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The Crack that Never Was

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Another Fine Day [Aug. 30th, 2006|12:53 am]
The Crack that Never Was


Captain Jack Sparrow gazed out at the expanse of the island off the bow of his pride and joy, the Black Pearl. She had just made port in Tortuga, it was time for a much needed break from his (mis)adventures. Gibbs and the rest of the crew had already headed into town, and Jack was making sure there was nothing amiss before heading out himself. It was tough work, being the most famous captain of the most infamous pirate ship in the seven seas. Well, perhaps Davy Jones was more infamous....but Jack didn't want to think about him currently. It was time to refill the rum stores....

He was about ready to leave when something dark appeared in the sky above the Pearl. Several people fell out of what appeared to be a dark hole in the sky, and crashed onto the deck. Most of them were wearing long black coats. He had seen one person in a coat like this before, when strange creatures had appeared in Port Royal. The blonde-haired man had caused him much trouble, but a boy named Sora had appeared and dispatched the nuisance. He still thought about that strange key-weapon the boy had carried.

Jack tottered carefully towards the writhing mass of people(?) that had decided to impart their presence upon his beloved ship. One of the black-coated people, a man with silver hair, stood up and yelled "YOU SIR! You look like you would know...why is the rum gone?" Jack paused, confused. This was not something that happened every day. Behind the man who had just shouted, Jack recognized two familiar faces. One was Sora, the other the blonde-haired man that had caused them so much grief. Hadn't they defeated him? He was looking rather....chewed up.

"Sora? Would you mind informing me as to what exactly is currently happening? I was under the impression that that man, and subsequently any and all persons in those black coats, were deemed enemies and therefor not associated with....And sir, if it is rum you are seeking, you will find this town to be...the ideal location."

[User Picture]From: aceinthepocket
2006-08-30 08:03 pm (UTC)
Luxord obliged Xigbar's suggestion and promptly thunked a bottle into Xaldin's open mouth. If giving up part of his share of hte stash would keep Princess Stabbity off his back, then he figured it was for a worthy cause. Just as he turned back to Xigbar, something appeared above their heads. A black swirl of a portal appeared and Xemnas's antics had them reeling again.

The next thing he knew, he was third from the top in a giant pile of bodies that crashed to the deck with several loud "Oof!"s "Thud!"s and other assorted cries of anguish. A quick scan of his surroundings revealed eerily familiar scenery and he slipped from the pile and let his jaw drop. "I believe I've been here once before..."

His eyes fell upon Jack Sparrow, and then by reflex, back at the pile of bodies. Traitors, keybladers, organization members and all were all present... Immediately, Luxord knew that chaos was about to break loose, especially since Larxene seemed to be gracing the very bottom of the pile and she would be nothing short of pissed once she came to her senses.

"Forgetting our past transgressions towards each other, trust me when I advise you in the wisest course of action: YOU ARE NOT TO GIVE HIM MORE ALCOHOL!" He warned Jack Sparrow, his finger pointing squarely at Xemnas. If Jack knew what was good for him, he would make sure Xemnas didn't touch another drop.
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[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2006-08-30 08:10 pm (UTC)
Namine groaned and sat up where she had landed. She'd been one of the lucky ones to land off near side rather than in center of the giant pile of black that was the Organization plus a few. It was likely her smaller frame would have been injured if she'd broken someone else's fall.

The gravity of the situation suddenly hit her. The entirety of the organization (OC: YEs, yes everyone you fools, git over here!) was present and that didn't bode well for any that had crossed the black-hooded nobodies. Saix was out to murder the traitors (more specifically Axel), Larxene was out to maul just about everyone... worst of all, Xemnas was still drunk and he just recently gained access to even more of the stuff.

Not good. Not good at all.

She squeaked and leapt off the pile, hoping to get some distance between her and the Organization members before all hell broke loose.
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2006-08-30 08:55 pm (UTC)
Sai'X had been in the process of saying something menacing that would strike true terror into Axel's non-existent heart, but then Xemnas had gotten the brilliant idea to go in search of MORE alcohol, not that he needed any, and whisked them all off on a portal ride of drunken doom. When the void opened up he was quite distressed to find the location in the air rather than on the ground.

"Aiiyiieeep!!" A very uncommon sound escaped his throat as he flailed, then plummeted with the rest of the group, landing roughly before being squished by a few bodies.

The Berserker sat up slowly, forcefully shoving limbs off as he tried to shake off the throb in his head. He sat back, rubbing at his temples while distantly listening to someone babble a greeting in a strange accent.

Taking a slow look around he could see a few people who had all ready popped out of the massive pile on the...boat? Namine was off to the side, Xemnas was ranting about rum to a..pirate? And Luxord was insisting the man not give the Superior any more liquor, that was the wisest idea he had heard in a long time. He started to get up from the pile, then tripped on a leg and fell flat again. Growling he opened his eyes, rubbed at the second bump on his head and then froze as he stared at the face directly in front of his own.

Xaldin appeared to be comatose, which was a *VERY* good thing. The Lancer was, needless to say, a creepy individual. Stabbity rampages, those abnormally LARGE fuzzy sideburns, not too mention the Nobody was almost as large as Lexaeus. If anyone was able to actually make the Lunar *afraid* it would be Xaldin. Eyes wide, he backpedaled, scooting over the writhing mass of black coats and tangled limbs to bump into the Superior's legs.

He blinked, then quickly stood up and dusted his coat off, schooling his face into a more *normal* expression.

"Xemnas..haven't you had enough to drink?" He frowned as he glanced between the Superior and the Pirate. Port Royal...or wherever this place was, the city beyond was loud, and there was a distinct smell coming across the wind from it. Alcohol, filth, gun powder. This would not go well.

Nope...and Xaldin was here..Damn it. Sai'X took a deep breath, then reached for his squeaky..only to find it gone again. He blinked, then let out a mingled sound of frustration and distress. "AAUUURRRGH!!!!!!!" He took a moment to stomp, and then glared at the city, a suspicious sniffle just barely breaking through his sulking silence.

This just WASN'T his day.
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[User Picture]From: snackbarsniper
2006-08-30 11:31 pm (UTC)
Being in a pile of people who had pointy edges was not fun. Xigbar figured that he was ontop of Axel in this pile of nobodies & co. because someone's elbow or hips or chin or whatever was stabbing into his pancreas and it really felt like a knife. He groaned and found it hard to breathe. Ah.. someone was on him. Someone bulky. He grabbed the hair of the person ontop of him and rolled them off. He sat up and huffed before looking down at the offending nobody. "Oh.. it's Xal.."he grumbled and began straightening his coat and hair.

He stepped off the mass and watched Luxord, Xemnas and Jack with disinterest. That's when he felt it.. a wind across his right eye that he shouldn't have felt. He reached up suddenly and found that, in fact, his eyepatch was gone.

"Okay, dude. Let's not panic," He told himself mentally. He scanned the area with his good eye and noticed one of the crewmates on the starboard side messing with a familiar piece of fabric. "you!" he pointed dramatically and stomped over to the pirate and snatched his eyepatch away. "mine," he mumbled before snapping the fabric back over his dead eye.

Then, out of the edge of his sight, he saw a familiar shock of blonde hair at the bottom of the pile. "Larx..?" He walked over and shoved [with some trouble] everyone who was ontop of her off and helped her up. "Larxene!" He called. It was sicking really. You could practically see the little dark twisted hearts floating around his head.
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From: not_mansex
2006-08-30 11:40 pm (UTC)
*staggerdly (is that even a word?)stands to his feet* *imitates jack as he walks toward the pirate* you shouldn't listen to 'em, "mate." i heard that my subordinate has cause some...*ahem* trouble, around here... *puts arm around jack and walks away from the group* i do apologize for that. tells ya' what, to make it up to you, i have a propostion for you. lead me into town and i will get you all the drinks you desire, free of charge, courtesy of myself, the super-errr... superior, xemnas. what say you, "mate?"
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[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-08-31 03:10 am (UTC)
Again, massive amounts of discomfort and pain in general flooded his senses like the Great Flood decided to pour down full force again. This was after the dark portal-which was clearly Xenmas' and not Axel's, since the transportation sequence was so.. rough and evidently drunken-had dragged them through roller coaster-esque into the new land. Pressure from all sorts of angles compressed and restricted, imprisoning his frame in a twisted mess in the cage of bodies. Well, half of his form was in there, anyway. Mid-torso and above was free for the most part, but unfortunately was popping out of the side of the side of the mound, positioning Number XIII in such a way to twist his spine in a quirked, backward line, suspending him upside down with arms listlessly dropping to the ground and into someone's face, likely having slapped it accidental during the free fall into the dog pile. After wincing, he slowly opened his eyes to look at the flipped new surroundings. It didn't even begin to register, as he literally could not make out up from down, the poking and squishing from all the bodies paired with the ground;s-rather boat's-perpetual ascending and descending only contributing to all the distortion.

With a groan, Roxas tried to change his focus, craning his head up... or was it down? Either way, it took a few moments for his eyes to steady enough to make to make out anything more than a spiral of hues. Tracing the length of his arm all the way down to his hand, he tried to make out whose face it was, and it was only a breath's time before his body froze up at the point of realization. It was Larxene. Like someone had just poured a gallon of ice water down his uniform, awareness was jolted back into him as he was ready to desperately try to scramble away. The problem was, there was no moving in the jumble of torsos and limbs. He was trapped. Panic was starting to set in. Being near Larxene if he did what he thought he did was not a happy place to be. There would be a lot of electrocution and... kunai in his flesh...

Then he felt movement, people likely stirring and starting to de-pile. After that, he saw Xigbar hop down, survey their surroundings, then come back to the pile.... and.. start shoving people off to get to Larxene? Salvation! Albeit he was flung off to the side with others likely to follow in suit and back on top of him, he wasn't in Larxene's choking/stabbing/gouging range anymore. In hopes of actually avoiding the repeat of the dogpile, however, once Roxas rolled off from being pushed away by the sniper, he proceeded to get to his feet and move with as much agility as he could muster away from the the rest of the ones being flung off to the side in Xigbar's attempt at rescue. Scrambling, the height-impaired blonde managed to skitter away somewhere that was hopefully out of the circumference of most of the Organization's weaponry, sighing, and then blinking as he took a look about that was actually the way it was supposed to be. They were on a boat?.. And since his balance was being challenged, he could only guess they were, indeed, in the water. This place was somewhere he'd never seen, though, his spectrum of worlds that he'd been to being slightly restricted. Judging by the rank in the air, the only place he'd been close to this was when certain others brought out their stash back in the castle... Which had to mean this place was going to be a chaotic one. Tracing his sight back to the collection of Nobodies, keybladers and others, he tilted his head, watching for any sudden movements and hints that he may need to go in there and try to pull a select few out in case deleterious acts were suddenly to be carried out.
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[User Picture]From: drunken_sparrow
2006-08-31 04:29 am (UTC)
The blonde man who had interfered with Jack's exploits previously yelled something about putting past transgressions behind and not giving the already intoxicated siver haired man any more alcohol. Around him, various people began to extract, or attempt to extract themselves, from the pile. A man with blue hair and scars on his face appeared very frustrated over something, while another rather pirate-y looking man began shoving people off of the largest pile of bodies.

The inebriated silver haired man attempted to speak to Jack in what he must have thought was a voice suitable to a true pirate. All the drinks I desire? He looked at the drunk, apparently the leader of the black coats, and then back at the various people sprawled about his ship.

Most of them were wearing the coats, and all these looked fairly dangerous, even the ones currently unconcious. In addition to Sora, there appeared to be a few more kids who didn't look at all like they should be on a pirate vessel. Two of them were girls, and it looked like there was another woman on the bottom of a large pile. The people around her looked terrified.

Jack looked from the people to the "Superior" and back, trying to decide the best course of action. He did not want these people on board his ship any longer then neccessary. True, the man next to him did look like more alcohol would be a bad idea, however he also seemed to be in a good mood. Jack began to formulate a plan in his head. First and foremost, Captain Jack decided these people needed to be off his ship. Now. Tortuga was full of shops, bars, and winding streets. Getting the lot of them lost shouldn't be too difficult.

"Superior, you say? Right-o. If you would be so kind as to call your mates to order, it would be my...pleasure to show you to a fine drinking establishment." The one farthest away from my ship he thought.
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[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2006-08-31 03:30 am (UTC)
Axel had a brief glimpse of the coffeeshop swirling around him before he felt himself dropped through the biggest dark portal he had ever seen. The castle materialized around them momentarily, then another giant portal. It would seem Xemnas had somehow managed to pick up Xigbar, Xaldin, and Luxord as well. Yet again Axel found himself dropped out of a portal in midair, only this time instead of sea, he was dropped onto a mass of bodies. Someone fell on top of him as well, forming a giant writhing mass of black fabric and flailing arms. He wasn't sure if Roxas was above, below, or anywhere near him anymore.

The person above him turned out to be Xigbar, who began frantically flinging people off the pile for some reason. Xigbar shoved him and whoever was below him off of the person on the bottom of the pile. A person with blonde hair that seemed to form a pair of antenna. "Oh...fu." Axel tried to stand up, but something tugged at his neck and he was flung back again. He could feel the hood tighten around his neck. The person beneath him stirred and made a strange squawking noise. Axel realized that his hood pulls had become knotted with Demyx's. This was not going to be a happy day.

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[User Picture]From: keeptothebeat
2006-09-01 10:29 pm (UTC)
Today has been a very strange day so far, Demyx mused, after having one Berserker on his lap finally remove himself, they portaled to hell knows where, and then portaled again. Aerially.
At least this time it wasn't his fault that they were tumbling down and -owie- with a series of thuds every nobody, key-bearer and miscellaneous character piling up. How the hell Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Luxord, Marluxia and Larxene had managed to join their crew, he wasn't sure. The smell of the dank, salty air and the planks of weathered wood indicated they were somewhere near the sea, and aboard a... boat?
"Man, just what I needed. The rest of the Orgy and be at the bottom of the pile." The musician attempted to move, but found he was hopelessly stuck. And then something was tugging at his coat pulls, choking Demyx and causing him to sputter very odd noises. Aquarian eyes stared at emerald ones and Demyx muttered "oh crap" as he realized he was attached to Axel.
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From: pimpinpence
2006-08-31 06:15 am (UTC)
Pence found it hard to try and think of a way to describe the events that went on after Namine safely escaped the clutches of the psycho killer. Firstly, he seemed to be somewhere beneath said killer, and about ten other people, which Pence found to be quite unnerving and secondly he had never himself traveled by...by uh... whatever that big swirling black thing was. He had only once before encountered one, and that is when Kairi was being ub-ducted, but now that he had experienced it, Pence decided to never, never, ever try it again. Thirdly Pence had a bit of a fear of rubber duckies ever since he was a small child, and being in close proximity to one earlier left him in sort of a strange trance as he rolled himself out from underneath what seemed to be a large hairy unconcious man.

After much wriggling, Pence some how managed to escape only to look around and find himself on a boat...a big..old..boat...with a bunch of strange people who managed to make his very average day into a crazy messed up one, plus a few extra.

"Oh geeze, what in the world did I get myself into..." He mumbled, fumbling to his feet and glancing around. Pence had never been on a ship before, actually Pence had never left twilight town before, but he had watched enough pirate movies in is life to know a pirate ship when he saw one, or...was on one.

I've always wanted to be a pirate! He thought to himself. Completely blocking out all other conversations going on, Pence decided to go for a bit of an exploration of his own...I'm not going to give up a chance to look around a pirate ship! Dude, wait until I tell Hayner and Olette, they so wont believe me.

Slipping quietly behind the chattering group Pence waddled off.
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[User Picture]From: doujinwave
2006-08-31 08:50 pm (UTC)
Namine came to a screeching halt when Xigbar zoomed up to the pile of bodies to rescue his Damsel-in-distress. He'd thrown everyone off of her, but in the process, had practically flung them in Nami's direction. That included Axel and Demyx who had become hooked together by their coat pulls. She spun on her heels and came towards them. She was coming to her senses (now that she was slightly farther from Larxene) and rushed to their aid.

She pulled and picked at the chords, which in their tossing had become much more tangled and tightly knotted. "Axel!" she tugged at it more frantically, knowing that they'd be coming after Axel first, and that the man should have been FLEEing by now (Hell, so should she). "Can't you guys... cut it or something?"

Her jaw dropped when she suddenly saw a flash of red waddling away and she knew it could only be one person. It was Roxas's friend, "Pence is here!?"
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[User Picture]From: femnazi
2006-08-31 09:35 pm (UTC)
This was not a good day for Larxene.

She stormed out of Luxord's portal in an already foul mood, fists trembling and antennae sparking, and nearly ran smack into Roxas. Two kunai had already appeared in her hand before she'd even realized it was him, and she glanced down at the Small One and then looked around at her surroundings. They were... somewhere, apparently Twilight Town, and an increasing number of Organization members were gathering around them. There was Demyx, whom Saix had bowled completely over in pursuit of his squeaky toy, Roxas the pipsqueak, their oh-so-drunken leader Xemnas, and...

"... AXEL!!!" Electricity crackled over every inch of her body as she roared and glared bloody murder at the red-headed pyro. Saix seemed to be occupied at the moment, which gave her the perfect chance to walk over and kick the flamer's ass to the End of the World and back again. She took one lightning-charged step forward... and was immediately flung into a portal by their un-sober leader.

Darkness enveloped them all and she was tossed head over heels every which way, attempting to make sense of just what had happened. She emerged first, landing hard on a wooden deck, and her head hadn't even had time to clear before everyone and their mother landed ON TOP OF HER. She opened her mouth to make some kind of noise but was unable to as the breath was driven from her lungs. Arms and legs flailed about, and as she attempted to squirm out from underneath the pile a gloved hand suddenly slapped her right across the face.

Time everything seemed to stop at that moment as the dogpile came to a halt, and she froze for a moment, the offending hand still resting on her face. Wordlessly she shifted her eyes and followed the attached arm up its length and back to its owner, and she glimpsed their face at the same time they glimpsed hers: Roxas.

There was silence.

And then... a small spark. Then another. Her antennae were nearly to the point of picking up satellite television as she glared daggers at Roxas in his futile attempts to escape. He realized his error and she was aware that it had been most likely accidental. But he'd still slapped her.

And she was still going to kill him.

Just as soon as she could move.

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[User Picture]From: femnazi
2006-08-31 09:35 pm (UTC)
((Post was too long, so I'm splitting it in two))

She was just about to gather every single ounce of strength and zap-fry everything within a ten-mile radius when she heard someone call her name, and the bodies on top of her were quickly thrown to one side. She caught a glimpse of dark, grey-streaked hair, and then a hand grabbed her arm and hauled her to her feet. She came face-to-face with Xigbar, her "rescuer", and she grimaced when he called her name again.

"Don't touch me!" she yelled, knocking his hands away. She grabbed him by his coat with both hands and actually lifted him off of the deck, glaring right into his eyes. "I still haven't forgotten what you said to me," she growled. She was intending to hang Xigbar by his own ponytail and beat him like a pinata, but a flash of blonde hair caught her attention, and she snapped her head to the side as she spotted Roxas dashing well away from everyone else. She dropped Xigbar unceremoniously back to the ground and pushed him roughly away, beginning to roll up one of her sleeves as she took a step in Roxas' direction. But then, a familiar voice caused her to turn again, and she spotted that damn brat Namine not far away.

Goddammit. So many people she wanted to kill... All in one place... Her eye gave a minute twitch as she considered who she was going to destroy first. Roxas, Xigbar, Namine, Saix... well, not Saix. She was mad at him but she sure wasn't going to do anything about it. And... Axel! Where was he?? She looked around frantically, her original objective now fresh in her mind. No matter how many people she wanted to slaughter, there was still one person who came before them all. Let no one say that Larxene never dedicated herself to anything.

THERE. A shock of spikey red hair. Axel lay rather helplessly on the ground, tangled in Demyx's hood strings. Just perfect. Lightning crackled around her body and lashed out wildly, most likely electrocuting anyone nearby. She spread her arms wide, kunai appearing clenched between her fingers. "Oh, AAAxxeeeeellll..." she growled between tightly clenched teeth, taking her sweet time as she stalked towards him ever so slowly. Namine came over to his side in an attempt to extricate him from Demyx. NO. She wouldn't let him get away again. She made a mental note to kill that girl second.
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[User Picture]From: noneed4hairgel
2006-09-01 01:17 am (UTC)
After just getting his bearings in what was apparently Twilight Town's only coffee and ice cream shop (because there sure were a lot of people there, wow!), Sora was more than just a little displeased at the removal from there. Even if it was Xemnas (did someone say Mansex? ...mm, okay then) who did the portalling, and he was the 'Superior' (Sora had thought Demyx, Sai'x and Xigbar harder to beat, and maybe Axel, he has a strange recollection of fighting him somewhere...?), but still how'd he get both Riku AND himself, who were in chairs, plus Kairi who still looked a little woozy coming out of the dark portal, and well, everybody else. Wow, and Xemnas was not all that hard to beat, just really really really long. More stamina than power probably. And he had Riku to help him. Hmm. But Riku wasn't thaaaaaat helpful (HA, showed him). Speaking of which, when was he going to WAKE UP? Sheesh. And he called SORA lazy. Pssht.

Anyway, back to the present. HOORAY PORT ROYAL! ...not that Sora wanted to be a pirate. Nope. But still, Jack and Will were here! Except, Jack wanted the keyblade too, supposedly. What if the Organization offered him a deal to help him gain it?! Everyone had said, "Don't trust pirates" after all.. Oh man, why is everything so complicated?

Sora now found himself in a huge dogpile of people.. and now he didn't. Apparently, in the time it took him to come to that conclusion, (he was not easily distracted!), he had been thrown off by Xigbar, looking for Larxene, of all people! Sora was confused.

Realizing questions had been posed to him, Sora hastily tried to think of an answer, before his semi-ally had been stolen by the wiles of Org XII.

"Well, um.. I don't know? Me and my friends here, Riku and Kairi, we all just kind of got sucked into the portal thingy and uh-" Sora got cut off by an enraged scream.


He swallowed. "This isn't going very well..." Sora hastily checked around to make sure his friends got out of the crossfire. Should he save Axel? He did kind of save his life, and Roxas and him were best friends... Except, eh, wasn't that Roxas walking away? Sora was ready to jump in, but if Roxas of all people was trying to get away, then maybe he'd just stand back and be ready to help if things got any worse. Probably when things got worse, by the looks of things.

Was that Pence?! Sora was seriously starting to question his sanity, something he had always left up to other people. Why was Pence here, and oh great, he was already wandering off. Sigh. At least they were on a ship, so he couldn't go very far.

Sora desperately hoped no one got seasick. Ew.
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[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-09-01 07:30 am (UTC)
The ominous flares of electrical current cackled menacingly, and as though synced with their cracking howls, each one sent a new tremor through Roxas' inner workings. The sting from the murderous look she shot him while scanning the scene may as well have been one of her kunai. He'd seen Larxene miffed before, but not like this... It was normal for her to strike terror into everyone present, but this was just... call to back up slowly then run away screaming. However, once she began stalking with that savage animus pulsing from her every pore toward Axel, Namine and Demyx, the young nobody knew tepidity had to be overcome, and fast. Though he had retreated, he began to head back toward the pyro, waterboy and memory witch, swing his arm to the side to summon Oathkeeper as he did so....

... He stalled mid-trek, looking down at his hand.... It was still very much empty... He tried again, and then one more time with similar results... About a second or so later, he nearly brought the same hand up to slap his own forehead.

That's right.... Sora gave the Oathkeeper back to Kairi... And he didn't even bother trying Oblivion.

This, consequently, posed a compelling issue... One did NOT face Larxene without a weapon. There was no way to even hope of doing that, especially in her livid state. Wandering thoughts were all condensed in tiny fragments of seconds as his crystalline blue optics spiraled up and then across the scene. Over nobodies, pirates, the deck itself, Kairi-an exceptionally quick glance back to Larxene to see how much she had advanced-and... Sora!... Brows furrowing, the microwave of his mind signaled with the acute beeping noise to inform him that a cup of instant-scheming had been formulated, cooked up and was ready to serve all in the brief flash of time. Keyblades were vital, and Sora had keychains... There was no time to ask, he'd just have to.. borrow one or two...

As inconspicuously as possible-which was probably a easier than one would think, considering the maelstrom circulating currently-he called up the swirling tongues of darkness, slipping into the portal and sealing it as soon as he was completely submerged. As the ninja, a few tuffs of blonde peaked out from the ebony spiral that had reformed with the highest level of stealth right behind Sora at his feet. Peering up toward his Other's pockets, Number XIII's arm stretched up with caution to it, swiftly trying to slip a sleek gloved hand in and out to snag a few of the desired trinkets. Whether or not he succeeded in the stealth department didn't really matter to him, provided he got what he required. After some speedy fishing, he felt his fingers loop around two of the keychains, instantly drawing his hand back whip-quick and then was back in the portal again. He'd apologize for the theft later, he kept telling himself in his head.

Rematerializing the shadows close to the other three, Roxas looked on to Larxene, finding her closing the gap only more disturbing and nerve-racking from this distance. Then it was down to the fingers wearing the keychains like rings. He went over each one, the first looking suspiciously like Axel's chakram, another like some sort of old coin and.. It seemed he accidental took three... The last was a tiny little bee. Roxas really should have known Sora's keyblades, but, sadly, he wasn't too aware of what even half of them were... Chances would just have to be taken on blind guesses. Putting the archaic medallion into his cloak pocket, he looked on to Number XII, resilient expression clearly announcing he was ready to act as her opposition without hesitation. Both of the remaining keychains were put to use as he summoned up both Bond of Flame and Sweet Memories without any idea as to how they played on the battle field... He was doing a fine job of channeling out all the sense in the back of his mind that was screaming "GET OUT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, BOY!" and breaking through any waves of fear that would have him go running far away in a heartbeat if they had any say.

"You guys.. are ready to run, right?" he hissed through gritted teeth back at the three, hinting that the odds were stacked against them in fighting the Savage Nymph right then.
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From: fossil_icicle
2006-09-01 02:16 am (UTC)
Vexen shrieked himself awake. Physical pain was something his body reacted to purely by instinct, and-
Where was he-
Someone portaled-- Xemnas?
Wood and smells of human sweat and blood-
He screamed loud and hard and screechier than he would usually allow himself.
- Port Royal?!
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From: silent_janitor
2006-09-01 02:50 am (UTC)
Lexaeus heard something snap, very loudly, right by his head. All his knowledge of war and combat and human physiology immediately told him that it was two bones of a very long and slender make, most likely forearm or lower leg bones-
He had quite abruptly gone from the reclined position on his couch to hands and knees on a ship's dark wooden deck, crowded around by a number of other dark-coated Organization members, and a sudden shriek by his left ear told him the identity of the broken bones.
Someone had-- brilliant-- dumped an unconscious Xaldin on Vexen's highly-valued and much-beloved right arm. As Xaldin was the second-heaviest member of the Organization, this had not been very kind to said arm, resulting in that nasty snap and no doubt a lot of pain for the scrawny scientist, thus explaining the screaming and the terrible expression of fear and misery on poor Vexen's face.
"Getoff, sir," Lexaeus muttered to Number Three, and a little push sent Xaldin about eight inches to his left.
Vexen immediately yanked his arm out from under the Heavy Lancer, clutched at it, and continued to scream. What an annoying din that was. Not that it was undeserved, as the arm was twisted at a completely unnatural (even for a Nobody) angle.
"Shh," muttered the normally-Silent Hero, dragging his stiff body into a sitting position and pulling the elder into his lap/arms, where Vexen promptly went hysterical, though he wasn't in any condition to attempt escape. It didn't take long to find the seams on the injured sleeve of Vexen's coat, pull the stitches, detach the entire sleeve, and remove the associated glove to better see what he was working with.
The angle suggested a clean break. Good. It could be straightened and heal well without expert medical attention (though Lexaeus was a triple Ph.D. and had as much Biomedical education as he did Psychology).
"Sorry, sir."
Lexaeus's eardrums nearly ruptured from the scream that was the result of his straightening out Vexen's broken arm. But it wouldn't stay straight long enough to heal unless-
"You," Lexaeus ordered the nearest non-Organization person, pointing so they knew who he was addressing. "Splint. Now."

(OOC: Now somebody figure out who gives Lex some wood or something for a splint, or else I'll just have a random piratey person do it.)
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[User Picture]From: drunken_sparrow
2006-09-01 03:46 am (UTC)
It would appear that things were not to go as smoothly as Jack planned. A terrible racket began almost immediately. The woman who had previously been trapped below a pile of her black-robed companions was now free, and appeared ready to murder anyone and everyone in sight. Were those bolts of electricity he could see in her hair? She began stalking purposely toward a man with spikey red hair who seemed entangled with yet another black-robed person.

From underneath the new pile of people that had been created when the eyepatched man had dug out the scary electric woman, there was a very loud, pained howl. He heard a deep voice yell for a splint. Bugger.

He turned toward the man who called himself "Superior". "If you're the Superior, these lads obey ye, correct?" he asked. "Call them to order, or they'll be no rum for you. I'll not have them destroy my ship! And besides, the town's the proper place for fighting...Kindly lead them off of the Pearl, and I'll take ye to the finest drinking establishment on Tortuga. I'll even pay!" He turned in the direction of the pained screams with a sigh. "There be some small cargo boxes by th' cannons there. If you must, break one of them and use it". He surveyed the pandemonium that appeared to be spreading like wildfire. I'm going to need a LOT of rum after this one....
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2006-09-01 08:07 am (UTC)
Sai'X had been very busy mentally mourning the loss of his precious squeaky, however the random chaos that had swallowed the deck of the ship broke through his inner controversy in the form of Larxene's shrieking. He turned, yellow eyes wide as he finally took notice of her slender body stalking across the ship. Electrical currents cracked and sparked from her antenna, cautioning anyone to stay back.

"What has her so pissed?" He muttered, clearly displeased himself. Not only had he lost his duck, but Xemnas was wandering off and bantering to get more rum, figures. That was when he spotted Roxas move into a battle stance not far in front of the Nymph, keyblades ready to defend Namine, and two other figures that were tangled together. He stepped past the remaining people still laying on the deck to get a better view, and that was when he saw it...Axel's hair. Larxene was going to make a move before he could! Well not if he had anything to say about it!

He snarled, summoning his large claymore from the darkness while charging forward, in his hurry he distinctly felt his boot crunch over someones foot, or arm...he couldn't be sure and for a brief second he hoped to Kingdom Hearts he had NOT just stepped on Xaldin, but there was no time for worrying now. Hell there wasn't even time to make frightening comments to Axel! Larxene would slaughter the flamer before he had a chance to get a word out!

Fist clenched tightly to the pummel of his weapon he barreled over the deck, sliding to a halt by number XII's right side. He momentarily shifted his glaring features to her, hissing with outraged fury. "I sincerely hope you weren't planing to get him all to yourself."

A very faint blue aura was starting to gather around his body as he turned his attention to the four in front of them. He had no quarrel with DemyX, in fact he somewhat liked the Nocturne, BUT if number IX was in the way, he was not responsible for any bloodshed. As for Namine and Roxas, if they were trying to defend Axel, they knew the risk involved. A slow smirk tugged at his lips, curling them back to reveal his sharp fangs.

This was what he needed, bloodshed, screams of agony, intense suffering..yes...TIME TO VENT!!!!!!!!!
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From: silent_janitor
2006-09-01 11:05 pm (UTC)
*OOC-ily salutes the Captain!*

Lexaeus rewarded the man for his help with a quick nod before returning his attentions to the matter at hand... who was, despite severe bodily injury, attempting escape.
"Stop that."
Two words, with just a hint of a growl underneath to imply that if it was absolutely necessary, the Silent Hero would resort to brute force in this situation. Vexen stopped struggling, whether from exaustion or the threat Lexaeus couldn't be sure, but at least it was a step in the right direction.
Speaking of a step in the right direction, where were those cargo crates again? Ah, yes, there. And these were very well-made crates, too, well worth whatever was paid to buy them (or steal them, given present circumstances). In the interest of economy and a certain sense of admiration for something so well-made, Lexaeus deprived the nearest crate of a single board, which broken length-wise made a fair splint for Vexen's straightened arm.
That'll hold until you can get it healed, Lexaeus thought with a small smile...
... Which turned rapidly into a frown at the realization that their present locale was not the ideal one for recovery purposes. The town was a hell-hole of unsanitary and unhealthy people and practices, and it still was probably better than staying aboard this vessel (whether or not it was a ship was for other people to debate about). Plus, the owner of said vessel most definitely wanted EVERYONE's departure from it, as soon as was concievable.
Suddenly, the Silent Hero was quite glad he hadn't had anything to eat in the last eight hours. For all his mass and stability on solid ground, he'd never quite been able to keep his balance on any unstable surface, and was quite prone to most forms of motion sickness. Including seasickness. Especially seasickness.
Departing was not a bad idea.
And Lexaeus silently promised himself to do three things as soon as he got home to his apartment in the Castle that Never Was.
First, he was going to take a long, hot shower.
Second, he was going to fix a big, leafy spinach salad and eat until his teeth were green.
And after that, third, he would brush his teeth and revel in cleanliness.
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[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2006-09-02 01:40 am (UTC)
Axel gritted his teeth and frantically tried to unknot the strings of his hood. Namine attempted to help as well, but the knot seemed to be going nowhere. He heard an all-to-familiar voice hiss his name, and looked up to see Larxene prowling towards them, ready to kill. As if that weren't bad enough, Saix had also spotted him. And it looked like he was ready to go Berserk, moon or no moon. Roxas had somehow swiped some keychains from Sora, one of which was Bond of Flame. The other one had bees on it. His stance said he was ready to fight, but his face said run like mad.

"Run!" he shouted to Namine and Roxas. "You, too." He grabbed Demyx's arm and started running for the gangplank as fast as he could while attached at the neck to the other Nobody. They shot down the gangplank and onto the narrow dock that wound its way through the harbor to the town. Axel summoned a wall of fire behind them, blocking them off from the ship. He doubted that in and of itself would stop the raging duo behind him, but it might slow them down. At the very least, the flame wall would block their pursuers view temporarily. Demyx was starting to drag him back down. With a curse, he grabbed hold of the knot and burned it off. Pulls could be repaired later. He separated himself from the Melodious Nocturne and shoved Demyx ahead of him. "Do something useful for once and slow them down!" As the group continued running down the dock toward the town, Axel spied some crates stacked toward the side. If this place deals in alcohol, then.....He set the crates afire as he shot by. An explosion behind him told him his guess had been right. Thank you dock for being wood he thought silently. If they were lucky, their pursuers would cut off from the beach by the time the fires waned. Several explosions later they came at last to the town, filled with drunken people, loud music and winding streets. "This way!" he yelled to the others, ducking down one of the narrow crowded alleys. Axel was never so happy to see so many people in one place.
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[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-09-04 09:07 am (UTC)
(OOC: Watch me fail at posting! =3)

The moment the okay was given to take flight, Roxas did just that. He didn't need to be told twice with not only Larxene, but now Sai'x stalking towards them, oh no. Whirling around the second Axel and Demyx started off, he made sure to keep right on their tails, pausing once, briefly after starting to glance back at Naminé to ensure she was following them. Through all the tumult, firewalls and general incinerating of.. everything, he'd occasionally cast his gaze back to check if any were actually keeping up with them... He could still run quicker, and if he even so much saw a hint of yelllow antennae or blue spikes, he'd be kicking things into overdrive. After ditching the Organization once, he'd learned to run preeeetty quick.

Once they were actually in the town, Roxas wanted to pause and stare at some of the rather... raucous events that teemed in the swell of the lively port town. However, he kept up, only being distracted enough to steal a few glances every now and again, but for the most part kept his eyes ahead on the leading red-head.

"Do you have any idea where you're going?" he called, trying to get his voice to carry over all the background noise, yet hopefully low enough so any pursuers wouldn't detect it. Roxas knew well that the odds of Axel actually have even the slightest clue were slim, but it was worth a shot. As he continued to follow, ducking and swerving to avoid collisions with the drunken, rambunctious population, he darted forward, but again checked back to see if the rest of their party was doing as well a job of keeping up with the frantic pace.
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From: silent_janitor
2006-09-03 01:53 am (UTC)
An oath crossed the Silent Janitor's lips at the realization that they had been cut off from his last hope for anything remotely resembling civilization by a literal firewall. Axel's escape was marked further by the detonation of several crates and barrels of liquor.
The ship captain looked about ready to echo the sentiment. Trapped on a boat with a pissed Larxene and a Berserk Saix was not anywhere ANYONE, whether human or otherwise, wanted to be.
Xigbar looked almost ready to cry at the waste of alcohol, which was his second greatest love in life (or third, if the way he was behaving toward Larxene was any indicator).
Vexen had a head start on Xigbar and was already crying, giving particularly pathetic noises in regard to his arm. "... never be able to write reports, never be able to incise details, never be able to type, never..."
Xaldin looked like he might be stirring.
Xemnas was of course still intoxicated, now hitting on a monkey with no luck.
Larxene was naturally pissed, Saix was naturally Berserk, both of them even more so at Axel's oh-so-timely escape.
Luxord was taking bets on who would be first to die. Lexaeus absently wondered if anybody had bet on Luxord yet.
Sora appeared to be trying to take stock of his surroundings. He also seemed to be familiar with the pirate captain.
Lexaeus was almost finished with his mental roll call when he reached a thought that stopped him cold.
They were trapped.
On this hellish vessel.
With no way off.
There wasn't any handily-accessible stone with which to improvise via magic, there was no way the captain would allow his ship near the now-merrily-burning dock, Vexen likewise couldn't freeze a quick path to shore (though he had quieted down some).
Oh, fudge.
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