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The Crack that Never Was

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Drunken Pirates! [Sep. 24th, 2006|02:19 pm]
The Crack that Never Was


[Current Mood |drunkdrunk]

Demyx was simply in awe. How the calmest of the pubs in the dank port of Tortuga managed to become the most insane and inane of them all, he wasn't sure. The bard had hidden under the ledge of the counter where the bartender was serving up drinks, hoping his friends would not think him a complete wuss and disown him, but when the bartender plopped a large mug of rum into his hands, he didn't complain. Sure, technically he was underage, but seeing as Namine, Roxas, and even his squat little friend Pence were downing various beverages from their own assorted cups and bottles, Demyx figured it was safe enough to join in the "fun".

The rum washed down his throat, warming everything from the mouth down to his stomach with a sort of hazy heat. The Melodious Nocturne grinned, gulping more of the dark liquid and letting the intoxicating effects make him loose and tension free. What had he been worrying about anyway, this stuff was good! Chugging down the last of the mug, Demyx leaned over and tapped the bulky man behind the counter, asking for another bottle of the liquid drug. Rum was good! He wondered why he never had it before.

Taking another sip, water starting to condense on his forehead and running down the random spiky bangs. It was getting hot. Stripping off the black coat, revealing the black tank top and leather pants underneath, Sitting there in a lazy bliss, Demyx was getting bored. What could he do to liven up the place?

The water mage then noticed an unoccupied table in the middle of the tavern, and a single lamp chained from the ceiling, shining down like a spotlight. The music still played, from where he did not know, or really care. The alcohol made him giddy, and all inhibitions were gone. Leaping onto the table, bottle in hand, Demyx began to dance, swaying, and mouthing random lyrics to the music.

[User Picture]From: noneed4hairgel
2006-09-26 12:32 am (UTC)

[ATTN: OrgXIII peoples, you amuse me too much to post. :D]

Sora headed to what he thought was to be a quiet bar/pub thing, with Kairi following. After all, inside pubs there were people, and people had eyes, and eyes looked around and got information, info that Sora wanted, or at least... That's how he reasoned. In all actuality, he had no idea what to do, was hungry and a little worn out. All the confusing things that had happened today (what time was it?), Sora really just wanted to sit and think. He hoped Kairi didn't mind.

As it was said before, he headed to a "quiet" bar, the kind of quiet that wasn't really true quiet but more of a how you say lull in the noises and brutality that normally occurs in locations with vast dregs of alcohol only Sora really didn't know this what with Destiny Islands being very tame so really, he walked into a mess. :)

There were drunks of all kinds, passed out to loudly belching out some sort of a song or something, ranging from on the floor to dancing up on tables, much like...! What was Demyx doing?! Wow, go him, Sora had always thought the Melodious Nocture had been good, but dang. Looking around more, Sora noticed more and more Organizational members all doing various things of drunkenness, whether fighting or falling over or just plain drinking more, it was a ruckus.

Maybe Sora should just leave....

But wait! He saw Riku! Who was not on some crates! Yay, he's okay! Not that Sora was guilty or anything... Yeah. So uh, what was he doing with Xemnas? OH NOES, was Xemnas coercing Riku too, like he did Jack?!

What to do, what to do? Would Kairi mind getting dragged back into a loud and noisy bar, complete with the Organization? It seemed she kept trying to run away with them, yet Sora kept inadvertently bringing her back. Hmm... But still, Riku!

Spinning around, he looked at Kairi.

"Hey, I'm going to go see what's up with Riku, make sure he's okay, okay? You can um, sit here or go wait outside or come with me, whatever you want. Heh, we just can't seem to get organized without the Organization can we?"

The Keyblader dashed off.
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[User Picture]From: notansem
2006-09-26 02:35 am (UTC)
Despite the noise coming from the drunk organization and the pleas from Xemnas to return to the dark side, Riku was immediately aware of Sora's presence in the bar. A good chance to escape.

Grabbing what he could of the food, Riku managed to run over to Sora. Maybe it was just his imagination, but Sora looked so awkwardly out of place in the bar. It made Riku a little uncomfortable, although he wasn't sure why it should even matter to him whether or not Sora looked like a dork.

He offered some bread to Sora before making sure he knew that he had no intention of joining Xemnas.

"I lied to him for some food, don't worry about it."

And then the pain in his lower back returned, reminiscent of a time not too long ago when he awoke among crates. Now, Riku didn't know for sure how he got there, but seeing as how Sora was right there, and how Sora is Sora, Riku made an educated guess.

"What the hell did you throw me into crates for? Huh? Trying to kill off your competition?" He half-joked as he poked Sora in the chest, despite all the chaos going on behind them.
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[User Picture]From: noneed4hairgel
2006-09-27 02:38 am (UTC)
Sora had barely managed ten feet into the crowds before he lost sight of Riku. Aw man, should he go hijack a bar stool and stand up on it to see? Fidgetfidget. But then everyone'd be able to see him too... Spot Riku and possibly being targeted or stand here like an idiot in a sea of drink?

Luckily, he was saved! Yay! :D Riku came over to Sora and, oh boy, gave him bread too! Sweet. Oh right, Riku was talking, he should listen and ignore the bread for now. Ew, the bread smelled of beer. Wait wait, ignore the smell, listen! Okays, Riku was done now. He could talk.

"Even though he's ah, really drunk right now, dontcha think he might get mad at you and come back for revenge?", pause, munch on bread. Talking ensued mixed with food in mouth. "I mean, if he remembers anyway. Do you remember stuff when you're drunk Riku? I wouldn't know, but it's kind of important now, I mean," breathe, take a bit, hey it didn't smell that bad now! "Sheesh, Xemnas just wouldn't quit before and now when you're lying to him... For bread, which ahah, isn't half bad?" Hmm. Bread was mushy too. :\ Toasted was better, no one likes wet bread. Except like.. babies and old people who didn't have teeth. Yeah. Ew, old people, with their, wrinkles.

Ow, Riku was poking him. In the chest, where he was ticklish. He started giggling but tried to cover it up by jamming more bread in his mouth. The end result was Sora almost choking.

"Ahah, hehe, heh. Throw you? Pssht, I set you down all nice and comfy. S'not my fault you like, fell through. You and your, crate-collasping self. But, are you okay?" Sora attempted to redirect his wandering mind. ... Operation: Anti-Ramble [fail]. "Does your back hurt? Are you getting old, Riku? Your hair's already gray, haha. Hmmm, I feel funny. Don't tickle me again. Not like I'm ticklish or anything but, tickling makes me laugh and laughing is funny, right? I feel funny. Are you ticklish?"

Sora reached out and poked Riku roughly (kinda, not really) in the same place, before trying to head back to the entrance. Noise made his head hurt.

[[whoo boy, my brain is so shot. I made Sora get semi-unlogically minidrunk, just so I could ramble somehow. blah, forgive crappiness please. Anybody know what's up with Kairi, as in why no activity? :O]]
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[User Picture]From: notansem
2006-09-27 06:55 am (UTC)
"Xemnas isn't really an issue, especially when drunk."

He was used to hearing ridiculous things come from Sora's mouth, but even this wasn't normal for the kid. His sentences--could they even be called that?--were varying in topic, coming out faster and more slurred than Riku could follow.

"Are you drunk? And since when have you thought I get drunk?"

It was strange to see Sora act this way. So strange, in fact, that Riku almost completely disregarded the comments on his age (even though it did irritate him). He replied only with a sort of frown, although it was more because Sora got drunk than the comments. Or maybe it was because Sora got drunk without him. Yes, that was more likely it. Weren't they supposed to be best friends?

He wasn't going to let Sora off easy, that he was sure of. He grabbed his arm as Sora attempted to leave the bar, probably with more force than he had really meant to.

"Where do you think you're going?"

[[I don't know anything about anyone, sorry.]]
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[User Picture]From: noneed4hairgel
2006-10-05 03:28 am (UTC)
"I'm drunk? Drunk, like drink? No Riku, no drinking going on here. Just eating this bread-roll thing. Which smelled funny, but is kinda good now. Mushy and smelly, maybe? But not liquid, no. Why can't you get drunk? You're not 21 yet but um, whos saying ya gotta be 21 anyways? Is there like some, thing that you take, when you're 21 that allows you to get drunk? Like a pill? Oh no! Riku, don't do drugs! They are... uh bad. Yeah bad, and you shouldn't do them. Otherwise, stuff happens. Something. Yeah. . . . Riku? I think I might be drunk."

Still, Sora was confused. He hadn't drank anything, right? Came in here with Kairi: Check. Tried to get info but instead got Riku: Check. Riku gave Sora funky bread: Check. Sora is funky too: Check. Sora drinks: when? He was lost. Can bread make you dru-woah he was being pulled again. Ow backwards too. This sucks.

"I was uh, going outside to see... Kairi? Yeah! Kairi, she's waiting. Shouldn't we like, do something?"

Reaching up a slow, shaky hand, he rubbed (was more of a vague circling motion) his forehead. What was up?

"Are you staying here Riku? Seems like there is somesort of party thingy. I like parties. Do you like parties? It's so crowded though... We can't dance in here. Do pirates dance anyway? Some sort of bootleg shuffle, perfected after years of being on a ship? Do you think they have a jukebox?"
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