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The Crack that Never Was

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Drunken Pirates! [Sep. 24th, 2006|02:19 pm]
The Crack that Never Was


[Current Mood |drunkdrunk]

Demyx was simply in awe. How the calmest of the pubs in the dank port of Tortuga managed to become the most insane and inane of them all, he wasn't sure. The bard had hidden under the ledge of the counter where the bartender was serving up drinks, hoping his friends would not think him a complete wuss and disown him, but when the bartender plopped a large mug of rum into his hands, he didn't complain. Sure, technically he was underage, but seeing as Namine, Roxas, and even his squat little friend Pence were downing various beverages from their own assorted cups and bottles, Demyx figured it was safe enough to join in the "fun".

The rum washed down his throat, warming everything from the mouth down to his stomach with a sort of hazy heat. The Melodious Nocturne grinned, gulping more of the dark liquid and letting the intoxicating effects make him loose and tension free. What had he been worrying about anyway, this stuff was good! Chugging down the last of the mug, Demyx leaned over and tapped the bulky man behind the counter, asking for another bottle of the liquid drug. Rum was good! He wondered why he never had it before.

Taking another sip, water starting to condense on his forehead and running down the random spiky bangs. It was getting hot. Stripping off the black coat, revealing the black tank top and leather pants underneath, Sitting there in a lazy bliss, Demyx was getting bored. What could he do to liven up the place?

The water mage then noticed an unoccupied table in the middle of the tavern, and a single lamp chained from the ceiling, shining down like a spotlight. The music still played, from where he did not know, or really care. The alcohol made him giddy, and all inhibitions were gone. Leaping onto the table, bottle in hand, Demyx began to dance, swaying, and mouthing random lyrics to the music.

[User Picture]From: notansem
2006-09-25 03:44 am (UTC)
Riku had been trying to avoid the bar that the nobodies had obviously taken over. The noise and stench coming from the bar had flooded the street, which he was sure was not a good sign. However, it had been hours since he had seen Sora or Kairi, and not only was he getting tired, but he was getting hungry. Unfortunately, hid money had been stolen during his nap in the crates. Perhaps with their altered states, he could convince one of the organization members to buy him some food at the bar.

He entered the bar rather cautiously, as he could hear the sound of dying birds.. or was that singing? He knew they were drunk, but he didn't expect to see Demyx on a table, dancing and singing. Maybe attempting to swindle them wasn't the best idea..
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From: not_mansex
2006-09-25 07:04 am (UTC)
*does a double axle, cross-chopping the last pirate standing (other then captain jack). standing over the unconscious bodies that cluttered the floor, looking up to see another silver-haired young man entering the bar. looks back at demyx on the table, sighing.* is this what's left of MY organization? *slowly turns, head shaking in disbelief. continues looking around. i knew demyx coudn't do anything... and how did i arrive in this strange place. this smells of xigbar's vile drink. ~sniffs self~ *makes a disgusted face* I smell like his vile drink. these fouls must have spilt it upon me *continues walking toward riku kicking some of the bodies. approaches riku, setting an arm around his shoulders* "denizen of light, im glad you have come. i need some... assistance, if you please" *notices riku's stomach growling* "come with me and i'll satisfy that hunger of yours. *walks toward the bar with riku* as you can see, *points around the bar* my organization is... less then adequate. would you care to join me in creating Kingdom Hearts once more? *the food is brought out and placed in front of riku* "so, do we have an agreement?"
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[User Picture]From: notansem
2006-09-25 12:57 pm (UTC)
"I knew you were a moron but you must be seriously brain damaged if you think I'd join you for food!"

That's what Riku had wanted to say, but when food is placed in front of a hungry boy.. well sometimes those feral urges take over. He was staring at the food, wondering what was the best way to get it without actually having to commit himself to anything he'd later regret.

Maybe his hunger had starved his brain of oxygen, or maybe the stench of alcohol in the air had somehow seeped in and saturated his blood, as his perfect plan was to lie to Xemnas, take the food, and leave. Why couldn't he? It's not like the feeling was in his heart, how could it be harmful? The only thing he could imagine happening is pissing Xemnas off, and that Riku could always go for.

"Sure, yeah," he said, amazed he had even been able to say it. His hatred for Xemnas was so strong, he probably would starve if he knew it would kill Xemnas. But things don't work like that, and the food looked so good..
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2006-09-25 07:08 am (UTC)
Sai'X should have realized that his crash landing had accidentally squashed two other people very close to the ranting boy on the table, and if he had been sober enough to realize this (though he wouldn't have fallen through the roof in that case!) he would have been happy to know one of those people was Axel.

In his current state, which was quickly getting worse thanks to the alcohol the pretty tavern wench had given him, he had absolutely no clue he was sitting on anyone, and likely driving splintered wood into their bodies. He finished his mug and threw the glass aside, watching it clatter against a wall with a smile. He glanced up, looking out the hole he had created at the pale moon shining above so magnificently.

"I am the moon...but the moon is there in the sky..so I'm..not the moon..but I'm part of the moon? Or am I from the moon....Yes! I am the Moon Prinshess!" Sai'X stood up, swayed wildly as he staggered toward the bar and unceremoniously ripped a skirt from one of the bar wenches. He paid the shrieking woman no mind at all, simply removing his coat and fitting the knee-length, ruffled skirt around his waist. He tied it in place, then climbed up onto the bar and proceeded to flail his arms about while making excited hand gestures.

"I am Sairina! Prinshess of the Moon! Shampion of Justification! In the name of the Moon I will ride wrong and trumpet over evil! And thas means you!!" Surprisingly able to keep his balance, he spun around on the bar and pointed across the room at Marluxia.

"Did you fear me Queen Ferret?! I shaid You!!" The Lunar stomped his booted feet, then attempted to attack by hurling a glass in the Assassin's general direction. "Moon Tiara Actshun!" His weight shifted a bit too far, and while the glass went flying somewhere off to his right, Sai'X ended up face first on the floor. He got to his feet, groaned a bit, then took notice of DemyX dancing away on the table.

He zipped over to the table and immediately began cheering for the musician, bouncing excitedly and clapping in typical fangirl fashion. "You're sho bootiful! Ahhnd shecksee too! Keep danshin! Gimme your shirt!!"
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[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2006-09-25 07:42 am (UTC)
Axel gazed blearily up at Cap'n Chunk. Heehee thats a funny name....The redhead managed to focus his gaze on Roxas as the smaller Nobody also rummaged for pirate goods. Axel was vaguely aware of a commotion in the distance...a voice that sounded vaguely familiar. For some reason something was telling him he should be afraid right now. Did someone just call him? Or, more precisely, screech his name? Something hit the wall near Pence. In fact, several objects seemed to be flying through the air. Wheeeeeee. Larxene.....She didn't like him did she? He smiled crookedly and was about to make a comment on her aiming skillz when there was a loud noise above.

Not possessing the swift reflexes he normally had, Axel was barely able to register that fact that something was going on above before he was promptly knocked to the ground by someone...or something. Heavy. Dizzy and somewhat bruised as his slender frame connected with the hard wood floor of the pub, Axel struggled and flailed in an attempt to dislodge whatever had imposed itself on his back. "I am the Moon Prinshess!" The person above him staggered to his feet and somehow up onto the bar. Saix...the thought inched its way fuzzily into Axel's mind. "Rockshus...Saiksss is here...that's bad isn't it....we was running from him and Lark...Larsh...Larlarlar." He trailed off after the effort of remembering hard-to-pronounce names. Saix began yowling at other people, apparently oblivious to the person he had been previously hunting. Axel watched mildly amused as Saix began bouncing around a table with....was that Demyx dancing? That was funny.

He managed to stagger back to his feet, swaying slightly. "Cap'n! These scallawags be...bad..bad..people. I vote we go...som'where else and recroot more...crew. *hic* Huh Rockshus...more better people." He began to walk wobbily toward the door. Dengit the floor needs to stop moving.....Is like I can't walk strait no more.
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[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-09-25 09:14 am (UTC)
Something shrill, a treble yelp was released as he the blonde was pushed down face-to-floor (it was a good thing he was already on the floor when the beserker came crashing down). There was a stinging sensation, albeit dulled by his current buzzed state, but about the only reaction that happened was an involuntary wince and groan. He though he heard something about... the moon..? He wasn't really paying attention, just wondering why he was looking-or trying to-at the floor... it smelled funny. Abruptly, another bark sounded and his small frame tensed as the intoxicated Diviner got to his feet and stomped over Axel and himself off to some other part of the bar.

The whole trampling thing didn't actually arouse any sort of strife, the boy was just a little confused, because he couldn't quite seem to keep his focus long enough to see what in the world the blur or black and blue was wandering off toward... Soon, glazed eyes drifted up toward the candle-lit chandeliers-nonetoofancy for a bar like this, either. There was a brief pause set aside for a blank stare, then he snapped back to the closest thing he could come to reality upon being addressed by the redhead.

"... Socks....? ... Why would I run from my..." he had a quizickle expression, knitted brows and all, then it dropped to "Ooooooooh...." followed by coy chuckling. In spite of his arms trying to buckle as he attempted to push himself up from the odorous planks, he sloppily got to his feet through wobbling and gripping to a table like it supported his entire nonexistence. "Yeah, and Laaaarkzeeeen... she.... sup...shoe... shoopleeeckses... stuff..." he stumbled over the word, why he picked such a complicated action to try an pronounce instead of just "kills" would probably never be comprehended. As Axel began to make his swaying saunter for the exit, Roxas beamed. They were leaving!... He remembered wanting to do this!

"A'ight, but I have to go get Naaami first!" chimed the nobody, uncharacteristically... upbeat. Turning, he looked about, not taking notice that basically everyone outside their company in the bar had been beaten unconscious, oh no... It all looked the same, really... It was a lot easier to see Namine and Marluxia a few table-lengths away. Marlushy? ....Why was he there... being so.. pink..?

... Was it his flowers that made the floor stink..? ...

.... Pink and stink rhymed...?

Deep blue optics shifting left to right, his mind began to strategize oh-so-craftily... This would require much stealth.... You could almost hear the dramatic music fading in... Pulling his hood back over his head and drawing the pulls tight, so much that he couldn't really see too well again, he moved in.... Creeping with surprising-but superfluous, as without the swelling activity of all the previously attendees, he was in plain sight-agility, he slinked behind the tables, chairs and lax bodies toward the two. It might have just been effective under the right conditions, but in this instance it was just sort of... yeah. Regardless! He closed in swiftly, nimbly, executing his glorious plans of rescue before the terrifically pink assassin had chance to object (assuming he even would). Yes, the plot was profoundly brilliant, and dispatched with so skillfully, none could ever hope to surpass the stunt... Yes, he brazenly blitzed in, rushing Nami-tried his best not to manhandle too roughly, the boy did, though his judgment of what was rough and what wasn't was shot-and, through some blurred motion, had managed to start to run from Marluxia with the light female riding on his back. Booya. L337 n1nj4-ing FTW.

"We're gonna be pirates with Pensh and Akshul, Nami!" he chirped, slowly his pace for a few steps as they passed by a table of blacked-out drunks. Reaching over, he ganked a ridiculously-sized hat with an equally garish feather sprouting from it off one of them, handing it back toward Namine before starting off again.

"We have to find more... pirate-y clothes, tough.."
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[User Picture]From: belladonna12
2006-09-25 09:42 am (UTC)
Marluxia sighed, noticing that the Superior was finally off of his drunk. No hangover either, lucky man. Marluxia had started rinking at about 13, and quit at 17. He hadn't liked who he'd become when he was snockered, and it only dulled his reflexes. Demyx was providing some amusement, then Saix's drink clouded mind took some unlikely turns. Sailor Moon? Who in the name of the God of Sorrows let Saix watch anime? Marluxia simply let the implied slight slip, though if Saix went for any more rum, Marluxia might doctor it with something herbal.

About then, Roxas pulled off a spetacularly amusing, but slightly annoying rescue of Namine. Not that she needed rescuing from Marluxia, the Nobody was about ready to resign from the Organization in complete disgust. The waitress tried to offer him rum again, saying that the only pirate still standing had declared a round of drinks on him for all people in black coats. Marluxia declined again, watching the scene between Riku and the Superior. Xemnas was off his nut if he thought Anti-Darkness Boy was going to work for him. A small imp in the back of his mind suggested joining in and urging the boy to tell Xemnas where to shove it, but he kept quiet. No need to spoil the fun.
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[User Picture]From: noneed4hairgel
2006-09-26 12:32 am (UTC)

[ATTN: OrgXIII peoples, you amuse me too much to post. :D]

Sora headed to what he thought was to be a quiet bar/pub thing, with Kairi following. After all, inside pubs there were people, and people had eyes, and eyes looked around and got information, info that Sora wanted, or at least... That's how he reasoned. In all actuality, he had no idea what to do, was hungry and a little worn out. All the confusing things that had happened today (what time was it?), Sora really just wanted to sit and think. He hoped Kairi didn't mind.

As it was said before, he headed to a "quiet" bar, the kind of quiet that wasn't really true quiet but more of a how you say lull in the noises and brutality that normally occurs in locations with vast dregs of alcohol only Sora really didn't know this what with Destiny Islands being very tame so really, he walked into a mess. :)

There were drunks of all kinds, passed out to loudly belching out some sort of a song or something, ranging from on the floor to dancing up on tables, much like...! What was Demyx doing?! Wow, go him, Sora had always thought the Melodious Nocture had been good, but dang. Looking around more, Sora noticed more and more Organizational members all doing various things of drunkenness, whether fighting or falling over or just plain drinking more, it was a ruckus.

Maybe Sora should just leave....

But wait! He saw Riku! Who was not on some crates! Yay, he's okay! Not that Sora was guilty or anything... Yeah. So uh, what was he doing with Xemnas? OH NOES, was Xemnas coercing Riku too, like he did Jack?!

What to do, what to do? Would Kairi mind getting dragged back into a loud and noisy bar, complete with the Organization? It seemed she kept trying to run away with them, yet Sora kept inadvertently bringing her back. Hmm... But still, Riku!

Spinning around, he looked at Kairi.

"Hey, I'm going to go see what's up with Riku, make sure he's okay, okay? You can um, sit here or go wait outside or come with me, whatever you want. Heh, we just can't seem to get organized without the Organization can we?"

The Keyblader dashed off.
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[User Picture]From: notansem
2006-09-26 02:35 am (UTC)
Despite the noise coming from the drunk organization and the pleas from Xemnas to return to the dark side, Riku was immediately aware of Sora's presence in the bar. A good chance to escape.

Grabbing what he could of the food, Riku managed to run over to Sora. Maybe it was just his imagination, but Sora looked so awkwardly out of place in the bar. It made Riku a little uncomfortable, although he wasn't sure why it should even matter to him whether or not Sora looked like a dork.

He offered some bread to Sora before making sure he knew that he had no intention of joining Xemnas.

"I lied to him for some food, don't worry about it."

And then the pain in his lower back returned, reminiscent of a time not too long ago when he awoke among crates. Now, Riku didn't know for sure how he got there, but seeing as how Sora was right there, and how Sora is Sora, Riku made an educated guess.

"What the hell did you throw me into crates for? Huh? Trying to kill off your competition?" He half-joked as he poked Sora in the chest, despite all the chaos going on behind them.
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[User Picture]From: noneed4hairgel
2006-09-27 02:38 am (UTC)
Sora had barely managed ten feet into the crowds before he lost sight of Riku. Aw man, should he go hijack a bar stool and stand up on it to see? Fidgetfidget. But then everyone'd be able to see him too... Spot Riku and possibly being targeted or stand here like an idiot in a sea of drink?

Luckily, he was saved! Yay! :D Riku came over to Sora and, oh boy, gave him bread too! Sweet. Oh right, Riku was talking, he should listen and ignore the bread for now. Ew, the bread smelled of beer. Wait wait, ignore the smell, listen! Okays, Riku was done now. He could talk.

"Even though he's ah, really drunk right now, dontcha think he might get mad at you and come back for revenge?", pause, munch on bread. Talking ensued mixed with food in mouth. "I mean, if he remembers anyway. Do you remember stuff when you're drunk Riku? I wouldn't know, but it's kind of important now, I mean," breathe, take a bit, hey it didn't smell that bad now! "Sheesh, Xemnas just wouldn't quit before and now when you're lying to him... For bread, which ahah, isn't half bad?" Hmm. Bread was mushy too. :\ Toasted was better, no one likes wet bread. Except like.. babies and old people who didn't have teeth. Yeah. Ew, old people, with their, wrinkles.

Ow, Riku was poking him. In the chest, where he was ticklish. He started giggling but tried to cover it up by jamming more bread in his mouth. The end result was Sora almost choking.

"Ahah, hehe, heh. Throw you? Pssht, I set you down all nice and comfy. S'not my fault you like, fell through. You and your, crate-collasping self. But, are you okay?" Sora attempted to redirect his wandering mind. ... Operation: Anti-Ramble [fail]. "Does your back hurt? Are you getting old, Riku? Your hair's already gray, haha. Hmmm, I feel funny. Don't tickle me again. Not like I'm ticklish or anything but, tickling makes me laugh and laughing is funny, right? I feel funny. Are you ticklish?"

Sora reached out and poked Riku roughly (kinda, not really) in the same place, before trying to head back to the entrance. Noise made his head hurt.

[[whoo boy, my brain is so shot. I made Sora get semi-unlogically minidrunk, just so I could ramble somehow. blah, forgive crappiness please. Anybody know what's up with Kairi, as in why no activity? :O]]
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[User Picture]From: notansem
2006-09-27 06:55 am (UTC)
"Xemnas isn't really an issue, especially when drunk."

He was used to hearing ridiculous things come from Sora's mouth, but even this wasn't normal for the kid. His sentences--could they even be called that?--were varying in topic, coming out faster and more slurred than Riku could follow.

"Are you drunk? And since when have you thought I get drunk?"

It was strange to see Sora act this way. So strange, in fact, that Riku almost completely disregarded the comments on his age (even though it did irritate him). He replied only with a sort of frown, although it was more because Sora got drunk than the comments. Or maybe it was because Sora got drunk without him. Yes, that was more likely it. Weren't they supposed to be best friends?

He wasn't going to let Sora off easy, that he was sure of. He grabbed his arm as Sora attempted to leave the bar, probably with more force than he had really meant to.

"Where do you think you're going?"

[[I don't know anything about anyone, sorry.]]
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[User Picture]From: noneed4hairgel
2006-10-05 03:28 am (UTC)
"I'm drunk? Drunk, like drink? No Riku, no drinking going on here. Just eating this bread-roll thing. Which smelled funny, but is kinda good now. Mushy and smelly, maybe? But not liquid, no. Why can't you get drunk? You're not 21 yet but um, whos saying ya gotta be 21 anyways? Is there like some, thing that you take, when you're 21 that allows you to get drunk? Like a pill? Oh no! Riku, don't do drugs! They are... uh bad. Yeah bad, and you shouldn't do them. Otherwise, stuff happens. Something. Yeah. . . . Riku? I think I might be drunk."

Still, Sora was confused. He hadn't drank anything, right? Came in here with Kairi: Check. Tried to get info but instead got Riku: Check. Riku gave Sora funky bread: Check. Sora is funky too: Check. Sora drinks: when? He was lost. Can bread make you dru-woah he was being pulled again. Ow backwards too. This sucks.

"I was uh, going outside to see... Kairi? Yeah! Kairi, she's waiting. Shouldn't we like, do something?"

Reaching up a slow, shaky hand, he rubbed (was more of a vague circling motion) his forehead. What was up?

"Are you staying here Riku? Seems like there is somesort of party thingy. I like parties. Do you like parties? It's so crowded though... We can't dance in here. Do pirates dance anyway? Some sort of bootleg shuffle, perfected after years of being on a ship? Do you think they have a jukebox?"
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[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2006-09-26 11:31 pm (UTC)
Namine pouted at Marluxia's chastising. She was perfectly aware that Roxas had never drunk before. He certainly didn't seem the type to abuse alcohol and Axel would never have let the others (that is, the Organization) talk him into drinking in the first place. She'd just panicked a little and before she knew it... both Roxas and Axel were yelling about crewmates and stealing pirate gear.

"Good," Namine said, still not moving out from her hiding spot behind the table. "And how come you were looking around in my roo-"

Her words abruptly cut into a squeal of surprise when Roxas flew by and stole her away from her short-lived (and surprisingly civil) conversation Marluxia. She certainly was glad that Roxas was rushing to her rescue, but rescues typically didn't include whisking her away so quick (roughly) that her head started to spin. When she finally recovered from the shock, she was on Roxas's back clutching for dear life as the two sped out of the bar. The next thing she knew, a feathered hat was plopped onto her head.

"Pirates? But... we... we don't even have ships, or swords," she said, trying to convince Roxas they were ill equipped to even think about being pirates. "And where would we even get clothes?" A flying mug flew past their heads (though Roxas seemed oblivious), crashing against a pillar and shattering. Namine clutched at his head in reflex unknowingly covering his eyes in the process.
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[User Picture]From: aceinthepocket
2006-09-27 12:23 am (UTC)
Luxord by nature was coolheaded, but drunk Luxord was prone to changing moods at the drop of a coin. Or more specifically, at the sight of two blondes that Luxord had previously ushured out of the establishment (or thought he did) suddenly zooming by. Luxord halted in mid toast, noticing the telltale signs of someone under the influence. A dark shadow fell over his face, flushed first red from the alcohol and second from the maelstrom of violent emotion stirring within. He set down his mug on the counter quietly.

Roxas had deliberately defied his advice (orders) to avoid the drink as he was still a minor. The boy had explicitly (or rather in Luxord's fuzzy memory) swore he'd never drink a drop, and there he was doing just that. He'd lied. LIED. Luxord took hold of a table and overturned it in one broad sweep of his arms, sending several of the men unconscious on its surface flying into other parts of the bar.

"OUTRAGE!!" and promptly charging through the crowd. "CHURCHILL ANGRY! CHURCHILL SMASH!!!"
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[User Picture]From: snackbarsniper
2006-09-27 01:31 am (UTC)
Xigbar was in mid toast with Luxord when his companion rushed off to go bitch at Roxas. He shrugged and downed his drink without a problem. He was about to call at Luxord to get his "sorry gambling-ass back here" when another drink was plopped down infront of the sniper. The liquid sloshed over the sides beautifully like a dark gold elixir of life. If Xigbar were a weaker man, he would have teared up at the beauty of it. Instead, he cheered to the loud bar and took another swig.

He rapped his knuckles on the wood of the bar and yelled "Barkeep! I'm no where NEAR as drunk as I should be!" The only bad thing about drinking since he was a young somebody was that after a while, it got much harder to get smashed.

As he waited, he spun around on his stool and crossed his legs underneath himself, giving him the air of a child in glee. He watched with a grin as the organization completely took over that bar and claimed it as its own.

Another drink was sat down infront of him again. Xigbar claimed it and yelled, "SCORE!"

As he was drinking it down, he yelled to the haggard man, "Ya know what? Just keep them comin!" With a cackle, he downed two of the drinks at once.

"Shtill ain't ash drunk ash I need to be!"
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From: not_mansex
2006-09-27 04:24 am (UTC)
*turns and stares at riku as he runs out the door with sora* hehehe...foolish children. you will meet your destiny... soon enough *walks by his organization as they dance and stumble around. marluxia... saix... xigbar and luxord... axel and roxas... and of course, demyx. what a lot i have *sits down in a chair grabbing a nearby glass* -sigh- *starts drinking again*

-1 hour later-

*stares at the orgy members starting to feel a little buzzed* hey!! demicks!! i... think you needs to play... ~winks- nyeheheeehee you kno the song. *jumps up on a table* all right!!! my organization!!! whoooo!! i got a little song for you!!!!!!!! *taps foot and snaps fingers* and a one and a two and...

"iiiv'e gots a lubely bunch o coconuts deedily deedily~~"
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[User Picture]From: femnazi
2006-09-27 04:41 am (UTC)
"An' then it went... bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and... 'sploded...I think." Larxene was still continuing her slurred conversation with no one in particular while seated on the floor "An' then I was alived again! Whaddya know...?" She stared cross-eyed into her empty mug before shaking her head again and attempting to get to her feet. She needed more beer.

Unfortunately for her, she failed miserably at her attempt, and fell right back down on her rear with a "Whoops!" and another round of giggling. She slumped over in a drunken stupor for a brief moment, not even looking up as Luxord bellowed his rage and began to charge angrily at Roxas. Unfortunately for Luxord, Larxene was sitting directly in his path, and with her legs splayed out on the floor she unintentionally tripped the Gambler as he ran past. She blinked and slowly raised her head, and then looked over at Luxord.

"......Ahehehehe! Not s'posed to fall! Silly goose..." With the help of her arms she unsteadily made her way upright, wavering one way and then the other. Once she managed to stand up without starting to fall, she decided to yell out with enthusiasm at her success.

"I like eggs!" She looked around to try and find a drink she could pilfer from someone. The bar was too far away and everything was all twisty-turny-wobbly-like. She spotted Roxas making a quick getaway from Marluxia, "rescuing" Namine and carrying her on his back. Larxene's eyes lit up, and she gave a dopey grin. "Ooooo! I wanna piggyback ride too!"

She leaped into the air and came crashing down on her butt right onto Luxord's back. "Luxxshyy! Gimme a ride!!" When the Gambler didn't move, she folded her arms and pouted, her antennae twitching. "Luxxshooordd! Giddyup!" She bounced up and down on his back several times, attempting to will him to move.
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[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-09-27 05:44 am (UTC)
Roxas simply grinned as they made their merry hustle through the bar, oblivious to at least half of whatever logic Namine was trying to get across. Sadly, no matter how they were amplified, the boy probably wasn't going to be able to make any connections for a while.

"Well, there's all kind of stuff lying around, I don't see why we can't borrow-" he stalled midsentence as everything went black again. Heheh. That was happening a lot in this place... However, it wasn't enough to stop him from running, it seemed. He was deterred slightly at the roar of... Churchill...?

"Was that Luckshord? It shounded an awwwful lot like him... only angry... Lucksh doesn't ushally yell like-" BAM! And he, though by some miracle, actually made it to the exit of the bar, even when blinded. However, he didn't make it over gracefully... tripping over the raised threashold and all. Violently tripping foreward, feet spazzing, not really knowing what movements to make in order to stabilize the rest of his body again. Luckily, something was in his path to slow him down-rather, bring him to a sudden, forced hault. He rebounded several steps, but some drive in his drunken members somehow gave him the grace not to tumble backwards and onto his passenger. Now stopped, it finally dawned on him that walking around with blurred vision was better than none at all, and he reached up to peel one of Namine's hands off his face; come to think of it, it kind of hurt, her tenaciously gripping his skull and all... Once he did so, he saw what-better yet, who-he made the spectacularly smooth collision with was Axel. Blinking before flashing a grin, he sort of rocked back and forth, bobbing his head some.

"Hiiiii, Ackshul! I found Nami... And a hat!" he pointing back at Namine's oversized topper complete with plume, still aglow with the toothy smile, of course.
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2006-09-27 09:56 am (UTC)
Sai'X paused in his random hopping twittering around DemyX's table when he heard Luxord's might battle cry. He frowned, his clouded mind forgetting the musician entirely in favor of directing his swaying body back toward the bar.

"Lushhoord?" He blinked at Xigbar and then lightly poked the sniper on the forehead. "Heeey Shiggy!! You haven seen my keetty haffs you?" At that point he noticed Luxord's forgotten mug and happily claimed it for himself, taking a long swig before slamming the mug back down so the contents sloshed onto the counter. "Rummys goot Shiggy! Oooh lookie is Loona!"

The drunken Diviner stumbled across the bar, swaying dangerously close to Larxene and the prone Luxord as he passed until he reached the table where Xemnas was dancing. With some difficulty he managed to clamber up, despite his skirt catching his boots a few times, and he quickly waggled a finger in his superior's face.

"Loona!! Who are you doins on here? You's flirternizing wiff the anemonies arens you?! You nough..noddy...bad keetty! 'Sides I kins shings bessermore than yous." He waved his arm dramatically, nearly smacking Xemnas' head as he turned to face the mostly unconscious bar and began swaying his body while belting out the lyrics.

"I feel yous creepn' I kin shee yous from my shadow. Wanna jump up in my Lambsorgeini Gallarlo. Mayze go to my plash an jus keek it like taisbo. Ans poshibly bend you over look bahg....and watch me smack dat all onsa floo.. smack dat geeve me shome moor..smack dat till you get sore..smack dat..oOoOoh."

Turning, he put an arm around Xemnas and bumped against the superior with his hip. "Shiiing Loona!"

"Smack dat all onsa floo.. smack dat geeve me shome moor..smack dat till you get sore..smack dat..oOoOoh."
(Reply) (Thread)
From: onecalledbishi
2006-09-27 08:21 pm (UTC)
The silver-haired warrior that had started all of this madness stood leaning on his long sword, another bottle clenched in his hand. Behind him a number of men lay unconscious on the floor, pummeled during the fight by the mad bishie. All this, and he still hadn't found Cloud. That bastard.

He wandered slowly closer to the other beings in black coats, who had quickly gotten just as drunk as he, and many proceeded to jump on top of something and cause a ruckus. As Demyx, Xemnas, and Saix began to sing their lungs out, Sephiroth brightened up, and he swung his sword in a dangerous arc. "Hey!" But the sword slipped from his fingers and went spinning across the bar like a...flying sword of death, threatening to behead anyone who was tall enough to get caught in its path. He glanced at his empty hand, but then just shrugged, not really caring where his sword had gone.

"I c'n shing toooo!" He lifted into the air with the help of his wings and fluttered rather drunkenly on top of another table, wavering a bit before steadying himself. Good thing he had his bangs to help balance himself. "Iii'm shiiingiiing! Bellsh, frogses, bing cherriess, jingle bellsh, magic cheeshe!!!" He wasn't really singing as much as shouting at the top of his very lungs, threatening to drown out everything else in the bar. "Bellsh, frogses, bing cherriesss, jingle bellsh, magic cheeshe, SEPHIROTH!!!" After that resounding chorus he bent down briefly to acknowledge those nearby in a loud whisper. "Thasss meee!" And then straightened up again and continued his song.

"SEPHIROTHSS!!" Or at least, started to, until a flash of color caught his drunken eye, and he whirled around in a flash. He glanced around before his gaze settled on the very unlucky 13th member, Roxas, who had just met up with Axel again with Namine perched on his back. His eyes narrowed to slits, and his fists trembled before he jabbed a finger at the keyblader. It was HIM!

"Cloooud!!" His hand made to grab for his sword, but it was nowhere to be found, which was probably lucky for Roxas. He groped at the air for a a few seconds before giving up. He didn't need a sword to take down Cloud! And with that he launched himself from the table, flying swiftly across the bar overhead and headed straight for Roxas.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2006-09-28 12:04 am (UTC)
Axel was swaggering(stumbling?) out of the bar, dragging Cap'n Chunk along with him, when he felt something collide headlong into him. Peoples needs to stop doin that....He whirled around, somehow maintaining his balance, to see Roxas and Namine. Roxas looked quite pleased with his ninja abilities. "Hehe, that was like...uber ninja Rockshus...You rock...Rockshus!" Axel surveyed the narrow alleyway outside the bar. "We needs to find more crews, an' a treashure map! Cause...yah we needa map. An...I wanna parrot! Or maybe a ferret...heehee..dat rhymes parrot ferret....*hic*"

There was even more commotion from the bar behind them. Someone yelled "Cloooooud!" Axel turned to see the man with long silver hair flying(Cool, I wanna fly!) toward Roxas. He'sh wearin black, but he ain't no Organizashun member...Axel grabbed the remnants of the bar door and slammed it shut. "He ain't no cloud, he's a Rockshus! An I'm Ackshul, go' it mem...memrized?"
He turned and started sauntering down the alleyway, ignoring a rather loud "Whump" from the other side of the already-battered-and-beat door.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: pimpinpence
2006-09-28 03:43 am (UTC)
After Pence's near death experience involving kunai, he quickly hopped off the table to join his new crew. Pence was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to find a pirate crew, he didn't even have to bribe them with gold he didn't have...
...it's probably because they are too drunk to care. One side of Pence's brain argued, but the other was quick with a rebuttal, But they look so happy and they most likely joined because my pirate outfit, I mean I look damn good...though I think this sash makes my butt looked big...
Before he had time to ponder his outfit further he felt himself be dragged through the bar, supposedly towards the exit. But he didn't complain, I mean that crazy lady who was throwing sharp things was still in here, so he let himself be dragged to safety. Though he was starting to think he was going insane because he swore he heard someone yell out Winston Churchill...? ...The smell of rum must be messing with my brain...


Pence turned around, ready to give Axel a piece of his mind for bumping off his hat with the sudden stop, when he noticed that his other crew member was back.

Oh yay, Roxas! Saweet now we can set forth on our pirate journey.

But their departure was once again rudely interrupted when some one yelled out "Clooooud!!" lunging out at Roxas. But luckily Axel quickly told him off.

Aaaa the joys of being a captain, your crew does all the work teehee

"He ain't no cloud, he's a Rockshus! An I'm Ackshul, go' it mem...memrized?" He heard Axel mumble before he slammed the door in the crazy mans face.


"Who's Cloud..? Oh no matter.." Looking at the recently slammed door, Pence turned to Axel, who he decided would be his first mate -simply because he joined first- and straighten his hat. "Good job my ...uh good first mate! You show that door whose boss!" Glancing at Roxas and Namine the new captain continued, gesturing wildly, " On to more important obligations, like finding a ship and more swords and-" stopping abruptly Pence did a double take on Namine. Dude when did she get there? " Hey you can't join! Your a girl, girls can't be pirates!"

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-09-28 06:46 am (UTC)
All sorts of words were flying around. Most of them seemed happy, Axel saying something positive, or at least he thought it sounded like it was by his tone. Honestly, some unchained series of melody fragments was taking up most of his attention as he tried to structure them into something even sligtly resembling harmonious. Really, he wasn't accomplishing the task in the least, but he continued hyperly bob his head like he had a fluent mental beat going. That little spurt of unperturbed mirth was shut down like a reject candy flavor on the factory line as he turned to see that scary guy with the frighteningly huge sword (though he didn't see it now?.. But he wasn't seeing all that clearly at that moment?) flying toward them shouting something about clouds while looking at him really angrily... He couldn't make sense why he was flying with only one wing, and still had no idea as to who he was, but he was certain he was not happy with him.

For whatever reason, a flash of the Starbucks from earlier that day surfaced from the back of his liquified mind, and he remembered how he never got his icecream. Sorrow.... And then he looked back up at the barreling one-winged beast hurtling himself at them, wide-eyed, clearly surprised, but full-on terror was taking its time to take hold, what with the thought of icecream butting its way into his thoughts and all.

"Ho-no-" he started, and then.... watched Axel close the door... And just like that there was no more evil, perturbed bishi yelling about the weather and murderously glaring at him! It was like pure magic... The smallest wince was made at the thud, but after that, it was like nothing ever happened, so he went back to head-bobbing and turned to his newly-established "crew." Their captain's comment about Namine and the whole gender issue took a second to lay itself out in a way the blonde could grasp, but he did get it in the end, and that's what counted. Once this hill had been scrambled over, his eyebrows knitted together and he frowned. Was Pence saying all that amazing ninja-ing was for naught?! It could have been! Besides.. Namine was a very significant asset to their crew!

"But she's carrying my hat, caaaap'n!" he drawed out, taking a few steps toward the plesantly plump one, leaning in and giving a horribly irresistable begging puppy face. "An' I don' think Omlette would like what yur... implyin' about her bein' a giiirl.... I think.." he leaned back, as though to make sure he even understood Pence correctly... Yeah, he was pretty sure he was belittling her capabilities to keep up to par with the males of the crew, though he wouldn't likely use such words right then....
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: onecalledbishi
2006-09-28 07:40 am (UTC)
Sephiroth never saw it coming. One moment he was hurtling toward his (assumed) arch-rival, and the next...

WHAM! The door nearly cracked upon impact with the bishounen's head, but it held firm, dropping the angel like a fly hitting a bug-zapper, and he dropped abruptly to the floor. But he wasn't knocked unconscious, oh no, he was far too hardy for that.

"Goooddammit, Craoud!" he yelled, staggering to his feet and pointing directly at the door. "You may haave foiled me thissh time, but I'll get yoo one day. I'ma kill ya...WITH MIND BULLETS!! So...ha!" And then his eyes slowly crossed, and Sephiroth promptly fell over backwards, his head spinning both from the amount of alcohol in his system and the fact that he'd just headbutted a door.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: not_mansex
2006-09-28 08:38 am (UTC)
o__O *falls off the table as sephiroth hits the door causeing the bar to shake* "hey!! watch where yur goin'!!" *gets up and stumbles over to the fallen angel, hoisting him up* hey der buddy, how 'bout we get a little dancin goin on heaaaaaaaaaar..." *the two silver-haired men used each other as cruthces as they made their way to a makeshift stage. sets sephiroth up on the stage. the lights dim.*
*starts dancing and sings with sephiroth*
"at first i was a frayed. i was petifiled.
sinking i could never lib without you by my shide.
howz i schpent sho many nights, sinking how you did me wrong.
well i grew strong, and i learned how to ghetto wrong!!"
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: aceinthepocket
2006-09-28 08:51 am (UTC)
Luxord's boot caught on Larxene's calf, and he lost his balance in the most graceful tumble mankind had ever seen. He crashed to the floor face first, lamenting the unconveniently placed femnazi in his path. He planted his hands on the ground, intending to push himself up and rage at the woman for her carelessness, when the said obstacle suddenly jumped on his back as if she believed him generous enough to give her the desired piggy back ride.

Was Larxene bonkers!? Oh he wouldn't stand for that kind of treatment.

When he finally got to his feet, Larxene was already latched onto him like a leech and he reached to his right trying to grab a hold of her. He raised an eyebrow when that failed. Then he tried with his other hand, growling when it was indeed too short to reach around his other side. In a fit of rage, he spun in such rapid circles trying to get Larxene off his back that cards and smaller die were tumbling out of his pockets and hazardly littering the floor.

"OFF WOMAN!" he cried, still turning madly to try and catch hold of her(though it didn;t occur to him that as he spun, so did Larxene), "Churchill give piggyback rides!? BOLLOCKS!"
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-09-28 08:59 am (UTC)
(Bollocks is right. XD)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: belladonna12
2006-10-01 12:17 pm (UTC)
Well, the amusement was long since over, and Marluxia had had enough. The waitress was trying to offer him rum AGAIN, Xemnas, Saix, and some one winged angel were trying to sing, and Marluxia was just tired of it. The waitress ran after the mug went flying at her, and Marluxia stood up to head out the door after Roxas, Namine, and Axel. Someone best keep an eye on the lot. About then the one wing mistook Roxas for someone else entirely and ended up ramming into the door. That made Marluxia's lips twitch in amusement for a second. Then he manuvered around the pile that was Luxord and Larxene, and headed out the door.

He watched in amusement as the young 'pirate' (and he'd be surprised if the kid even knew how to steer.), tried to argue that Namine couldn't be a pirate because she was female.

"That's incorrect. There have been several female pirates, and they tended to be just as good, if not better, than their male counterparts." Marluxia permitted a mocking smile to cross his lips. "Is your offer to join your crew still open? I suspect I could do with some amusement." It would also allow him to keep an eye on the children. He might not have a heart anymore, but Marluxia had enough of a sense of duty left to make sure that Roxas, Namine, and probably Pence as well, didn't end up in too much trouble.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: pimpinpence
2006-10-02 03:29 am (UTC)
Oh no not the puppy dog eyes, aaanything but that Pence thought in vane as he stared at Roxas' little face, I can't say no to that face....and Olette probably would kill me if she found out.....

Pence was about to give in when another voice piped up, voicing his own opinions on 'female pirates', before asking to join the crew himself.

"Okay, okay I get it, girls can be pirates too...I suppose. So welcome to our smarmy crew lass!" The young 'captain' said in his best pirate impression while bowing slightly to Namine, before turning to the taller man, "That goes for you too sir, welcome to the crew." Pence was trying his best to stay calm and pirate like on the outside, while on the inside he was doing a victory dance in his head.

I am actually starting to have my very own pirate crew! And the new guy looks cool...though once again I kinda, sorta knew him before.... But it is still sooo awesome!

Turning back to his crew, the brunette continued, "Now if there will be no more interruptions, lets go commender ourselves a ship!"
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2006-10-02 07:28 pm (UTC)
For some reason Pence seemed to hesitate when he saw Namine, like she couldn't be on the crew or something....why not....havin' someone who can mess wit peoples memries could be useful....an' fun! Roxas was protesting, when another voice joined in. Axel looked up to see the Hippie Assassin had somehow joined them. Marloosha? whasshe doin heeeeere??? Axel glared at the florally inclined Organization member.

"Cap'n....yur not gonna let this...pansy join teh crew are ya? (Get it...pansy? Thassa flower and he uses flowers heehee). He's not a pirate....He uses PINK....And...he's mean! He was gonna overthrow teh Orgy! I had t'stop him cause you know I'm cool like that...Had't follow teh orders of our Superior! You let him join an he'll MUTINY jusslike before....but but....ah I is here...Ill take carra him for ya if hes trouble. Did I mention he was mean to Nami? Lockded her up inna boring room. I brought her crayons tho....so it wasn't too boring...And...Marlu...Marloo..Marly uses pink flower things...pink..bad. He worked with Larlarlar...she's not nice eihter...you saw her...she threw knives. But she's back in the bar now...and we left teh bar...so we's good...Who was that wierd guy talking about Clouds? He was gonna go after Rockshus...not very nice....Ya know lotsa people aren't very nice...."his voice trailed off and he swayed slightly, but kept his footing.

After several moments of quiet contemplation, he looked at Marluxia again. *hic*"Hiiii is Marly...you gonna join our crew? Giving up flowerses? Hay, we should find him a real pirate weapon...and a hat...an...stuff." Pence said somthing about a ship...didn't he? "Yarrrr....lessgo!"
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2006-10-04 07:59 am (UTC)
Namine couldn't help feeling a little disappointed at Pence's declaration. Women couldn't be pirates? Well, it wasn't like she wanted to be a pirate. Considering her lacking fighting abilities, she wouldn't be much help in a battle save for little nobody tricks, memories and portals. And secondly, she only came to keep an eye on Axel and Roxas. Who knew what kinds of trouble they'd get into?

Still... even if she wasn’t aiming to be the meanest, craftiest pirate on the seven seas…. she could've been a good one, maybe.... even if Pence didn't think she would...

She scratched her cheek hesitantly, not sure what to say to it. Her head bobbed up thoughtfully after Axel and Roxas spoke on her behalf (albeit a bit slurred and unintelligible). While certainly not as articulate as she would like, they managed to convince the boy that her company was useful. She felt a glimmer of affection and gratitude (as much as a nobody can feel, anyhoo) for both. Just then, the familiar drawl of Marluxia's caught her attention and she reacted with a long established reflex of getting the hell away. She grabbed the ends of her overly large hat tugged it tighter onto her head as if it would protect her, and dashed behind Roxas and Axel.

"Don't... try anything funny." She said quietly after Axel’s spiel was finished. She spared Marluxia a wary glance or two and then followed quickly after Axel.

"Then... to the dock?" she wondered aloud, actually getting into the spirit of things. Just a tad.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: femnazi
2006-10-04 08:44 am (UTC)
"Wheeeeee!" Larxene cheered and giggled and Luxord spun in circles like a madman, clinging to his back like a leech. She didn't know who this Churchhill guy was but she was having fun. The room spun wildly around her, and after a few moments it seemed like the world was spinning around them and they were standing still. Her eyes rolled, and it wasn't long before her grip loosened and she toppled from Luxord's back, falling to the floor.

"Whooooo....thaaaaanks Lukshyy!" She sat up awkwardly, grinning like an idiot, and then spotted the cards and die that had spilled from the Gambler's pockets. "Ooooo..." After a moment's pause she quickly began to scoop up the die and cards and stuff them into her coat, even dropping some down the front of her coat. "Purdy colored dices..."
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: belladonna12
2006-10-04 09:26 am (UTC)
Marluxia raised an eyebrow at Axel's drunken ramblings. Someone really shouldn't have let the pyro near the alcohol. Gods of Darkness, God of Sorrows, and the Nameless take it, he might as well add Axel to his list of people to babysit. In fact, that was an almost calming influence on the Graceful Assassin. People he needed to babysit and make sure survived/didn't get in trouble meant he had a duty, and it wasn't a stupid one like wait in an oppressively white castle to kill one little boy who was doing the worlds a favor anyway. If it weren't for the fact that he couldn't sense the heavy, cold, chilling rage that he'd carried most of his life, Marluxia'd almost swear he had a heart again.

"Axel, you're as pleasant drunk as you are sober, which isn't very. Since Xemnas is in similar condition, and unlikely to stay sober very long for a while, I consider myself unassigned, and uninclined to pursue anything remotely damaging to the Organization, Roxas, or Namine. Besides, pirating is likely to require more concentration then going mad in a castle with an assignment that would have gotten Xemnas a faceful of cold steel had I still had a heart, and I could use something to do other then sit in a bar tee-totaling and dodging objects thrown by a plastered Berserker who thinks he's an anime character." That said, he turned to Namine.

"And I have no intention of trying anything funny. I simply have enough of a sense of duty left that I'd feel a remembrance of guilt if I let the lot of you wander off with Axel and Roxas in this condition." This was the truth, even if Namine didn't believe him. Marluxia may have been frightening in his own way, but most of those he'd killed had gotten in the end what they deserved.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-10-06 06:44 am (UTC)
Left-right, left-right, left-right. Swaying blissfully side to side, occasionally teetering just a bit far and staggering in one direction or another, but only for a few uncoordinated steps before he was back on beat. Broken bits of humming occassionally faded in and out as he, for the most part, ignored any exchanges taking place. In all his inebriated mirth, he gazed back and forth between Axel and Marluxia, then to Namine after she ran away with his hat behind Axel..... He'd have to get that back eventually... By the time things hit a pause, he somehow had wandered in and out of actually trying to listen to what people were saying to get that they needed more hats.. and that they were headed for the docks to.. command..o.... a ship... And then...

The Pink One has joined your party!

There was another interval of blank staring, this time focused on Marluxia. Roxas was perfectly poised with a sagacious gaze, seemingly contemplating what assets the petal assassin would contribute to their assembly with intense... intensity... Narrowing his eyes, he opened his mouth as though to alert them all of some sort of profound epiphany that had just broke through like an aurora in a colorless avoid, then impulsively spun 'round to face the rest of the crew.

"Heeey... that place where we were.. before... we were here.... That place had ships, right? Or... well, we were on a ship? We can commaaaandur that one... can't we?" the nobody trailed off, craning his neck around and staring bare-faced off toward the docks, but really more toward the ground ahead than the ocean... And just like that took off toward an unconcious body, making a quick job of ganking anything that resembled a hat, looked pirate-y or was shiny in general, then bolted back to the rest. As a blur of blonde and black, he sped over to Marluxia, tossing the freshly-picked hat upon his head, whether he wanted it or not, flung a flew bracelets and such in the air near Namine for her or anyone else who wanted them, then ran back down the road toward the docks once more, this time looking like he'd actually be heading for them and not coming back. As he made his way through the riotous streets, he'd perform similar acts as before, picking over the drunken pirates and borrowing whatever caught his eye, or rather anything he could manage to put on while in the oiled orbit. That humming from earlier finally came out in a melody, too....

"Keening up za o-shuns, Cap'n Ham'ton an' his croo. Trouble in za seven seez, he'll know what ta do! Cap'n, he hates rubbish, to him pie-rats arr jus' soot. Scallywags an' scurvy dooogd are crusheded un'er his foot!"
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: femnazi
2006-10-06 05:12 am (UTC)
Perhaps it was a product of some random urge, or perhaps Pence's earlier actions were just now registering in her brain, but for some inexplicable reason Larxene felt like being a pirate.

Another round of scrounging around the prone drunks on the floor was in order, and the Nymph surfaced with numerous belts, a sash, a vest that was too small for her, a number of necklaces, and a large feathered hat which she poked holes in to allow her antennae to poke out. She spent a few minutes clambering atop another table, knocking drinks off just for the heck of it, and then gripped a kunai between her teeth and raised her arms in the air, opening her mouth to yell something piratey to get everyone's attention.

...But she couldn't think of anything piratey to say. She could barely think of anything not-piratey to say, or even think at all for that matter. So after a moment she settled for just yelling.

"HEY! LISTEN!!" She had a sudden urge to repeat those phrases over and over until somebody listened to her, but she didn't. That would be annoying. "Cap'n Sparx needs a croo! Who wantsta join up...! We'll sail th' sees o' watery doom an' steal an' plunders an'...burn schtuff! Cuz fire's all fun an' kid-friendly like...So join meee! ...Or get hurted! In da FACE."

Perfect. She was the best pirate ever.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: drunken_sparrow
2006-10-06 05:31 am (UTC)
Jack leaned lazily against the bar, a bottle of rum in hand, watching the antics of the black-robed people. Truth be told, he had been a bit worried at first. But his little plan seemed to have worked. With the exception of an odd pinkish-haired newcomer, the others seemed inebriated beyond all coherency. And they were most enjoyable to watch. Aside from the two gentlemen next to him(the troublemaking gambler and the eyepatched man), none of the others seemed able to hold alcohol in the least. The "Superior", who had seemed for a moment to sober up, was once again lost to the rum.

One of the younger members started....singing. Or making somewhat lyrical noise. A youngster he hadn't seen before jumped up on the bar claiming to be a captain in search of a crew, and the spikey redhead was quick to join. The younger members also seemed to think themselves pirates. There was a brief moment of unease as the bee-like woman went crazy and threw several small knife-like weapons, but only the wood beams suffered for it. The "pirates" made their way out, and the man with long silver hair attempted to give chase only to be thwarted by the remains of the door. Well now...looks t'be a good time for me to take my leave

Jack stood up without showning any more of the effects of having downed a rum bottle than usual, and glanced warily around. People were either passed out, trying to make themselves look pirate-y, or making loud noises that may have been singing. The captain ducked behind the bar, tossed a bag of coins to the barkeep, and darted out an inconspicuous back exit. "Well now, Jack m'boy, that was a job well done." He sauntered casually down the back alleyway, turning here and there in a path he obviously knew well, eventually coming out at the path that lead to the docks. "Da da da da-da da da da da da.....and really bad eggs...." He spun around once more, surveying the area, then headed toward his beloved ship. By now most of the crew had probably returned, and they could set sail without any more unwanted guests.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2006-10-06 10:27 am (UTC)
Sai'X had nearly fallen from the table when Xemnas had toppled off, but instead fo meeting the floor with his face he remained perched on the wooden surface, and proceeded to enter a period of silent, stuper-like silence. After a while he blinked, coming out of his spaced out trance and removed teh skirt from his waist, looking at it in confusion. Perhaps he was beginning to clear from the rum....he looked over to Xemnas and the winged man...singing..and then clapped his hands and whistled at them, so maybe the rum haze wasn't gone just yet.

In the midst of his cheering he distinctly heard a voice demanding attention and then issuing commands to join up as part of a pirate crew. "Pierats! I like pie! And I like rats! I'll join!" He waved his arm excitedly, jumping off the table, well falling off actually, and then shuffled over to where the woman was standing. "Cappy Sparkles! Pick me! I wanna join yer crow!" He glanced around, quickly stealing a belt with a pistol and a black hat that sported a folded brim. Placing the hat on his head he buckled the belt around his waist and then raised a fist triumphantly. "I gessa bee yer firstest mate! Cause I haffs an earringing..shee?" He pointed at his right ear lobe excitedly, as though having a piercing made all the difference in the world.

Sai'X paused, looking at Larxene's pretty sashes and numerous belts. He didn't have enough pirate garb! Darting over the room he collected a few more trinkets, returning to his captain's side with another belt, a sword, and a rather impressive looking black waist coat that sported a set of shiney gold buttons and a violet sash. "I's reedy Cappy Sparkles!"
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