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The Crack that Never Was

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Capture the Axel, COMMENCE! [Aug. 24th, 2006|01:36 pm]
The Crack that Never Was


[Current Location | Starbucks ; Twilight Town]
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Nami stumbled about in a dazed fashion, temporarily unstable from the harrowing experience of sitting on Xemnas's shoulders as he pranced around Twilight Town. On the bright side, she did manage to recover a small amount of composure when she noticed Roxas ordering (from Axel's back) at the counter. The jingle of munny in her pocket reminded her that she'd meant to buy the icecream for them, herself and so she stumbled unsteadily towards Axel and Roxas.

She held herself upright by clutching the counter and gave a slightly crazed smile, "I'm good. I'm all right, I'm okay... here let me help pay..."

The tips of her figners had just barely dipped into her pockets when a dark portal formed on the other side of the room. There was a stagnant pause before Namine's ears picked up something that sounded suspiciously like the gutteral snarl of an animal. They were followed shortly after by the panicked, frantic screams of some poor bastard caught in its clutches.

A voice from within the dark portal cried, "GO! GO FETCH! SHOO!"

That's when a small yellow object came flying out of the portal and bopping her on the head. The squeaky-toy landed in her hands and she narrowed her eyes, trying to figure out where she'd seen these incriminating bite marks before...

Her heart sank. Dread slowly erupted into unbridled panic when she realized the origin of the squeaky toy coupled with the familiar screams and noises coming from the portal. Knowing what was probably coming out of the dark void, she desperately flung it away as hard as she could, which was towards the unsuspecting Demyx.

[User Picture]From: noneed4hairgel
2006-08-26 07:30 pm (UTC)
Sora's head felt very whip lashed. First, it had been all those sounds, the like of which Sora hadn't heard since Tidus had stolen Selphie's jump rope for hitting him one too many times. Sora doubted Tidus had ever ran that fast before. Ah, good times, good times. While Sora was still in his memories, Luxord dashed by, throwing them a warning for their lives. Snapping out of his memories, Sora had wondered why, unless there was an out of control Nobody in Kairi's house! Oh no, that would explain those mysterious sounds! He hoped it wasn't a Berserker, Sora really hated those... Except when you got to use their own weapon against them, hehe that was fun.

What bounded out of Kairi's house next, was just a tinsy bit worse than a Berserker, just a smidge. Yeah. It was Sai'x. Sora quickly scooted infront of Riku and Kairi a bit, just incase Sai'x found them more interesting than Luxord. Thankfully he kept running.

Just when he thought it was all over, Larxene sprinted out after a spirited "GODDAMMIT SAIX!!" and disappeared into the portal as well. Was it over? Lesse, it had been him, Riku and Kairi sitting at the table. Then Sai'x, Larxene and Luxord had come in and kicked them out to apparently... ruin Kairi's house? But they had left, so it really was just the three of them again. Yay!

Sora really needed to stop zoning out.

"C'mon!" Sora jumped. Heh. "We gotta get out of here! The whole place is gonna collapse!"

Hastily looking around, Sora silently offered a prayer that it was him that left his house to go over to Kairi's house and not the other way around. Once done, Sora grabbed Riku's feet (assuming Kairi had the front), and together with her help, went into the portal.

On the other side, Sora was amazed. Was this Twilight Town? So they made it! Man, lookit all the people! Sora half sat Riku down in a chair, trying to make it so he wouldn't fall off and further knock him out. Failing miserably, Sora settled for propping Riku's butt on the chair and his arms/head on the table. The keyblade master was still amazed. Everyone was here! Axel who seemed to be carrying his own bag of lead, Roxas, next to them, Naminé! So they went to a bank to get ice-cream...? Sora thought Kairi had some back in.. her... house. Oh. Hmm. He hoped his own neapolitan box that he left at Kairi's was okay. And his box over at Riku's too, now that he thought of it. Was he getting empty?

Sora hastily checked his pockets for munny, all thoughts of ice-cream instantly waking up Sora's ever empty tummy. Nope, all out, darn.

Saddened, Sora tried to get his mind off his favorite flavor by continuing to look around. There was Sai'x, who thankfully looked calmer, he was sitting on Demyx. ... Okay then. He had never really seen any connection between them, but.. ! Maybe ice-cream had brought them together? But how can you lick ice-cream lying down? Not that Sora hadn't tried, but it ended up falling out of the cone. Or maybe it had melted in the cone, and Demyx had lain down to simply drink it out...? Whatever, Sora just knew he wanted some ice-cream. Triple scoops too.

Sora zoned out again. Ah, he wasn't succeeding very well with staying involved. He managed a wave, not wanting to be rude.

"So, do you have any money Kai-er, I mean. Could you fill me in?"

[[ooc: holy crap. I just couldn't stop typing. o____o I hope this makes up for any inactivity. ... I'm amazed by how long this is. I think it's because I make Sora ramble in his mind too much. :\]]
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