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The Crack that Never Was

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Sometime later, when the hangovers subsided [Nov. 8th, 2006|04:19 pm]
The Crack that Never Was

The sound of a badly-tuned band was the first thing Demyx heard when he awoke sometime the next day.

Blearily, he shoved himself off the cobbled street into an upright position, the dull pain in the back of his head causing the bard to wonder what the hell he had been doing to end up in this odd place.

Pumpkins were strewn about, an odd curly hill in the distance, and a small white thing was floating in front of his face, a tiny jack o lantern at the end of it's snout nearly touching Demyx's nose. He squeaked, and reflexively jerked back, further causing his skull to ache.
The ghost-like canine yipped, then jetted away toward the creepy town that apparently the lot of miscellaneous humans and nobodies had landed in front of. "Guh..."

The brunette nobody looked around, "Where the hell are we now?" wondering where in hell their drunken superior could have taken them now. Judging from the pain that was slowly leaving, he had a hangover, wondering what the hell they had been doing previously.

"Do I even want to know how we ended up on this..," glancing at the large sign by the gate, "Halloween Town?"
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Drunken Pirates! [Sep. 24th, 2006|02:19 pm]
The Crack that Never Was

[Current Mood |drunkdrunk]

Demyx was simply in awe. How the calmest of the pubs in the dank port of Tortuga managed to become the most insane and inane of them all, he wasn't sure. The bard had hidden under the ledge of the counter where the bartender was serving up drinks, hoping his friends would not think him a complete wuss and disown him, but when the bartender plopped a large mug of rum into his hands, he didn't complain. Sure, technically he was underage, but seeing as Namine, Roxas, and even his squat little friend Pence were downing various beverages from their own assorted cups and bottles, Demyx figured it was safe enough to join in the "fun".

The rum washed down his throat, warming everything from the mouth down to his stomach with a sort of hazy heat. The Melodious Nocturne grinned, gulping more of the dark liquid and letting the intoxicating effects make him loose and tension free. What had he been worrying about anyway, this stuff was good! Chugging down the last of the mug, Demyx leaned over and tapped the bulky man behind the counter, asking for another bottle of the liquid drug. Rum was good! He wondered why he never had it before.

Taking another sip, water starting to condense on his forehead and running down the random spiky bangs. It was getting hot. Stripping off the black coat, revealing the black tank top and leather pants underneath, Sitting there in a lazy bliss, Demyx was getting bored. What could he do to liven up the place?

The water mage then noticed an unoccupied table in the middle of the tavern, and a single lamp chained from the ceiling, shining down like a spotlight. The music still played, from where he did not know, or really care. The alcohol made him giddy, and all inhibitions were gone. Leaping onto the table, bottle in hand, Demyx began to dance, swaying, and mouthing random lyrics to the music.
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I'm back for real! [Sep. 13th, 2006|10:07 pm]
The Crack that Never Was

Riku woke up confused, to say the least. The last he remembered was being somewhere between Destiny Islands and Twilight Town, which was complicated enough. Now here he was, in an unfamiliar city full of vagrants and drunks. And were those.. pirates? Ah, he did know of this place, although he couldn't remember if it had been from Sora's stories or by his own experiences.

He rose from his position inside some crates (which also was mysterious), and somewhat awkwardly rubbed his forehead as he came to realize he had a headache that was a little more than slightly debilitating. He knew he had a bit of a cold, but to pass out and wake up in a city who knows how many miles away.. Somewhat disoriented, he set off to find a person or a building full of people who could help him figure out how he got to Tortuga and/or how he could get back. Either would do.
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Not So Organized Chaos [Sep. 2nd, 2006|10:24 am]
The Crack that Never Was

[Current Location |Port Royal]
[Current Mood |nervousnervous]

Sora felt that saying, "There was a lot going on", would be an understatement.

First, there was Xemnas, who was quite smashed. He was talking to (Captain) Jack, who was peeved that there were lots of people on his ship, people who consisted of himself, Riku (who was still knocked out...? Stupid Riku), Kairi (apparently shell-shocked), Roxas (who came back, hmmm, Sora's pockets felt itchy), Vexen (screaming like crazy), Lexaeus (breaking boards off boxes), Xaldin (Organization XII must not have a no-alcohol policy), Larxene who with Sai'x's 'help' was going to kill Axel and Naminé maybe Demyx, Luxord (Sora hoped he won in his quest for no more rum for Xemnas), and ugh, Sora gave up naming people.

Which was quite lucky, otherwise Sora would of had to start all over again since Axel and Demyx had started running off the ship and towards town, apparently really scared of Larxene and Sai'x. Who wouldn't be? Sora counted himself as one, so he nudged Kairi, and with a quick flick on his head towards the town, hoisted Riku up in his arms and.. almost fell over. Adjusting his balance (hooray adrenaline!), he-whoops, Sora hoped Riku would forgive the blood rush to his head as it was hanging over Sora's arms. Riku was just too tall to fit, his limbs just kind of, dangled. Awkwardly.

He was running out of time..! With a quick check back towards Kairi, he started sneaking, then dashing off to Tortuga.
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Another Fine Day [Aug. 30th, 2006|12:53 am]
The Crack that Never Was

Captain Jack Sparrow gazed out at the expanse of the island off the bow of his pride and joy, the Black Pearl. She had just made port in Tortuga, it was time for a much needed break from his (mis)adventures. Gibbs and the rest of the crew had already headed into town, and Jack was making sure there was nothing amiss before heading out himself. It was tough work, being the most famous captain of the most infamous pirate ship in the seven seas. Well, perhaps Davy Jones was more infamous....but Jack didn't want to think about him currently. It was time to refill the rum stores....

He was about ready to leave when something dark appeared in the sky above the Pearl. Several people fell out of what appeared to be a dark hole in the sky, and crashed onto the deck. Most of them were wearing long black coats. He had seen one person in a coat like this before, when strange creatures had appeared in Port Royal. The blonde-haired man had caused him much trouble, but a boy named Sora had appeared and dispatched the nuisance. He still thought about that strange key-weapon the boy had carried.

Jack tottered carefully towards the writhing mass of people(?) that had decided to impart their presence upon his beloved ship. One of the black-coated people, a man with silver hair, stood up and yelled "YOU SIR! You look like you would know...why is the rum gone?" Jack paused, confused. This was not something that happened every day. Behind the man who had just shouted, Jack recognized two familiar faces. One was Sora, the other the blonde-haired man that had caused them so much grief. Hadn't they defeated him? He was looking rather....chewed up.

"Sora? Would you mind informing me as to what exactly is currently happening? I was under the impression that that man, and subsequently any and all persons in those black coats, were deemed enemies and therefor not associated with....And sir, if it is rum you are seeking, you will find this town to be...the ideal location."
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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2006|03:53 pm]
The Crack that Never Was
Distantly, Lexaeus was aware that certain snipers had become upset at his cleaning habits in relation to a certain liquor stash, but he didn't let it bother him, just made a mental note not to annoy Xigbar and to make the Freeshooter keep his own drinks straightened out. Housekeeping services were one of those "abuse 'em and lose 'em" privileges not to be taken lightly.
Lexaeus was himself a pretty strict teetotaller-- alcoholic drinks only on Sundays and special occasions. When those times actually happened (and yes, miraculously reappearing alive again had qualified as a special occasion), the Silent Janitor simply went to a nearby liquor store and bought only as much as he needed.
The wine cellar of the Three Stooges was thus never bothered by HIM.
Presently, the big Nobody was nursing a glass of brandy to celebrate being alive again, relaxing on the giant couch in his quarters of the Castle that Never Was-- sure, the fore part of his personal haven was a gym, for much-needed exercise, but in the back he had a cozy li'l apartment that was his true haven and home.
It was a small, conservative, 1-room apartment, furnished only lightly and quite devoid of a television, though the Silent Hero did see the need for a computer. The carpet was a pale tawny color, furniture was either light brown (the tables), dark brown (his bedcovers and the cabinets), or gray (the couch), the appliances were white, and the walls were a very conservative beige.
Oh, yes, Lexaeus took nearly as much pride in his housekeeping/homemaking (the difference being that "homemaking" was generally a term for stay-at-home mothers) skills as he did in his strength and intelligence (anybody who thought he had minimal cranial capacity was swiftly put out of their misery), and the main tactic he used in interior design was "the less you have, the less you have to worry about".
This was fully denied by his kitchen.
A small kitchen, home to a refrigerator, numerous cabinets, a sink, an electric stove (with an oven underneath), a microwave, a dishwasher, and a toaster oven. Out of the thirteen cabinets (the irony never failed to amuse him), one was for silverware, one for cooking utensils, five for non-perishable food items, and six for various dishes and the rest of his cookware. It always smelled like somebody had recently been baking in it, and this was frequently the case. Let it be said that there was never a shortage of baked goods in this apartment. A visitor, if he ever HAD visitors (which he didn't), would have been amazed that there was room for Lexaeus amid all the equipment in his kitchen.
There was one decoration in this apartment, in the entryway where he would always see it when he was returning home from a long day with the Organization XIII. A memory in solid form, of a big clumsy seven-year-old whose overly obsessive, too-caring parents were trying desperately to improve his terrible coordination through a somewhat "girly" hobby-- needlepoint. A little scrap of cloth, surrounded by a dark mahogany frame, on which the second-grade Elaeus had awkwardly embroidered a barely-legible "HOME SWEET HOME".
Lexaeus glanced over at that little fragment of his previous life. He raised the glass.
"Here's to you, me."


(OOC: I got Lex's baking habit from a fancomic, the habits of when he drinks are indeed a knock on Christianity for having a stick up their butt, the gym is more or less identical to the one he has in Castle Oblivion in Chain of Memories, the design of the apartment is similar to the one I'm sitting in now but mostly based on the living quarters I had for him in a fanfic, and I threw in the embroidery just for the hell of it, fine motor skills are terrible and my school had me doing embroidery to try and fix 'em. I kinda like that end quote, there, it's simultaneously a reminder of who he used to be and who he isn't anymore, if that makes sense at all.)
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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2006|10:28 pm]
The Crack that Never Was

[Current Mood |Needa git smash'd]

With Saix speeding after the squeaky (and into Twilight Town), plowing through any poor souls that happened to bar his way, Luxord considered this a mission accomplished. His mauled leg was proof of it. Let it never be said Luxord never did anything benificial for the Organization, because he was sure bleeding (darkness) all over the place for it now.

With the utmost grace and dignity, he trudged back through the portal, NOT into Twilight Town, but back the way he came and into the Castle that Never Was. Once he emerged from the portal, he was pleased to find that his redirection of the portal's destination had been done correctly.

Before him stood the monstrous stash of Xigbar's alcohol, towering shelf after shelf of wine, liquor and other beverages in a room spanning several hundred feet. Each shelf was increasingly laden with bottles of liquid guaranteed to get him thoroughly smashed. It was in a hidden room of course and the trio consisting of Xigbar, Luxord and Xaldin took great care to make sure the others of the organization remained ignorant of it, going so far as to move it whenever someone would stumble upon it by sheer luck.

(Except Xemnas How the hell did he keep finding it?!)

Man, if ever there was a time he needed a quick swig, NOW was the time. Xigbar would understand.

And if he didn't well... sucked to be him.
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Capture the Axel, COMMENCE! [Aug. 24th, 2006|01:36 pm]
The Crack that Never Was

[Current Location | Starbucks ; Twilight Town]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

Nami stumbled about in a dazed fashion, temporarily unstable from the harrowing experience of sitting on Xemnas's shoulders as he pranced around Twilight Town. On the bright side, she did manage to recover a small amount of composure when she noticed Roxas ordering (from Axel's back) at the counter. The jingle of munny in her pocket reminded her that she'd meant to buy the icecream for them, herself and so she stumbled unsteadily towards Axel and Roxas.

She held herself upright by clutching the counter and gave a slightly crazed smile, "I'm good. I'm all right, I'm okay... here let me help pay..."

The tips of her figners had just barely dipped into her pockets when a dark portal formed on the other side of the room. There was a stagnant pause before Namine's ears picked up something that sounded suspiciously like the gutteral snarl of an animal. They were followed shortly after by the panicked, frantic screams of some poor bastard caught in its clutches.

A voice from within the dark portal cried, "GO! GO FETCH! SHOO!"

That's when a small yellow object came flying out of the portal and bopping her on the head. The squeaky-toy landed in her hands and she narrowed her eyes, trying to figure out where she'd seen these incriminating bite marks before...

Her heart sank. Dread slowly erupted into unbridled panic when she realized the origin of the squeaky toy coupled with the familiar screams and noises coming from the portal. Knowing what was probably coming out of the dark void, she desperately flung it away as hard as she could, which was towards the unsuspecting Demyx.
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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2006|11:50 am]
The Crack that Never Was

[Current Location |Porch.....gah! I have to get out of this house! >.<]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]
[Current Music |KH della marcha caprice for piano (spelled wrong XD)]

Sora asked a series of questions in a small fraction of time, "What do we do now? Are we still going with them? Wouldn't it just be better to go by ourselves? I mean, isn' it righ-Woah. Is that Twilight Town?"

It couldn't be...

A shadowy, rippling image of Twilight Town was hovering above the sea of Destiny Islands. It must have been a portal, possibly opened by one of the Organization members. There was a way to get to new worlds, after all!

...and suddenly the thought of traveling with Luxord, Larxene, and Sai'x didn't seem so appealing.

"C'mon, Sora!" she pulled the keybearer up to his feet. "We have to find a way to take Riku with us.....you wanna carry him or should we make a stretcher?"

He looked kind of funny actually, sleeping like a baby. It didn't seem like he was so much the prince of emo as oppposed to....someone who badly needed a haircut.
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2006|03:30 pm]
The Crack that Never Was
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |Major sacrilige: Lexaeus is HUMMING "Whistle While You Work"]

Vexen was absent from his laboratory.
Lexaeus listened carefully, but there was no sound of movements within, no clatter and occasional screech of annoyance.
Vexen had, for some reason or another, temporarily vacated the premesis.
With a slight grunt of acknowledgement, Lexaeus conjured up broom and dustpan and tried the door.
Locked. And teleport-warded.
Well, this was just one of those bonuses that came with being a janitor, thought the Silent Hero, fishing around in his coat and pulling out the Master Key that Never Was, basically guaranteed to open locked doors in the World that Never Was no matter what the nature of the door or the lock. The downside of this magical and insanely-useful artifact was that it cracked and broke immediately if ever used for wrongful reasons- namely anything that didn't involve cleaning.
A moment of wrestling with a stiff lock later, he was in the lab, patiently dusting everything Vexen had just reorganized.
He'd been in the lab before, and noted a few new features this time around. Most noticeably, a bright red plastic crate that looked quite out-of-place among Vexen's conservative black-white-and-gray color scheme.
Lexaeus looked inside and allowed himself a chuckle at the Paranoid Academic's expense.
It was full of squeak-toys. In the unlikely event of ever having to entertain an unhappy Saix in the laboratory.
"What is this, Vexen, the Bomb Shelter that Never Was?"
Vexen's own favorite toy, who had been safely locked away in a drawer (the Master Key that Never Was again proving its usefulness), needed to be laundered, having gathered quite a lot of dust, grime, and a few stains from experiments gone explosively awry. Thankfully, she was machine-washable, despite her evident age.
It was sort of cute that the elderly researcher cared so much for this plush doll.
Lexaeus smiled, gave the floor one last sweep with the broom, left a note on the desk explaining Foxx's absence in case the Presently-Elsewhere Academic returned, and locked the lab door carefully (the teleport-ward having been undisturbed) as he left.
This explained the Castle that Never Was's sudden deprivation of squeak-toys. He'd have to stop by the Corner Store that Never was and get a few more, before the next instance of Saix getting peeved if possible.

(OOC: How many times did I use "the ____ that Never Was" in this pose? It's just so funny!)
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