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The Crack that Never Was

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Capture the Axel, COMMENCE! [Aug. 24th, 2006|01:36 pm]
The Crack that Never Was


[Current Location | Starbucks ; Twilight Town]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

Nami stumbled about in a dazed fashion, temporarily unstable from the harrowing experience of sitting on Xemnas's shoulders as he pranced around Twilight Town. On the bright side, she did manage to recover a small amount of composure when she noticed Roxas ordering (from Axel's back) at the counter. The jingle of munny in her pocket reminded her that she'd meant to buy the icecream for them, herself and so she stumbled unsteadily towards Axel and Roxas.

She held herself upright by clutching the counter and gave a slightly crazed smile, "I'm good. I'm all right, I'm okay... here let me help pay..."

The tips of her figners had just barely dipped into her pockets when a dark portal formed on the other side of the room. There was a stagnant pause before Namine's ears picked up something that sounded suspiciously like the gutteral snarl of an animal. They were followed shortly after by the panicked, frantic screams of some poor bastard caught in its clutches.

A voice from within the dark portal cried, "GO! GO FETCH! SHOO!"

That's when a small yellow object came flying out of the portal and bopping her on the head. The squeaky-toy landed in her hands and she narrowed her eyes, trying to figure out where she'd seen these incriminating bite marks before...

Her heart sank. Dread slowly erupted into unbridled panic when she realized the origin of the squeaky toy coupled with the familiar screams and noises coming from the portal. Knowing what was probably coming out of the dark void, she desperately flung it away as hard as she could, which was towards the unsuspecting Demyx.

From: pwnt_you_lamers
2006-08-24 09:25 pm (UTC)
This guy... seriously wanted to get his face ripped off. Stealing, then chugging HIS latte was one thing, but touching the beanie... Ooooh, that was a deathwish. Anything living in a five block radius around the coffee shop could pick up the flare in his aura with ease. Someone needed to die. Now. Lip twisting up into something between a snarl and grin-albeit anything but a happy one-he was ready to approach the silver-haired intruder even after his collapse, only to have his bear-sized companion step in the gap that spaced the blonde from his target. Seifer watched, furrow-browed as Raijin bent down and retrieved the beanie with great care once it was confirmed that the man was out for the count-for at least a while-and then turned and returned it to the flustered male.

"We're the disciplinary committee, y'know?" Raijin's tone was dropped to a whisper, eyes cutting back behind him to the group at the counter and back to Seifer. Something in the being of the bulky boy was telling him that, though this guy was clearly on the tilt with alcohol, he was nobody to pick a fight with. Seifer was probably aware of it too, but when you took such deep stabs at his pride like that, youthful arrogance tended to overtake sound judgment of opponents.

Still in the heat of the fury, Seifer snatched the cap, none too thankfully, from Raijin's massive grip, throwing a menacing glare around his friend to the group of black-cloaked foreigners, making quick scans over each one to engrave their faces into his memory bank; being the leader of their little division, he felt it obligatory that he know each and every face that ever entered his grounds, much like some territorial canine. He had picked up on the change in his voice, comprehending just what it was he was trying to say. Raijin wasn't the brightest, but he wasn't useless. Aside the underlaid vibes from Xenmas, he picked up on the other thing that was trying to be communicated as well. The disciplinary committee. As the self-proclaimed "peace keepers," they couldn't let loose some violent rave in a public place such as the Starbucks... That would cause unrest.. and... kill their reputations.... and... Lord, if Seifer could have one stab at that guy he'd be happy... No, no... He was supposed to be the cool one. He would remain composed...

With a great deal of effort, he began to head for the door, placing the black beanie where it belonged and adjusting it, a hint of rage accompanying all the movements, of course. He was NOT defeated, was just making the move that would avoid things falling even more out of place than they already had... Yeah, that was it.

Rai did NOT expect Seifer to take that so... calmly... No caustic remarks or death threats as he left... Nothing... By no means was he doubting his leader, it was just... unexpected, was all. Shaking his skull to clear his head, he looked at the gathering of Organization meme\bers, plus Naminé and Pence.

"Yo, Seifer won't go easy on you guys next time, y'know!" he warned before blundering off after said commander, blissfully oblivious to the portal that had just formed behind them as they were taking their leave.
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2006-08-24 09:29 pm (UTC)
Sai'X left Luxord in the darkness, having half ravaged the Gambler's arm and leg in order to get his precious squeaky into his clawed grip. When the little yellow duck was unceremoniously chucked through the portal he dove after it, lost to his frenzied pursuit of stress relief.

The portal opened up into another brightly lit area, but at least the colors were a wash of subdued cheery colors, not the glaring insanely happy canvas that Destiny Islands had been. The fact that his eyes weren't blinded on exit from the void only allowed him to focus on his squeaky's location......that person seemed familiar somehow..

The Berserker pounced, his mind tossing the vague feeling of familiarity aside in favor of collecting his prize, which created quite the commotion as his body made rough contact with the second 'poor bastard' that had the disadvantage of touching his toy. He sat up once he had collected his prize, yellow eyes dilated from the exercise of chasing down his ducky.

He panted softly, squeezing the toy several times, the continual *squeaky squeaky* calming his frayed nerves considerably. After about ten squeaks he blinked a few times and finally realized he was perched on someone's lap. He looked down at the figure he was sitting on in surprise. He lifted an eyebrow, eyes widening as he shifted slightly on the other Nobody's body, leaning down till he was almost nose to nose with the other.

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[User Picture]From: keeptothebeat
2006-08-27 08:31 am (UTC)
A few things didn't quite register as fast as they should have for Demyx. One, that there was a portal by the door. B, that a toy flew from it to Namine. And third, that Namine had tossed it to him, automatically catching the small object. He was about to ask if anyone was missing a rubber ducky, when another thing flew out of the dark hole in the wall, launching at mullethawked musician.
Sea-green eyes opened hesitantly, wincing as parts of his lower anatomy went numb from the lack of blood circulation due to the large thing straddling his waist. The sounds of the yellow bath toy squeaking, almost melodiously, rang out, as Demyx could only stare at the aqua-haired nobody sitting on top of his midsection.
"...Saix?" the dirty-blond could only stare at the face in front of his. It appeared the werewolf wannabee lunar berserker was back. "...nice to see your back."
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[User Picture]From: noneed4hairgel
2006-08-26 07:30 pm (UTC)
Sora's head felt very whip lashed. First, it had been all those sounds, the like of which Sora hadn't heard since Tidus had stolen Selphie's jump rope for hitting him one too many times. Sora doubted Tidus had ever ran that fast before. Ah, good times, good times. While Sora was still in his memories, Luxord dashed by, throwing them a warning for their lives. Snapping out of his memories, Sora had wondered why, unless there was an out of control Nobody in Kairi's house! Oh no, that would explain those mysterious sounds! He hoped it wasn't a Berserker, Sora really hated those... Except when you got to use their own weapon against them, hehe that was fun.

What bounded out of Kairi's house next, was just a tinsy bit worse than a Berserker, just a smidge. Yeah. It was Sai'x. Sora quickly scooted infront of Riku and Kairi a bit, just incase Sai'x found them more interesting than Luxord. Thankfully he kept running.

Just when he thought it was all over, Larxene sprinted out after a spirited "GODDAMMIT SAIX!!" and disappeared into the portal as well. Was it over? Lesse, it had been him, Riku and Kairi sitting at the table. Then Sai'x, Larxene and Luxord had come in and kicked them out to apparently... ruin Kairi's house? But they had left, so it really was just the three of them again. Yay!

Sora really needed to stop zoning out.

"C'mon!" Sora jumped. Heh. "We gotta get out of here! The whole place is gonna collapse!"

Hastily looking around, Sora silently offered a prayer that it was him that left his house to go over to Kairi's house and not the other way around. Once done, Sora grabbed Riku's feet (assuming Kairi had the front), and together with her help, went into the portal.

On the other side, Sora was amazed. Was this Twilight Town? So they made it! Man, lookit all the people! Sora half sat Riku down in a chair, trying to make it so he wouldn't fall off and further knock him out. Failing miserably, Sora settled for propping Riku's butt on the chair and his arms/head on the table. The keyblade master was still amazed. Everyone was here! Axel who seemed to be carrying his own bag of lead, Roxas, next to them, Naminé! So they went to a bank to get ice-cream...? Sora thought Kairi had some back in.. her... house. Oh. Hmm. He hoped his own neapolitan box that he left at Kairi's was okay. And his box over at Riku's too, now that he thought of it. Was he getting empty?

Sora hastily checked his pockets for munny, all thoughts of ice-cream instantly waking up Sora's ever empty tummy. Nope, all out, darn.

Saddened, Sora tried to get his mind off his favorite flavor by continuing to look around. There was Sai'x, who thankfully looked calmer, he was sitting on Demyx. ... Okay then. He had never really seen any connection between them, but.. ! Maybe ice-cream had brought them together? But how can you lick ice-cream lying down? Not that Sora hadn't tried, but it ended up falling out of the cone. Or maybe it had melted in the cone, and Demyx had lain down to simply drink it out...? Whatever, Sora just knew he wanted some ice-cream. Triple scoops too.

Sora zoned out again. Ah, he wasn't succeeding very well with staying involved. He managed a wave, not wanting to be rude.

"So, do you have any money Kai-er, I mean. Could you fill me in?"

[[ooc: holy crap. I just couldn't stop typing. o____o I hope this makes up for any inactivity. ... I'm amazed by how long this is. I think it's because I make Sora ramble in his mind too much. :\]]
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[User Picture]From: furyoffire
2006-08-28 06:15 am (UTC)
Axel looked up as there was even more commotion. A portal opened up and something came flying out at Namine. Axel realized the object was an all-too-familiar squeaky toy. The fact that it had just flown out of a portal seemingly on its own could only mean one thing. "Oh, crap." This could only mean that the one Organization member that he truly never wanted to see again had returned. Sure enough, Saix came barreling out of the portal, tackling Demyx who now was the unfortunate Bearer of the Squeaky Toy. of all the Organization members.....why him...now? Larxene came through a second later. The TWO people he hoped never to see again. I am sooooo screwed. He had figured that these two would eventually show up again, seeing as all the other members had. He just had hoped they wouldn't show up together. A moment later Sora and Kairi came through with an unconscious Riku. What was going on? Had the kids actaully been traveling with the psycho and his accomplice? He began backing up rapidly, aware of the fact he was still carrying Roxas. Ignoring the stares of the people around them, They must all think they are going insane now...., he hissed at Roxas. "Hold on. I'm making a portal. Now. We are out of here." Hopefully in the commotion caused by Saix's reunion with his beloved sqeaky, they could escape without a hitch.
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From: not_mansex
2006-08-28 06:31 am (UTC)
*stirs from the chair from which he was passed out in* hmmmm.... wha~~~ port.... al?? port... yal?! Port Royale!!!!!!!!! *creats a huge dark portal taking larx, saix, axel, roxas, demyx, nami, pence, sora, kairi, and riku with him* (damn i'm powerful) and all was peaceful with twilight town once more...well, as peaceful as it can get
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[User Picture]From: peepofdarkness
2006-08-28 08:03 am (UTC)
Roxas was just slightly baffled. Seifer just.. walked away..? That wasn't expected. However, it was appreciated, that was without doubt. What followed didn't fall under the same rays of thanksgiving, unfortunately. It didn't take much time at all after the black swirl cut its way into the atmosphere for the nobody to pick up on its vibes and for a ominous sinking feeling to settle in. And wouldn't you know, out came a squeaky, followed by a very... rabid-looked Sai'x... Number VII wasn't exactly someone he cared to see right then, particularly since he seemed to.. stressed. A strung-out berserker was never a positive thing for anyone. Who followed was what made his heart drop into his stomach, though. The Savage Nymph, Larxene. She outranked him by one-which apparently counted for something, though most of the Organization never gave it much credit-and was... well, everyone knew Larxene for what she was, simply put. By her vexed expression, the blonde felt he could safely establish she was unhappy, too; even to go as far as to excel those points every month when she'd somehow manage to rage more than average for a few days. Yeah, she seemed.... really peeved. For the briefest of moments, his attention was averted as the trio from the island emerged as well. Cocking his head at an angle as he tried to make register why everyone was popping out of the shadowy warps all at once, he sighed, baffled and growing increasingly leery of the combination of the growing number of undesirable company, the perplexed stares from the people in the coffee shop and attempts to formulate a plan of escape.

And then.. they were moving? Backwards? Quickly. Rotating his head from right to left, trying to get a look over his shoulder, he tried to figure out just where they were headed-and was watching out for that wall... and counter, chair, person he was sure they were marginally near stumbling into. Finally, came the reassurance from his fiery friend Roxas had been hoping would surface before a collision occurred. A portal. Yes, escape was a very good thing, unless they actually wanted to gamble and try to play up against the evidently displeased new arrivals. He really wished that they could get their other companions, Demyx, Naminé and Pence, out along with them, but the chances of them successfully doing so looked horribly slim... Guess it's every man for himself...

Nodding in response to Axel, he did as he was told and braced for the jump. Still, he frowned, locked on with the cagey pair of blues to the changes in motion of Numbers VII and XII, at the same time eyeing their comrades in hopes they would find methods of escape as well.
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[User Picture]From: berserker_elf
2006-08-29 09:22 am (UTC)
Sai'X nodded to the Nocturne, then seemed to finally completely grasp that he was in fact sitting *ON* DemyX, and somewhat awkwardly lept to his feet. He clenched his squeaky toy, trying to avert a panic attack after that particular type of contact and instead of focusing on it, reached down to grasp number IX by the chain on the front of his coat and yank him off the floor.

"Good to see you're back as well DemyX." Yes that came out with full civility, but only because he was mildly embarrassed. He blinked at the sounds of voices, noticing the others in the room. However before he could point or rage or even say anything about a certain Pyro, the Superior's drunken slurring cut in and then, they were all moving.
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