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Vexen was absent from his laboratory. Lexaeus listened carefully, but… - BAM BAM SCRAPE SCRAPE ORG 13 IS HERE TO RAPE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Crack that Never Was

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[Aug. 20th, 2006|03:30 pm]
The Crack that Never Was
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Vexen was absent from his laboratory.
Lexaeus listened carefully, but there was no sound of movements within, no clatter and occasional screech of annoyance.
Vexen had, for some reason or another, temporarily vacated the premesis.
With a slight grunt of acknowledgement, Lexaeus conjured up broom and dustpan and tried the door.
Locked. And teleport-warded.
Well, this was just one of those bonuses that came with being a janitor, thought the Silent Hero, fishing around in his coat and pulling out the Master Key that Never Was, basically guaranteed to open locked doors in the World that Never Was no matter what the nature of the door or the lock. The downside of this magical and insanely-useful artifact was that it cracked and broke immediately if ever used for wrongful reasons- namely anything that didn't involve cleaning.
A moment of wrestling with a stiff lock later, he was in the lab, patiently dusting everything Vexen had just reorganized.
He'd been in the lab before, and noted a few new features this time around. Most noticeably, a bright red plastic crate that looked quite out-of-place among Vexen's conservative black-white-and-gray color scheme.
Lexaeus looked inside and allowed himself a chuckle at the Paranoid Academic's expense.
It was full of squeak-toys. In the unlikely event of ever having to entertain an unhappy Saix in the laboratory.
"What is this, Vexen, the Bomb Shelter that Never Was?"
Vexen's own favorite toy, who had been safely locked away in a drawer (the Master Key that Never Was again proving its usefulness), needed to be laundered, having gathered quite a lot of dust, grime, and a few stains from experiments gone explosively awry. Thankfully, she was machine-washable, despite her evident age.
It was sort of cute that the elderly researcher cared so much for this plush doll.
Lexaeus smiled, gave the floor one last sweep with the broom, left a note on the desk explaining Foxx's absence in case the Presently-Elsewhere Academic returned, and locked the lab door carefully (the teleport-ward having been undisturbed) as he left.
This explained the Castle that Never Was's sudden deprivation of squeak-toys. He'd have to stop by the Corner Store that Never was and get a few more, before the next instance of Saix getting peeved if possible.

(OOC: How many times did I use "the ____ that Never Was" in this pose? It's just so funny!)