn't you agree Namine?" He tilted his head at the little witch, then blinked and lowered his face closer to her hands, inspecting the tiny mammal she held. "Is that..Xigbar?" He snickered slightly, then quickly set his face into a smirk and reached out, poking the tiny creature with one sharp claw. He then turned his attention to a more intriguing target and stood up fully, grinning broadly at the floating ghost with the lantern.

"Number VI, what a pleasure to see you again. It's been a while. That's an interesting form for you Zexion. How does it feel to be non-corporeal?" He cocked his head to the side, one ear lowering halfway as he curiously swished his arm through the lower half of Zexion's chest. The sensation of ice clutched at his paw and forearm, incredibly chilling despite the thick fur he had there. He frowned, his ears involuntarily flattening in disapproval of the abrupt cold while his tail bristled.
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[User Picture]From: snackbarsniper
2007-04-08 02:53 pm (UTC)
Xigbar struggled helplessly in Namine's hands do to the fact that he had nothing to grip. When he finally managed to find a comfortable spot, he was only knocked over again by the Lupine Diviner. He flailed and pulled himself upright once again. Xigbar huffed himself up and called angrily before taking off and flying around Saix's head in a disgruntled manner, screeching threateningly.

He flapped over to his preferred hanging spot once again and perched there, still puffed, with his wings wrapped around him. 'Just because I shrunk in size, doesn't mean I'm a plaything, ' he muttered to himself, but it came out as more of a chirping and chatty sound, much to Xigbar's chagrin.
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From: pimpinpence
2007-04-08 07:13 pm (UTC)
At the last statement Pence's eyes widened, "but I don't wanna be a monster, monsters are evil and and...hey I can float!" In the middle of his rant the chubby boy began to hover slightly above the ground. " AW monsters rock!"

Flying about in a little circle the boy floated back to the group. As he glanced at the strange gathering he noticed a few farmilar faces. He still opted to linger close to Namine, whom he knew best, and who was frankly least freighting.

"So...now that we're all here... what are we supposed to do now? I mean flying is pretty neat, but I'm not a big fan on being a ghost....and this place is just creepy."

As if proving his point, the strange bat chirped next to him, causing Pence to jump in alarm, " Can we like...leave?"
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From: emo_papercut
2007-04-08 08:09 pm (UTC)
Zexion folded his arms, absently brushing a hand through his semicorporeal bangs. "Well I was," he said to Namine. "But I finished shopping, and when I came home no one was there. So I came to find you. I almost regret it..." He arched an eyebrow at the arrival of a chubby young ghost much like himself. He didn't know this one personally, but he knew that he was someone from Twilight Town. That's all he really needed to know, anyway.

He opened his mouth to say something to Namine but was interrupted by Saix's abrupt appearance among them. He frowned. Great. Saix was one of his regular tormentors, and he'd been hoping that their paths wouldn't cross. Too late for that now. At least the berserker couldn't physically do anything to him, he thought, as Saix swept an arm right through his torso. This answered a few questions. The Schemer found a smug smile crawling over his face. Everything solid passed right through him in this form, so while he was on this world he couldn't get hurt, which was always an ideal situation for him. And to make things better, judging from Saix's appearance, the sensation of going through his body wasn't very pleasant, which meant that he wouldn't be subjected to endless poking and prodding on the berserker's half. Regardless of whether he could feel it or not it would still annoy the hell out of him.

"Quite nice, actually," he replied with a smile, and then shoved both of his hands through the Berserker's head and waved them around. That was sure to be uncomfortable. "I might almost prefer it to my physical body. Who knows, once I get used to it. How are you faring? You seem rather...furry." Which was fitting. He was surprised though. Saix, who was driven into a mad frenzy by the moon on a regular basis, had been transformed into a werewolf, which....were driven into a mad frenzy by the moon on a regular basis. But surprisingly, Saix was acting...dare he say it, rational. Almost civil. Quite the turn of events. Too bad, too. The one time he himself was invulnerable to any destruction the Berserker might wreak, he had to go and act pleasant. He would have rather liked to hover and watch as the others fled in terror.
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[User Picture]From: femnazi
2007-04-08 08:15 pm (UTC)
Larxene's smile grew wider as she noted the momentarily expression of terror that flickered over Axel's face. Oh this would be enjoyable. Her eyes followed him as he edged carefully away and then made a break for safety. Licking her lips she crouched to chase after him but paused briefly as Xaldin approached her nervously. She frowned at him. Axel was getting away, and she had no time to waste.

"Hello, Xaldin. I daresay you look...rather normal." Lucky. "As much as I would love to stay and chat, I have some business to attend to. If you'll excuse me." Without further ado she pounced from the tombstone and landed gracefully, already sprinting after the pyro almost before her paws touched the ground. He wouldn't get away this time.
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2007-04-08 10:30 pm (UTC)
Sai'X had been amused by Pence and Xigbar, able to pass off the displeasing sensation Zexion's body had caused until the spirit decided to shove a pair of freezing vaporous fingers into his skull. He snarled, jerking back from Zexion somewhat violently, then clutched at his head, pawing at it and trying to shake off the cold sensations swarming over his entire head.

In his frenzy he turned and stepped to the right without paying attention to his surroundings and collided with something thin, flexible, and indescribably sticky. He froze, then slowly reached up and stroked a claw over his face and pulled it away to reveal a narrow, glistening thread.

Despite being the Berserker, despite controlling some of the best offensive Nobodies in the ranks, there was one thing that could send him into absolute panic. He rarely let it slip of course, it was a complete image shattering fact, but aside from an angry or drunk Xaldin, the only thing that could send him flailing was a tiny little creature with eight beady eyes and eight crinkled legs.

As realization set in, the hairs all along his body began to stand on end, his ears snapped flat against his skull, his tail stuck out straight behind him and his entire frame quivered. A strange sound somewhere between a choked cry and a shriek escaped him as he threw his body backwards and began clawing at his face and the fur on his chest, frantically slapping the tiny webbings off of his skin.

"Where is it?! Get it off?! Is it on my back?! Namine!! Find it?! It's in my hair isn't it?! Where is IT?! KILL IT!" In full panic, he jerked about, his body puffed as if he had been freshly tumbled in a high powered dryer. Glancing back at the torn web he caught sight of the multi-limbed culprit and instantly staggered behind the only available flesh and blood person in the group. "Great Hearts it's LOOKING at me!!!"

"Namine....do something..kill it!!" He reached around her and took hold of the witch's broom arm, then forcefully waved her arm so her broom crashed into the web and splattered the offending spider against the hard surface of a tombstone. Or so he had hoped, he blinked, watching it wriggle out of the straw fibers of the broom before it scurried onto the top of the grave marker. Twitching desperately, he clutched at Namine's shoulder and shook her as gently as he could manage. "I..need..a ..a squeaky..badly..conjure me one..now..I can't focus to form a portal...."
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[User Picture]From: snackbarsniper
2007-04-09 03:44 am (UTC)
Xigbar watched Saix's distress in extreme amusement, cackling in his squeaky voice and flapping his wings in pure glee. The said flapping of wings caused the tip of Namine's hat to spin about jerkily with the bat's movements, but he was so amused that he didn't care.

However, when he stopped to catch his breath in his little lungs, he noticed the spider scurrying away. It was as if something clicked in his little batty brain, and without control of his mind or body, Xigbar took off. He flapped with a single intent, his animal instincts taking over. He swooped down and with a grace he never really possessed before, he snatched the spider off the tombstone and carried it away. He flew up to the highest point that he could hang off of and perched there, munching on his prize victoriously. The spider never had a chance.

When he finished off his meal, he returned back into his somewhat sane state of mind. Then.. it hit him. 'I.. I just ate a spider like it was a piece of beef jerky,' he thought internally. He paused and replayed the scene again through his head, completely shocked at this reaction. Then, a grin curled up his little furry face, and to himself, he said, 'wicked!'

Fully fed and happy, he glided back down to the group, making sure to cut uncomfortably close to the pitifully scared Diviner. He took his perch back on Namine's hat tip, still grinning in a disturbing manner at his actions.
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[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2007-04-10 03:48 am (UTC)
Namine yelped in dismay as Saix had shown up without warning like a furry ninja, startling her completely. She eyed him as he moved about her, as if Saix's anger and visual acuity was based on movement (much like the T-rex). He busied himself examining Xigbar and Zexion, which was fine with her as long as he was in a better mood than when they'd met in Twilight Town. She scooched away from Saix just in case she needed to get a good running start (though he was probably too fast for her to be out of his reach for long). Pence presented her with a question and she paused thoughtfully,

"We can leave but... I'm worried about Axel. And Roxas. And Demyx too, we haven't seen him anywhere. W-we can't leave til' we find th-"

She suddenly found herself interrupted as Saix's composure collapsed. He was jerking around like he'd been taken hold by a fit of seizures. Before she knew it, Saix was using her as a defense, flinging around her broom like a madman. Somehow, it eluded their swings and skittered to the top of a tombstone to watch them with eight if its beady black eyes. While Xigbar conveniently solved the problem by devouring the creature, Namine was hesitantly creating a dark portal and sorted through her things to find a squeaky.

She succeeded just as Xigbar returned to his perch back on Namine's hat, but in doing so, she was thrown off balance by the tilting hat. She wavered unsteadily and fell backwards. The squeaky in hand flew into the air just as she landed on her rump against the tombstone. The marker creaked and then flopped over, revealing a crawling nest of spiders which scattered at the first touch of moonlight on their open nest. Namine squealed and clutched at her broom which suddenly hovered two feet into the air as if by its own will.

"Incoming," she squeaked in warning, holding her feet as high off the ground as she could as she clung to her floating broom.
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[User Picture]From: aceinthepocket
2007-04-10 03:58 am (UTC)
Not one to be left behind, Luxord followed after the deparing nobodies at his own pace. After all, he didn't have anyone to hunt down like the scantily-furred Larxene and no reason to flee for his nonexistent life. Once reaching the courtyard, he set eyes on on the varied group of nobodied. The next few moments he attempted to burn permanently into his brain as it turned out to be one of the most amusing scenes he'd ever witnessed. Saix was panicking over an insect- not just any insect, but a spider of all things.

In all his years he'd never seen his elder nobody panic so desperately. He was either snarling at every object within the near vicinity, gnawing on somehting or someone's head, or prancing about declaring just how magnificent his own personage was. The sight of him flailing and lashing out at the unfortunate insect sent him into laughter so intense, he was sure everyone heard him coming. In fact, just as he approached the group, his head burst into flame, causing a large number of the spiders skittering about around him to ignite as well.

Not only were they eight legged creatures scattering in a panic, but now they were eight-legged-FLAMING creatures scattering in a panic. Bloody hell, he was starting to like this town, he really was.
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2007-04-10 04:43 am (UTC)
Xigbar ate the spider....that was just too grotesque to even accept and yet, it had solved the problem. Sai'X frowned at the bat for a moment but then his entire focus shifted when Namine, for whatever reason, tossed the squeaky into the air.

Instinct kicked in before he could even think about it and he was leaping after the toy, eagerly catching it in his paw and starting to apply pressure before his feet ever hit the ground. His tail fluffed up, swishing happily as he squeezed the hollow toy, until he heard Namine's worried, "Incoming."

Sai'X watched in abject horror as hordes of eight-legged fiends scattered along the ground in all directions, including HIS! He back pedaled, squeezing his squeaky toy so hard the poor rubber toy exploded in his fist. He paid it no mind though, nearly jumping out of his fur when Luxord showed up, blazing, laughing like a loon and igniting the spiders.

The Berserker twitched, his acute hearing able to pick up the strange, high-pitched sounds of death the little web masters made as they burned to tiny crisps, and the scent of so many flaming bodies was unpleasant to his sensitive nose. Not only that, but in their panic for survival they were heading back towards him.

"Kyaaaaaaahh!" Yes, that was completely undignified, and so was his next move, which was to jump into the arms of the only one close enough, which happened to be Luxord. He clung to the headless nobody, kicking the Gambler's head out of the hand holding it in his frantic panic. He watched, nearly hyperventilating, as it rolled into the nest and set the entire structure ablaze.
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From: pimpinpence
2007-04-10 06:18 am (UTC)
At the mention of Roxas, Pence nodded his head. He did wonder where that boy went off to, and for some reason felt very compelled to go look for him. That of course didn't make to much sense to the young boy as he had just met Roxas...still the urge was still there.

As Pence hovered above the ground in thought, his attention was snapped back at the horrified screams of the werewolf. He seemed be be having a major fit of some sort, and the boy couldn't help but chuckle at the larger mans frantic jerking about. Looking closer Pence saw that the whole ordeal was just over a spider. A spider, out of all the things to be afraid of around here! I mean the guy himself was scarier. Pence found spiders to be quite interesting, cute even. He even raised a tarantula back in Twilight Town which he affectionately called Pumpernickel.

He was just about to help the poor fellow when he pounced upon Namine, squawking and squealing, and then right before his eyes the spider was snatched and gobbled up like a tasty treat. 'Ok that was gross' Pence thought watching the bat-thing enjoy his meal. The next thing he knew Namine toppled over before he could even blink, unleashing a heard of spiders who spilled onto the cobble stones.

Pence didn't quite see how it happened as he was preoccupied with the now air born witch, but all the spiders burst into flame. The boy's eyes went wide as he flew over the flames.

"AH DON'T KILL THEM!" Pence shouted in dismay flapping his transparent arms up and down like a chicken, "OH PUT THEM OUT! PUT THEM OUT!"

Pence heard their sad, little, creepy spider cries and tried desperately to blow out the flames to no avail, seeing as he had no breath. He tried desperately again with the same results. With a sigh of defeat he turned back to the group, "Could some one at least put them out of their misery and step on them, please-OH MY GOD THE WHOLE NEST IS ON FIRE! SOME ONE WHO HAS WORKABLE LIMBS, HELP THEM!"

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2007-04-10 07:09 am (UTC)
Namine in all her panic, could not assuage the guilt she felt when she watched the little spiders go up into flames. Sure, they were Halloween Town spiders, which meant they were made of FAR tougher things than their otherworld counterparts (for heaven sakes, the people of Halloween town drank poison, tossed around their brains, had axes lodged permanently into their heads), but being on fire looked like it HURT.

Namine sucked in a breath and hopped off her broom, snatching it out of the air and attempted to swat at the panicking spiders to at least put out the flames. After all, the broom had failed to squish them before, but maybe it might help the flames. They were all still scrambling around , causing general chaos and madness.

Unfortunately, her act of kindness did work for one or two of the spiders... but it made things for all those around her. In her attempts to put out the spider's nest, the broom itself caught on fire and the embers from its constant fwapping and fanning floated into the air, threatening to light most of the surrounding people in the air on fire themselves.
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From: emo_papercut
2007-04-10 07:40 am (UTC)
Zexion just floated and stared at the utter mayhem and chaos his one little prank had caused. He had to seriously compose himself in order to keep himself from bursting into laughter at Saix's antics. Spiders, really. They weren't exactly little bunny rabbits but he didn't think they were all that bad. Who knew? Oh, he was going to have fun with this later. Let Saix try to tease him now.

He stared as the arrival of Luxord quicklky resulted in a blazing inferno that raged among the spiders nest, and soon Namine's broom. A flaming, detachable head. You didn't see that everyday. He arched an eyebrow as the chubby ghost boy attempted to help the spiders, but to no avail. Seeing as how he obviously couldn't do anything either he opted to just sit back and watch the show unfold. It was quite entertaining.
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[User Picture]From: kairi_of_heart
2007-04-10 07:09 pm (UTC)
And suddenly there was a suspicious gray fog of smoke that covered over the spiders, land, and assorted halloween folk. The eternal full moon's light glittered on the hazy apparatis until it disipated, leaving behind the standing figure of one in a cat suit.

"Hey guys," Kairi's kitty form was made clear as the gray light faded. Her tail flicked back and forth behind her, its color matching in the vibrant red of her hair. "Did I miss anything?"

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From: lol_stabbity
2007-04-11 12:14 am (UTC)
The Lancer walked around a bit after the little incursion with Larxene. Drifting thoughts began to float by in his head. Ideas, theories, even stories of what could have happened to him since he was out cold. Maybe his stabbing lust was to great and Xenmas put him out of his misery for a while. Or maybe he was put into a deep sleep by Namine. Who knows? That's the question he wanted to be answered so much. Who the hell knows? Xaldin obviously wasn't going to find his answer walking in circles all day. He began to walk towards the square. He noticed Namine with a bet perched atop her hat.

Xaldin examined himself on the reflection from the guillotine blade. He was still wearing something totally different than before. He was litterally a pastafarian. Dreadlocks and noodles drooping from his head with colored Pumpkin slices for a Trinidadian look. His overcoat was laced with red,green and yellow colored noodles and the zipper handle was replaced with a pumpkin buckle. His sleeves were still black but lined with even more noddles. Even his nails were painted yellow,green and red... his watch was a Casio. Xaldin's costume may not have been the scariest one here, but it sure was one of the most original. "Hm! I look pretty spiffy if I do say so mys-" He was cut off and snapped back into reality by flaming objects dangerously close to his costume.

"WHAT'S GOING ON HER-" Just as he said that, one of Xaldins dreads caught fire. This was NOT a good thing seeing as he finally had a cool costume for once. He began to shriek and cry about his hair being on fire. Xaldin desperately needed some assistance at this point.
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[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2007-04-11 05:36 am (UTC)
Axel, in a panic, had run into the main square of Halloweentown. He skidded to a halt near the strange green fountain, the scene unfolding in front of him enough to make him almost forget his pursuer. Fire and chaos appeared to be reigning, fire and chaos that he oddly enough hadn't been the cause of. There were several flaming....somethings running around. Saix was clinging in sheer terror to what he guessed was Luxord. Zexion and the boy from Twilight Town appeared to be ghosts, hovering and either watching or adding to the general panic. Namine was swatting at the balls of fire with her broom. He finally managed to assess that the fireballs were, or had once been, spiders. And that Saix was petrified of them.

Storing that possibly useful bit of knowledge away, he ducked behind the fountain. He hoped that the scent of burning spiders, brooms, and people would mask his scent, at least for a short time. Namine's broom suddenly ignited as she swatted at the already unlucky bugs, further adding to the chaos. He managed to coax that particular fire to go out, but allowed the poor spiders to go on their firey way, hoping for any distraction to his pursuer. "Namine" he hissed at her from his hiding spot. "I need to find Roxas and Demyx....and avoid a certain..angry electrical kitty bee."
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: keeptothebeat
2007-04-11 06:22 am (UTC)
Demyx sat for a long time. One HELL of a long time, actually, simply stunned. For one, no one looked how they normally did, what appeared to be Luxord was missing his head, Larxene looked like Felicia after getting in a fight with a razor blade, something kept flittering by Namine, and now things were on fire. Axel really needs to learn to control himself.
Figuring he should put out things before everything caught flame, he summoned his sitar only to find it looking rather odd. No longer a crisp ocean blue, it was monochrome, with something dark splattered across it. Staring, he strummed it, calling out for his watery powers, only to find something very wrong. Instead of the translucent figures, they were dark masses. Demyx starred at them, as one moved nearer, only to notice they were a dark red color. As if they were "oh my god, BLOOD!"
He screamed his head off, running through the town, his blood clones waltzing after him. Seeing a fountain, he ran to it, staring into the familiar water, when it stilled long enough to see his own, pale reflection. Blood was splattered on his now pasty face and dribbled from his mouth, and he had fanges. He screamed again and began running in circles.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: aceinthepocket
2007-04-12 07:35 am (UTC)
A flaming inferno of insects had converged on Luxord, attempting to get to Saix for SOME inexplicable reason (though some 80% of heartless scientists have debated that most eight legged creatures have an innate ability to sense acute fear. The other 20% are fully aware that the others are just making up statistics on the spot). And while this wasn't particularly a problem to be in flames (his head had been doing it all night), it WAS a problem that Saix had jumped into his arms and kicked his bloody head away. The berserker had sent his decapitated head into the entire nest of spiders and that just released ALL HELL. Well... even more hellish than usual.

While his head had suffered a particularly unfortunate fate, his lower body suffered a different one: loss of balance. He stumbled backwards with the frantic wolf-man in his arms only to stabilize right in front of an inconspicuous looking gate. Luxord's body sagged in relief when he managed to restore his center of gravity. His relief was quickly squelched when that very innocent looking gate he had stopped beside swung open bas if it had a life of its own. It sent the two men flying from impact. They both tumbled to a stop around under an equally well-intentioned guillotine which quickly unhinged itself from its place at the top of the two pillars and happily fell towards the two in an attempt to bridge the language barrier between torture instrument and wolf-men everywhere in an act of friendship and happy tidings.

By some stroke of luck (he WAS a gambler after all and dammit, one with a particularly good lucky streak when it didn't concern defeating a certain keyblade master at time-games) Luxord managed to tumble past, but Saix, however had landed directly underneath it. Luxord's head, which had been stringing together an eloquent line of curses (spider-in-eye-ow-ow-ow) watched with his uninjured eye as the guillotine rushed to greet Saix. Whether or not the guillotine would make a new friend with Saix's neck was up in the air, rather dependent on Saix's reflexes to get out of the way.

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2007-04-12 07:51 am (UTC)
Namine was first distracted by a certain feline redhead moving into the courtyard: it none other than Kairi. She thanked her lucky stars as she rushed over to say hello to the girl. That was, however, when Xigbar and Demyx flew past, spinning her in circles until she fell on her rump. Once the stars and little black bats ceased in circling her head, she noticed that her broom was no longer enveloped in flame. She stared, puzzled that the fire would suddenly squelch itself and fizzle out. The person responsible revealed themselves a few feet away with a whisper and a motion of his hands.

Namine glanced hesitantly at the others and then made haste in slipping behind the fountain where Axel had called her to. She stiffened at the mention of Larxene, but she motioned back into the courtyard where Demyx was running manic circles from the product of his own powers. "He's uh... busy."

She shook her head. "You mean you haven't... But Roxas... I was hoping he was with you," she frowned, disappointed. Namine cast her eyes to the horizon where an eerie forest had yet to be explored. An idea occurred to her at the sight. "Maybe... maybe there are other parts of this world we haven't been yet? Another place where Roxas might have woken up?"

Demyx blew past again and Namine held onto her hat to keep it from flying off her head.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2007-04-12 08:04 am (UTC)
Sai'X had still been in full blown panic when he was sent sailing across the courtyard thanks to that strange gate Luxord's body had backed into. He landed with a grunt and tumbled a bit, distantly taking note of a wailing shriek that zoomed near his rolling body at one point and then faded out, as if someone were running around screaming wildly. He could understand.

When he finally felt the world stop spinning out of control he let his gaze focus somewhat unsteadily on a glinting silver object, that was rapidly approaching his head. The resounding 'SHHHHHHHICKK' sound didn't seem at all pleasing or welcoming and as the blade drew closer, instinct and self preservation kicked in, along with a healthy dose of fear and adrenaline, causing him to fling his body across the cobblestones with a terrified yelp.

He skittered into the fountain, which as he pressed against it, turned and sprayed his back with frigid green liquid. Fur on end, he darted out from the fountain, a cross between a scream and a howl escaping his lips as he ran blindly for someplace that was 'safe'. When one is in a blind panic however, it's difficult to pay attention to where one is heading, and thus he crashed headlong into the other nobody circling the courtyard in equal fright, sending them both to the ground in a tangle of limbs.

He groaned, still shaking somewhat as he caught the overpowering scent of blood and cautiously opened his eyes to look at who he had slammed into. "De..DemyX..?"
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[User Picture]From: femnazi
2007-04-12 08:50 am (UTC)
The smell of smoke reached Larxene a good while before she saw any fire, and she wasn't surprised, considering she was chasing Axel. But as she came upon the chaotic courtyard scene she stumbled awkwardly to a halt despite her newfound feline grace. She gawked for a moment, taking the whole thing in. She could see Zexion, Namine, Luxord, and Saix and Demyx running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and flaming spiders...but no Axel. Where the hell had he gone?

She slunk around the outside of the courtyard, watching for the pyro with sharp eyes, but made the mistake of stepping onto one of the sewer grates in the ground. Without warning a huge jet of cold green water shot from the grate and slammed into her, splashing under Saix's coat draped over her and utterly drenching her as well as propelling her several feet into the air. She gave a cat-like yowl, her electricity shorting out, and flailed into the air wildly before landing in a heap several feet away, tangling herself in Saix's coat. Her tail twitched madly as she struggled to extricate herself, but only succeeded in getting herself further entangled. After a few minutes she growled, and her claws came out as she angrily shredded through the leather garment in a matter of moments, freeing her rather ruffled head and looking around.

She'd managed to free herself, but now she was only just realizing that she'd mutilated her only source of protection. It was still wearable, but with numerous rips and holes in it it was a bit more revealing than before, certainly considering she didn't have much on underneath. Now she was wet and half-clothed, and fairly pissed off. And where the hell was Axel? A firey spider scuttled past her on the ground, and she stared at it for a moment before stomping on it, though making sure to do it quickly before she burned herself. A demonstration of what she was about to do to Axel if she found him, though it would be considerably less pleasant.
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[User Picture]From: belladonna12
2007-05-25 09:48 am (UTC)
(............. Why'd nobody tell me this thing was back up and running again?)

Marluxia merely watched the chaos,making no comment, simply observing.

"Looks like Halloween gone back to the old ways." Was his only addition to the chaos around him. Where he'd been born, for the most part Halloween had gone soft. Kids went door to door for candy, even the thret of retribution was cut down to a mere 'trick or treat'. Except for the odd ones like him, who spent Halloween in a spray of their blood and demon guts to make sure those kids returned home safe and sound.

This ws much more interesting.
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